What Is A Shiloh Shepherd (1990 Article written by Tina M. Barber)

BY Tina M. Barber in 1990


That is the question --- most often asked!!! Yet in order to understand the "Shiloh" better, one must first attain a much broader perspective of the ORIGINAL "German Shepherd!!"

To start with, you will need to acquire the large assortment of books that are now available, regarding the Shepherd breed. My personal recommendation would be Fred Lanting’s, The Total German Shepherd Dog, and Ernest H. Hart’s, The German Shepherd Dog. I find these to be the most accurate and informative regarding most aspects of the Shepherd breed. Another book that I feel is definitely worth reading is The German Shepherd Dog by Brian H. Wootton!! Yet none of the above really give you all the facts! If you honestly want to find the true roots of the Shepherd, you’ll need to purchase THE ALSATIAN WOLF-DOG by Geo Horowitz, B.Sc. (Antwerp) and then get a copy of THE GERMAN SHEPHERD IN WORD AND PICTURE by V. Stephanitz, American Edition, revised from the ORIGINAL German work by J. Schwabacher for the sole American copyright owner, John Gans, Esq, PRINTED IN GERMANY by Anton Kampfe, Jena, 1923!!!!!

NOTHING ELSE WILL DO!!! Please don’t be fooled by the 8th-10th-12th or other "REVISION!!" That’s why so many people are going to HELL because "everybody" has their OWN REVISION OF THE BIBLE -- and people have done the same thing to the German Shepherd dog. This breed HAS BEEN REVISED SO MANY TIMES (and books written to promote the revisions) that you can’t hardly find THE REAL THING anymore!!!

Anyone willing to do some INTENSE RESEARCH into the past will find considerable information linking the "ORIGINS" OF THIS BREED [German Shepherd Dog] WITH THE WOLF!!

On Page 13 of the Alsatian-Wolf Dog, reference to Mons. Otto Rahm’s regarding Hektor Von Wohlen was repeated by the well-known Swiss scientist -- Professor Studer -- that evidence was very strong that this dog had SOME wolf blood in at least ONE generation. Phylax Von Eulau was also suspected of having wolf blood when he raised a ruckus at a dog show in Germany, while passing a group of BORZOIS!! -- (Dogs that were bred and used for hunting wolves!!) The most interesting dog is Woelfi Von Wolfsnest. On Page 14, you can read the entire account of her ancestry, describing her dam’s granddam, as a full SHE-WOLF! Yet, though Woelfi retained the appearance of her wolf ancestry, she had the temperament of a sheepdog -- with the exception that she did NOT MAKE FRIENDS WITH STRANGERS!! Her son, Schalk, was not particularly shy, but when bred back to his mother, produced pups that reverted back to the temperament and characteristics of the wolf.

I was amused to find out that she is mentioned only once in the new "revised" version of this "complete" work on the German Shepherd Dog with no name mentioned -- read Page 59 of the 8th Edition, 1950, and compare that paragraph with the ORIGINAL 1ST EDITION (1923), on Page 40, you can clearly read. (I was able to observe this formation as well in a DESCENDANT FROM A WOLF IN THE SECOND GENERATION, IN WOLFI VON WOLFSNEST, S.Z., #65!!!)

On December 16, 1891, the Phylax Society was formed which was limited in general to NORTHERN and CENTRAL Germany. The "THURINGIAN SHEPHERD DOG" was prized for his ERECT ears and WOLF-grey color! Descriptions of these dogs clearly point back to their wolf heritage in APPEARANCE AND TEMPERAMENT!!!

HORAND VON GRAFRATH, SZ-l, was a ‘THURINGIAN SHEPHERD" originally known as HEKTOR LINKSRHEIN -- Any German Shepherd book you read will attest to this fact -- but what they don't tell you is the ORIGINS of the THURINGIAN Dogs!!!!



Breed warnings were issued to protect these foundation animals from (well meaning -- but "inexperienced") breeders that might be tempted to INBREED their stock -- thus creating all sorts of "throw-backs" to the original wolf ancestry. Many warnings were also noted DISCOURAGING anyone from attempting to "infuse" any new wolf blood into the lines. Fear of creating animals with temperament problems caused many breeders to linebreed more closely into the WURTTENBERGER SHEPHERD DOG!! These dogs came from Southern Germany and Upper BAVARIA. They were MUCH LARGER in size, heavy boned, longer haired. and also known for their MILDER TEMPERAMENT!! The only serious fault they had was their SOFT EARS!! Blending the best of both worlds certainly produced enough AWESOME specimens so that the breed now known as the DEUTSCHE SCHAFERHUNDE was gaining popularity by leaps and bounds!!

During this peak of popularity -- breeders NOT REALIZING all the different genetic "concoctions" that had gone into creating these magnificent animals -- were starting to produce a lot of mish-mash!!

MOST PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE THAT THE "GERMAN SHEPHERD" BREED IS LESS THAN 100 YEARS OLD!!! The Breed Club VEREIN FUR DEUTSCHE SCHAEFERHUNDE (SV) was formed on April 22, 1899 in GERMANY. The original dogs bred to HEKTOR/HORAND consisted of VERY SMALL "SPITZ TYPE, COLLIE TYPE, WIRE-COATED AIRDALE TYPE, BLUE MERLES, etc, etc. The dogs were chosen for WORKING ABILITY -- AS HERDING DOGS -- NOT FOR LOOKS!! They come in ALL COLORS and SIZES!! What we would refer to today as the MONGREL -- was crossed with the WOLF-HYBRID and eventually became the foundation for the German Shepherd of today!!

In Southern Germany and upper Bavaria, the herdsman used what is referred to as the "OLD GERMAN" Shepherd dog -- FUTURE DESCENDANTS of these dogs later developed into the Bearded Collie, Old English Sheepdog. and similar shaggy varieties!!

THEY ALSO HAD PURE WHITE LONG-COATED DOGS SIMILAR TO THE GREAT PYRENEES!!! SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! In Mr. Fred Lanting’s book, The Total German Shepherd Dog, on Page 252. he clearly makes the reference to the KUVASZ (the huge Hungarian Herding Dog -- with TIBETAN ancestral roots) as a REMARKABLY CLOSE RELATIVE of the "German Shepherd" dog!!!

Anyone looking at a variety of pictures of "German Shepherds" taken in this decade-- or any other -- must admit that there is VERY LITTLE CONSISTENCY within the entire circle. It would BE VERY EASY TO BRING TOGETHER A DOZEN OF AKC REGISTERED "GERMAN SHEPHERD" Dogs that LOOK SO DIFFERENT from each other, you would have to really be very "GULLIBLE" to accept the fact that they are PURE AKC REGISTERED OFFSPRING OF ONE Breed!! The reason for this dilemma is VERY simply explained --

a) The German Shepherd dog was developed from a "gene pool" of VARIOUS breeds ranging in size from that of a border collie to the Great PYRENEES!!!

b) The German Shepherd dog also has a "gene pool" for temperament (and intelligence) ranging from the WOLF to the SPITZ!!

c) VARIOUS FANCIERS -- IN VARIOUS PLACES -- PREFERRED VARIOUS QUALITIES -- and bred to suit their tastes -- most of them creating "THEIR PERSONAL VERSION OF the AMERICAN/CANADIAN/ENGLISH, ETC. ETC, German Shepherd dog!!

If you open up the color picture section of BRIAN H. WOOTON’S book, The German Shepherd Dog, and look at the picture of CH. DONZARRA’S ERLA and compare him to CH. LANCE OF FRAN-JO, you will see quite a difference -- but nothing when compared to all the varieties that are NOT SHOWN in this book!!!

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America was formed in 1913, and during the first three years only finished 16 champions -- with one of them being "of unknown ancestry!" As the popularity of the breed grew in America, "puppy mills" were springing up everywhere! By 1934, the bottom seemed to have fallen out with only 792 Shepherds registered that year.

YET THE SHEPHERD DOG WOULD RISE AGAIN!!! Thanks to dedicated people like DOROTHY CRIDER with her CHINOOK WHITE SHADOW RANCH on the West Coast producing dogs with SOUND HIPS -- TEMPERAMENT AND SIZE!! Single handedly she re-laid the ORIGINAL FOUNDATION OF THE THURINGER and WURTTEMBERGER cross that had made these dogs so popular to begin with!!


When the Internet BB's started getting popular, about 7 years ago a person that found an old copy of this newsletter and read this article, posted that the Shilohs were wolf-hybrids!  The sensationalism, similar to what we find on the covers of  cheap tabloids, sometimes becomes too much to deal with, for those that are mentally challenged!  Of course this leads to unrealistic rumors & innuendoes that, like locusts, seem to swarm in and out every so often, totally confusing even the most intelligent people.  For that reason, I would like to share  another article that has been on the web for some time now. GSD's are Wolf Hybrids/Wolfdogs  (download a pdf file showing the documentation,  I was thrilled when I first read it, because it verified what I had been saying for decades!  After all, not too many people have the guts to speak out (the truth) about the REAL GSD!

For those that may want further clarification, please feel free to study the links on this  Wolfdog and Wolf-like Dog Breeds  site.  It is the most comprehensive one I have been able to locate anywhere on the web!!  After you have done some more serious research by reading all of the articles now available on our   Shiloh Shepherd™ Learning Center, ... PLEASE  feel free to ask any additional questions you may have on our public  Shiloh Shepherd™ Community Forums, where you can actually  talk to the people that own these dogs!


November 2006 Update

Obviously some of those that started the hybrid hysteria not that long ago have since been breeding wolves into their Czech import GSD's in order to produce "their" twisted "version of the "shiloh"

This travesty has been promoted by the NSBR.  This group is even encouraging people in Europe to cross breed such combinations! 

Please insist on only properly bred ISSR Shiloh Shepherds--- Don't Be Confused!

Wolf at the Door  | SSDCA Letter to the UKC


The honest answer is their temperament and INTELLIGENCE!!

These dogs were the MOST intelligent domesticated animals to be found anywhere on Planet Earth!! Anyone that had ever owned a good one would SWEAR that these dogs were PART HUMAN!! While others that owned the BAD ones would swear that they were useless spooks -- as the controversy continued -- SEEMINGLY OUT OF NOWHERE -- LONDON CAME FORTH TO WIN THE HEARTS OF EVEN THE STRONGEST SKEPTICS!! Anyone that has not read Charles P. Eisenmann’s book, Stop! Sit! and Think! needs to do so ASAP!!! His newest book, A DOG’S DAY IN COURT, will not only give you a much fuller psychological understanding of our K-9 friends, it will help you to deal with the most common K-9 behavior disfunctions! But above all else, if you really have a love for these dogs, IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY -- when you read how London said "Good-bye" to his fans!!

Yes, London could even talk!! This fact along with many other unbelievable feats have been documented in TONS of newspaper clippings from all over the USA and Canada! Due to lack of space, unfortunately, we are unable to list too many. But, the following samples will hopefully give you a slight "feel" for the type of intelligence all of these dogs possessed!

Please take into consideration that the authors were unbiased and very skeptical editors and reporters who had never met either the owner or his dogs prior to their appearance for these interviews!

1) Edmonton, Alberta

London, TV’s Littlest Hobo, has shattered another skeptic. He and his brothers, attractions at the Northwest Canadian trade Fair, gave me a three hour press conference in their motel room Monday with very little coaching from their owner, Chuck Eisenmann. They undermined every suspicion I ever had about the "intelligence" of trained dogs.

When I first entered the room, Chuck murmured something in French. Before I could even say ‘bonjour,’ London’s brothers escorted me across the room while London smartly closed the door.

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

I devised a scheme to expose any trickery by Mr. Eisenmann. To do this both his voice and person had to be separated from London. Amused by the obvious motive, Chuck agreed to the scheme and left the room. From the hallway he called to London. "You do what our visitor asks you to." "London, I whispered, "Go touch the picture on the wall." He paused for a moment then with another "It’s okay," from Chuck, casually walked across the room, stood up on his hand legs and placed both his fore-paws on the picture. At that moment, the "intellectual learning" theory for dog training won another convert."


2) Calgary Alberta – The Calgary Herald

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

Asked to get his owner’s tie from on top the television set, one of the dogs hastened to comply…


3). Boston, Massachusetts – by Brian Beaulieu

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

A woman visitor from Houston was without her piece of jewelry as Toro was asked to take the e-a-r-r-i-n-g away from her, and a good book of matches went to the ashtray when Thorn was asked to deposit it with ‘old cigarette stuff.’ When Little London was told, in German, to close the door he took his time about it, checking a woman enroute. Mr. Eisenmann changed his voice inflection many times proving that voice modulation had no bearing on the command...


4) Ford Dodge -- Iowa Messenger
"It isn’t the actual talking that is most amazing about the dogs however; it is their understanding of man’s language. Toro, for example, understands one hundred words associated with objects, as do the other three dogs. In the Messenger newsroom, the glue pot was picked out of fourteen objects on the table..."


5) West Vancouver, B.C. --

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.
It comes as a small shock to realize a dog is thinking along with the rest of the humans in a room. Eisenmann asked London what was used to open the door. The dog moved over and reached up and twisted the knob with his teeth. ‘No, what do we open it with if it is locked?’ he asked.

The dog walked around the kitchen, found the keys on the sink, picked them up, and gave them to Mr. Eisenmann. As the interview continued, the dogs lay quietly on the floor, eyes closed. Eisenmann was explaining that it was unfair to the dogs to ask them to do things they knew could cause them harm.

He gave for an example asking London to take the coffee pot off the stove if it were hot. The dog would immediately know if it were hot and the awkwardness of trying to pick it up with his teeth. ‘Are these dogs listening to what we are saying?’ I asked suddenly. ‘Certainly, ‘said Eisenmann. ‘London,’ he called. The dog got up and came over. ‘What were we talking about?’ he asked. London put his face on my knee. ‘No, before that,’ London looked up at the stove and stood up on his hind legs and picked up the coffee pot with his teeth...


6) Memphis, Tennessee -- The Commercial Appeal
London demonstrated yesterday how well he understands human language. During his visit to the newspaper, St. John Waddell was introduced to his master as the ‘managing editor.’ Ten minutes later, Mr. Eisenmann asked the dog to take a roll of ‘copy paper’ from a newsman standing by and London complied. "Now, give it to the managing editor," Mr. Eisenmann said. London, who had overheard only a casual reference earlier, took the paper to Mr. Waddell, picking him out of a dozen persons in a circle...


7) Houston, Texas -- The Houston Press
One could hardly report with veracity that London is only a dog. He is an actor and more than ingénue in any author’s book. London has a more extensive vocabulary, is more articulate, and certainly more tractable than many of his human friends. He obeys with more alacrity than many humans could, even though he is unfamiliar with the name of any object involved, because London reasons by association of words...


8) Brandon, Manitoba -- The Brandon Sun

"Sit down, gentlemen, while I talk to these people," Mr. Eisenmann told the foursome and they all sprawled on the carpeted floor of the hospital board room. "Turn off the lights London," and one of the sleek-coated dogs bounded up against the wall and flicked the switch off with his paw. Before leaving the board room, Mr. Eisenmann told Toro to point out something that told how warm it was. Toro waked over to the wall and put a paw on the thermometer. Toro was then told to go and get an earring which he promptly retrieved from a stenographer’s ear in another room. But, the small act in the board room was just a preview of what was to come in a demonstration in a hospital rotunda.

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

 Astounding: that is a meagre term to describe the dogs’ knowledge. All four understood French, German, and English, but Toro was more human than canine. "In the other room, I told you to point out something," Mr. Eisenmann said, meaning the thermometer, but not even hinting at what he meant. Toro walked over and pointed to the thermometer on the wall. "Someone in this room is using something to write with, bring it to me." Toro immediately came over to this reporter, took the pen from his hand, and delivered it to Mr. Eisenmann. "Someone in this room has something that helps him see better -- bring them here." Toro again walked to this reporter and removed his glasses. "T-h-e-r-m-o-m-e-t-e-r," Mr. Eisenmann spelled out and seeing was believing. The dogs weren’t trained by habit; they actually understood and knew what they were told to do...


9) Memphis, Tennessee -- Memphis Press Scimitar
It was an amazing experience meeting Chuck Eisenmann and his four huge German Shepherds, London, Thorn, Litlon, and Toro in their room at the Holiday Inn. I’ve been around dogs -- and people -- all my life, but never came up against a combination like Chuck and his dogs before.

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

When my photographer and I walked in, Chuck said, "Shut the door, London." London went over and shut the door. Later, the door was opened again and he asked Toro, "Toro, will you do the honors?" Toro went over and pawed the door shut.

As we talked, Chuck would illustrate his point. He doesn’t like to use hand signals. His dogs understand him, he says, and I believe it, having seen. He asked one to bring some camera film. It was done. Sometimes he talked to the dogs in German, sometimes in French. He didn’t use the same words to give commands.

Once he spelled "g-l-a-s-s-e-s," and asked London to point them out. London came over and gave a lick at my bifocals. I asked Chuck if he would be confused by the same word also being used for other kinds of glasses. For an answer, Chuck told him to take the water glass to Bob. It was delivered to me. Chuck said, "Now get the glasses which are worn" -- the sun glasses were picked up and Chuck said, "Give them to Ed." It was done. Chuck crumpled a napkin, told Toro to put it in the ashtray. The dogs indicated their familiarity with many objects in the room on request. Always casual. One dog can speak several rudimentary phrases, separating the syllables but not articulating clearly. It is easy to understand, however, when he says, ‘I don’t want to."


10) Corinth, Mississippi -- The Daily Corinthian
Seeing is believing, -- I would never have believed anyone who told me the wonders of London, that highly trained German Shepherd who is visiting in Corinth. But, I saw him and I must believe what my eyes see. I am still amazed at the intelligence of this animal. His trainer, Chuck Eisenmann, does not talk to him with the usual, "here boy," "sit," "stay," "stand," commands we associate with trained dogs. He just looks at the dog and calmly asks him to do something. Without hesitation, the dog obeys the command. He spoke to London...’There is too much light in the room, what are you going to do about it?’ The dog automatically went to the wall switch and turned off the light. He might teach a dog to get a pencil from someone’s pocket, but he does not call it a pencil. For example, yesterday he said to London, ‘There is a man standing in the room who has something that he writes with. Get that for me?’ The dog walked to the only man in the room with a pencil in his pocket and took it.

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

Later he calmly said to another dog, "There is a desk in the next room, go in there and bring me a newspaper from that desk.’ The desk was cluttered with various pieces of paper, but only one newspaper. London went up to the desk and without hesitation picked up the newspaper and carried it to his master..."


11) Austin, Texas -- The Democrat Capital
...Incredible -- That it the only term that we can think of that comes remotely close to describing the animals which are more human than some animals that are supposed to be humans. As London tugged at Hazel’s earrings, we couldn’t help but wonder if they were the ear-piercing type although the huge dog was very gentle in response to the voice command. There are few humans who could react as Toro did when Eisenmann spelled out l-i-rn-p. The dog knew what his master wanted. Wanted him to go walk like he was crippled. Eisenmann then asked hum to walk like a three-legged dog and again he repeated the limp, but this time with one leg raised. Contrary to some beliefs, that dogs understand only the language that they become acquainted with as puppies, Eisenmann issued orders in four languages and the dogs responded with equally fast reactions.

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

The word ‘mat’ is quite common in a newspaper office, but when a dog is instructed to remove one from the desk of Sports Editor Kelly Scruton and place it in the ashtray when there are 1,414 other objects on Kelly’s desk, we thought it remarkable, especially considering these facts: the dog had to learn who Kelly was by name; and the ashtray? How many different shaped trays are there? And how could he know the difference between a newspaper mat and one that was placed on the floor? We repeat: remarkable. To prove that London could discern colors, Eisenmann asked him to go over and select the green TV sheet from out of the Democrat Capital...


12) Pottstown, PA -- The Mercury -- Robert J. Boyle
Among the guests at the Holiday Inn Monday were three "gentlemen" who astounded visitors with their mental capabilities. The trio put on an exhibition of mental prowess that would have an Einstein buff changing allegiance. They demonstrated their talents in French, German, and English. The three brains were London, Thorn, and Toro, massive German Shepherds.

I came to stay ten minutes, and I stayed an hour and a half. I’ve seen trained German Shepherds used by police departments, but you can’t compare Eisenmann’s dogs with these.

His dogs weren’t trained -- they’re taught!

When we entered the Inn, the three dogs were sitting and were surrounded by a group of twenty people. Eisenmann never commands the dogs, he speaks to them softly.

"Toro, would you limp, please?" Toro got up and limped holding up his right paw. "Now, would you drag your rear legs, please?" He did, there’s no doubt that they do think. "Gentlemen, come here, please," he said, and the trio walked to him. "L-a-y," he said, and they lay down. "S-i-t," he spelled out and then sat.

"London, would you please find the youngest girl in the room?" The dog walked around and decided Colleen, twelve, was the youngest. He took her hand in his mouth and brought her to Eisenmann.

"Now, would you bring me the youngest child?" The dog walked to Jody, seven, and brought him back.

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

Eisenmann said to Thorn, "Please get me something with printed matter on it."The dog went to a counter and came back with a map of Altoona. "I’d prefer a magazine, Thorn." The dog went back to the magazine rack and picked out McCall’s. "Would you get me a daily newspaper now, please?"

At this stage, a man entered the lobby and stopped at the registration counter. He didn’t see the dogs immediately, but he was carrying a folded newspaper under his arm. Thorn, taking Eisenmann’s request literally, went up to the man, took the newspaper, and returned it to Eisenmann.

Eisenmann then asked London to find an art work depicting a horse. The dog ambled around the room and finally came upon a wall plaque of a horse above a lounge chair and pointed his nose at the horse. He was then asked to find something hand-lettered instead of printed. He went to a hand-lettered sign.

"Now, is there a printed sign here?"’ Eisenmann asked. The dog looked around and pointed to a printed sign. When Eisenmann figured they had performed enough he asked, "Gentlemen, would you like some water now?" --the three of them hopped up and walked toward the door. As they approached, a woman entered. The three dogs stopped, stepped back, and allowed her to pass. They’re real gentlemen.

It would take a complete book to get half-way through the press clippings of the Littlest Hobo Dogs.

Unfortunately, most Shepherd owners were not aware of HOW to bring these MAGNIFICENT animals to THEIR FULL POTENTIAL!! Mr. Eisenmann has clearly explained that if you INSULT their intelligence by demanding, "Sit -- Stay -- Come," etc, treating them LIKE "DOGS," they will end up acting like a dog!!



The FBI -- CIA -- WATERGATE -- KGB -- etc, etc. could NEVER have done as good a "COVER-UP" job as the GSDCA did of convincing people that there was "no wolf factor" in the German Shepherd. The magnificent grey dogs that were imported here were quickly replaced by the "preferred" black-and-tan -- MUCH EMPHASIS WAS PLACED ON DARK EYES -- because the light brown eyes were "UNDESIRABLE." WHY?? Even though it was HEAVILY RUMORED THAT THEY WERE "MORE INTELLIGENT!!"

The movement of these dogs was SO IMPRESSIVE that SHOW DOGS were selected for MOVEMENT ONLY. The MORE ANGULATION the dog had -- the more impressive his stride became -- So much emphasis was placed on SIDE GAIT -- EXTENSION --REAR DRIVE -- and the world famous FLYING TROT -- that no particular attention was placed on TEMPERAMENT AND INTELLIGENCE!!

Admittedly, movement IS a very important part of the OVERALL BEAUTY of these animals, but each dog should be judged as a WHOLE!! Most fanciers were satisfied when the dogs did NOT SHOW ANY AGGRESSION (or protective instincts) because as "SHOW DOGS," they had to be subjected to MANY INDIGNITIES with a variety of handlers and judges checking teeth, tails -- TESTICLES, etc -- The dogs had to become SUBMISSIVE ZOMBIES that could RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES "LOOKING PRETTY." Intelligent dogs like LONDON subjected to this kind of a lifestyle would soon end up DISTRAUGHT and DEPRESSED! How would YOU like being kept in a cage most of your life -- and only "fussed" over after you ran around the ring a few times and won a ribbon!!? Some men may enjoy working at "CHIPPENDALES" flexing their muscles for a group of bored housewives -- and some women may choose to become PLAYBOY BUNNIES -- BUT!!! If that was ALL they were good for-- and children were only produced from the "most popular" pairs -- how many generations would it take for the "human race" before they all turned into "POWDER-PUFFED MINI-SPOOKS?"

It took less than 20 years of breeding back to the "modern" German Shepherd to water down the intelligence of the Hobo dogs!! In a conversation with Mr. Eisenmann last year, we were informed of the TERRIBLE TEMPERAMENT AND SMALL SIZE that these dogs were now experiencing!! We have already taken steps to help Chuck BRING BACK the "London" dog -- WITH THE EXACT FACE MARKINGS -- AND ALL!!

When discussing the wolf factor in the ORIGINAL Shepherds, one must realize that we are NOT REFERRING TO MODERN "WOLF-HYBRIDS!!" If you have the opportunity to do an intense study on REAL WOLVES and on the VARIOUS WOLF-HYBRIDS you will find that:

a). Most hybrid breeders are VERY CONSCIENTIOUS about the people they sell their cubs to -- being careful to give the new owners TONS of literature and ADVICE on HOW TO PROPERLY raise their new companions!!

b) Most hybrid owners will be the FIRST to tell you that a WOLF-HYBRID IS NOT A "DOG" and MUST be raised and trained in a VERY different way than the average "domesticated dog! !"

c) Most wolf-hybrid breeders are TOTALLY AGAINST the breeding practice of crossing "ATTACK TRAINED" GERMAN SHEPHERDS WITH WOLVES!! This combination can be more VOLATILE THAN GASOLINE AND BURNING MATCHES!!

People trying to find the "OLD" Shepherds have many times been FOOLED INTO the purchase of such animals -- with heartbreaking results!! THE WOLF MAY POSSIBLY BE ONE OF THE MOST MAJESTIC AND INTELLIGENT CREATURES GOD HAS PLACED ON THIS EARTH!! Wolves are TOTALLY DEDICATED TO THEIR PACKS -- THEIR LOYALTY KNOWS NO LIMITS!! Yet -- wolves are NOT dogs!! People attempting to raise a wolf in a similar way as they raise their dogs will be VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Even WOLF-HYBRIDS must be owned ONLY BY THE WELL EDUCATED -- SPECIALLY EQUIPPED FANCIER!! For those wishing to become "FIRST TIME" hybrid owners, a VERY LOW percentage pup is recommended!!

We cannot stress STRONGLY ENOUGH the need for everyone to be THOROUGHLY AND EXTENSIVELY educated concerning the various wolf/malamute—wolf/shepherd -- or other crosses available -- as well as the different blood percentages among the variety of combinations. Many people are so impressed by the SIZE (up to 37 inches at the shoulder) and beauty of the wolves used today in various breeding programs -- that they -- ONCE AGAIN -- lose sight of TEMPERAMENT!!

Please remember that in the original combination of the THURINGIAN Shepherd --Although these dogs did have some wolf blood -- It is very doubtful if the percentage was more than what most hybrid breeders would list as an F-3!! These dogs were then outcrossed to the LARGE Southern Shepherd dogs creating the PERFECT combination of probably less than 10% ACTUAL WOLF BLOOD!! With proper testing of entire litters and strict record keeping on the development of all progeny, STRICT SELECTIVE breedings could then be continued to CARRY-ON the MOST DESIRABLE traits -- while eliminating the negative ones!!

November 2006 Update

Low percentage hybrid crossing HAS been done successfully, twice now in this decade.  Both breeds (the Saarloos Wolfdog and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog) have been recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) even though they still maintain a very low percentage of Carpathian wolf blood, just as the original GSD once did.

These breeds have been carefully regulated by their representative breed clubs, who fully discourage purchase/breeding of these dogs by novice owners!

Ownership of wolf hybrids is not legal in most states, and the continuous misrepresentation of such dogs as "Shiloh Shepherds" could lead to the confiscation of all fake "registered" shiloh wannabee look alikes outside of the real ISSR Shiloh Shepherds. 

WITHOUT this information, future breeders would later be faced with many "SURPRISES" to say the least!! If you were asked to drive from a specific place on the West Coast -- to a specific place on the East Coast -- but there were no maps or road signs available -- how long would it take you to complete the journey?? In many cases, similar problems faced the "German Shepherd" breeders -- It was because of these facts that we now have so many varieties within the breed!!

THE "SHILOHS" originate from the foundation lines of SHILOH-EMMVIEW’S KARA LOBO, affectionately known as "KARl." Kari came from a similar background as LONDON -- and has always been known BEST for her HUMAN-LIKE INTELLIGENCE!!! Her sire, SHILOH-EMMVIEW’S GREY-EXPRESS (also known as "Shep") was probably the world’s BEST babysitter. Stories of these dogs and their unbelievable loyalty and bravery had been printed in many old articles, years ago! This line always produced very TALL -- LEGGY -- WOLF-LIKE SABLES!! When combined with the OLD WURTTEMBERGER Shepherd dogs a VAST improvement of bone size -- AND GOOD HIPS -- was noted, along with the longer hair, and strong black and silver pigmentation. As inbreeding and linebreeding on this URSA/LUKE line was continued -- and crossed back with the "KARl" line, things really began to pull back together again! For more information, please read Examples of ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Pedigrees.

Strict records were kept on all progeny and the LMX (littermate x-ray, temperament, size, and recessives, etc) program was started -- with records going all the way back to the sixties!! Many attempts were made at outcrossing these dogs back to the world’s most famous German imports -- as well as the best American and Canadian Champions -- with very poor results! It became obvious that outcrossing only led to: POLLUTION OF THE EXISTING GENE POOL!!

Even though the "Shilohs" became very popular and the demand was always greater than the actual availability -- new blood would eventually be needed to continue this very intricate program! Many smaller breeders were set up all over the country -- determined to continue producing these dogs, and by accident the "BAKER" line was discovered!

In a similar fashion to Dorothy CRIDER, DON BAKER had also continued a 30-year program of breeding the old WURTTEMBERGER Shepherds!! Even though he preferred to call his dogs the "TEXAS WOOLYS," they were definitely from the OLD GERMAN HERDING LINES!! After crossing several combinations of the Baker/Ursa lines and the Baker/Kari lines -- and then back into each other, remarkable results were recorded

On 9/1/90, the FIC had agreed to register the "Shiloh Shepherd™" (so named due to its kennel of origin) as a distinct variety of the modern German Shepherd dog -- because of the consistent results that were being obtained from a long and intense breeding program aimed strictly at PRESERVING - - THE ORIGINAL TYPE that once was known as the "German Shepherd Dog."

Shortly thereafter, the Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc., was formed by a group of dedicated "Shiloh" lovers, to PROTECT these magnificent animals against the same possible pitfalls that plagued the MASSIVE WOLF-GREY SHEPHERDS that first came to America 50 years ago -- and within only a short time became nearly extinct!!

The SSDCA, Inc., has taken on the full challenge of performing as the GUARDIAN FORCE to PROTECT THESE MAGNIFICENT ANIMALS FROM BEING DESTROYED BY "GREEDY" BACKYARD BREEDERS -- ONLY INTERESTED IN A QUICK PROFIT!! The Club has introduced a very strict BREEDERS CODE to PROTECT the future generations of this breed!! "Shiloh Shepherd™" puppies can ONLY be sold to SIGNERS OF THE BREEDERS CODE -- or on NEUTER/SPAY AGREEMENTS -- as pets!! The Club also has their own version of the German KOER REPORT -- known as the B.C.R. -- BREEDING CLASSIFICATION REPORT!! Each dog used for breeding after 1992, MUST be evaluated by the SSDCA, Inc., "Breed Warden" or CERTIFIED BREED JUDGE!! The dog is evaluated individually in all aspects of TEMPERAMENT and CONFORMATION as well as GENETICALLY through his ancestors and progeny -- future breeding recommendations AND warnings are then listed on his/her B.C.R.

Showing of the Shilohs is strongly encouraged -- especially for potential breeders --so that THE BEST SPECIMENS can be carefully selected for future breeding programs, as well as for general public awareness and education regarding these dogs.


The F.I.C. has gone the EXTRA mile for these dogs by agreeing not to issue permanent registrations for ANY dog until they receive 1) CERTIFICATION OF SOUND HIPS, 2) CERTIFICATION OF SOUND TEMPERAMENT, and 3) CERTIFICATION OF SIZE; ALONG WITH PICTURES and PERMANENT (tattoo) IDENTIFICATION OF EACH IND1VIDUAL REGISTERED!!

This procedure will hopefully discourage any potential "paper pushers" from playing their foolish games with the Shilohs!! The SSDCA, Inc., also issues TEMPERAMENT TEST CERTIFICATES similar to those of the American Temperament Test Society!! Along with the BREEDERS CODE, the B.C.R. and L.M.X. programs, the future "Shilohs" will hopefully be protected against any "puppy mills" that may be planning to rear their ugly heads against this breed!!

Clarification Update

This article was written in 1990 and is being reprinted in its entirety for historical purposes only.

In reality, it quickly became evident that the FIC was not able (or unwilling) to fulfill the contract agreement that they had established with the Breed Founder, Tina Barber. After several undeserving dogs had received breeding papers, Tina cancelled the agreement with Ms. Sottile and forged on to establish the ISSR! The ISSR has continued to provide our breed with the controls necessary during its vital time of development. Despite many "club splits" and other setbacks, our breed continues to flourish and our gene pool has continued to expand, properly, under the watchful eye of Tina Barber, our Breed Founder, Breed Warden, and President of the ISSR and the SSDCA since 1991.

So, What is the Shiloh Shepherd™???

The Shiloh Shepherd™ is a dog from the PAST!! The Breed Standard of the Shiloh Shepherd™ is very specific -- and yet, unlike the GSDCA that has revised their standard several times -- the Shilohs ALLOW THE PLUSH COATED DOGS that the GSDCA originally DID ALLOW in their 1929 and 1943 STANDARD. The Shilohs also allow the beautiful WHITE COLORS (as long as the nose, lips, and eye rims are black). In the show ring, "reasonable aggression" is also allowed -- as long as there is NO SIGN OF POSSIBLE "SPOOKINESS!!" The Shilohs are expected to PRESENT THEMSELVES WITH CONFIDENCE AND PRIDE!! The SSDCA, Inc., also allows the judges complete freedom to TEMPERAMENT TEST any participants in the conformation ring during Specialty Shows!!

The Shilohs are bred to be the PERFECT FAMILY COMPANION AND PROTECTOR --Just as their ancestors years ago herded and protected their sheep -- The Shilohs love and protect their family members -- especially the children -- They are highly intelligent and possess NO LIMITATIONS in their ability to perform as search and rescue dogs, Schutzhund competition dogs (preferably trained by the ELITE NASA METHOD!). They excel in any and all OBEDIENCE COMPETITIONS, etc, etc, etc. Yet, MOST OF ALL, they were bred to be YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!

For more information -- and/or a listing of Regional Directors of the SSDCA, Inc., please write and let us help you find the right Shiloh for your family! Approved breeders are located in various states in the US and Canada.  We would be very happy to help you locate the one nearest to you!!

by Tina M. Barber

As I read this old article that I wrote for my Shiloh Shepherds™ (kennel) Newsletter back in 1990, it amazes me to realize how little people have actually learned over the past 12 years!

I have been "preaching" and teaching continuously about this breed, via written articles, thousands of posts on the the Internet Bulletin Boards and various lists--was it all to no avail? Is it possible that I have "talked" so much that people no longer listen? Or could it just be that various factions are determined to "twist" everything that I teach and then spit forth the vomit in order to confuse people that have not bothered to read my words?

Just this week I have once again heard the "rumblings" that are being spread via public lists. Things like:

<<we were IGNORANT purchasers of dogs with behaviors and training needs very unlike any DOG we have ever owned. Subsequently, training methods we have used in the past, with many, many dogs, had proven to be detrimental...these are not average dogs, We all know that. Let's be honest. I just wish I had known this before I made my first purchase. I often compare the rearing and training of the Shiloh to a Master's thesis. Most of us aren't there.>>

are being said as if there is something WRONG with a dog with superior intelligence! Maybe these people would be better off getting a Bassett Hound? I am not trying to offend that breed.  In actuality I had a vision of Columbo's sidekick! If any one here has enjoyed watching that show, you understand what I'm trying to imply.

I'm proud of the fact that most of the Shilohs can trace their heritage back to some of London's ancestors! Just read the newspaper reports that I used in my article! There were so many that I had horrible time selecting my favorite dozen!

Take your time--read them slowly then try to figure out what kind of "training method" Chuck used on his dogs!

As I continue to teach people my STM (publicly now) I seem to be flooded with controversies instigated by opposing trainers--what a shame! But the most aggravating poison that seems to be spreading like a wildfire again is the "Wolf" condemnation!

Please go back and read those London articles again. 

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.

Does this dog look like a wolf? Was he a wolf hybrid? If not--then how can you explain his intelligence?

Maybe London was just exceptional? One of a kind?   Well, how do you explain Toro, Thornton, Little London, Hobo, Venus, Lance, London Junior as well as all the others? True, they were all bred by the same kennel--but they were not littermates! They were born at different times, out of different parents, over a period of nearly 50 years from the time Chuck got his first London until his last one who died just recently.  Now explain that!

If you can't, then may I suggest that you purchase and read, London, the Dog Who Made the Team, by David Malcolmson.

Now that you have a better understand of how these dogs "performed" can you guess what kind of "TRAINING METHOD" was used to obtain the results Chuck got from each of these dogs over a period of so many decades?

Could it have been the "clicker" method, or maybe he used the popular "Koehler" application that so many other trainers used during that era? What were his secrets? Was it his "training" method, or the dogs' intelligence that produced the desired results? Think about it.

The Shilohs have been accused of not being able to be trained using the training methods used in the past.

Well, if you had a chance to raise a puppy with the same potential that Chuck's dogs had--do you think "normal" training methods would work?  If so, would you still choose to use them over the STM?

Furthermore, now that you are more familiar with these dogs, if you had a puppy out of London, would you take him for training to your local "attack dog" trainer? If yes, why? If no, then where would you take him?

Shiloh Training Method--What is It?


Update 2006

When I "released" these dogs to the show organizations, such as ARBA, while they were still under development, I had never anticipated the dishonesty of some people! Instead of providing a venue for us to improve type (by allowing expert judges to select the best dogs as per the IBS), ugly political struggles started to take root.  Aside from the first "official" club dysfunction created by Gary and Wendy...more splintering kept occurring! For those of you that are not familiar with this history, please go to the Club Split history pages and read Confusion.

Over the past few years, this pernicious plague has been spreading! If you read my Brokenhearted Breed Founder series, you can see what they have been producing! It truly is heartbreaking--but even worse is the way these frauds have been scamming the public by selling mixed breeds (many of unknown ancestry) to the unsuspecting public--thus ruining the marvelous reputation of the REAL Shiloh shepherd dogs! This travesty has been promoted by the NSBR. This group is even encouraging people in Europe to cross breed such combinations.

This attack on my breed's reputation has forced me to write many articles exposing their scam...please take some time to read them, as well as my recent Tina Speaks pages!

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Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind - A Breed is born

Credits: All pictures of the Hobo dogs are reprinted from Stop! Sit! and Think! and The Better Dog: The Educated Dog by Charles P. Eisenmann.  Photos of early German Shepherd dogs are reprinted from The Total German Shepherd Dog by Fred Lanting and used with his permission.  Photo of Kuvasz is reprinted from The Origins of the Shiloh Shepherd by Tina M. Barber and is used with her permission.

Publication History:

Article originally published in the final Shiloh Shepherd (Kennel) Newsletter: Fall, 1991.
Reprinted with a 2002 update with permission of the author and published to the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center, 2002.
Updated 2006.

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