Tina M. Barber, Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder, candidly discusses the critical issues facing her breed in the new millennium.

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Please take some time to research the volumes of Shiloh Shepherd information presented via the buttons above!! You can trust the credibility of the honest, reputable ISSR Licensed Breeders that are listed on our SSDCA, Inc. pages as well as all of the ISSR licensed breeders and Real (ISSR) Shiloh Shepherd owners that are linked to our exclusive ISSR webring. These upstanding people have agreed to uphold our breeders code of ethics and adhere to the strict guidelines set by the ISSR, Inc. in order to help me expand our limited gene pool.

It takes a group of unique people with exceptionally unselfish qualities willing to persevere, against all odds, in order to help me complete the work that was started at Shiloh Shepherd kennels, way back in 1974!! These people are also known as ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders, and we appreciate their commitment to these magnificent dogs! The home raised puppies they have produced are bringing tremendous joy to their special families, from coast to coast!

I would like to invite you to join us so that you can view pictures of these beautiful dogs, and share their stores via our ever expanding, gigantic community forums!

However, since we have to live in this Good vs. Evil world, we have no alternative but to conscientiously attempt to protect future Shiloh Shepherd owners from being defrauded by the many scams that are now being purported under the Shiloh Shepherd banner via numerous sites! For that reason I am asking you to please take some time to read the important information I have shared here—before you purchase your next puppy from anyone!

discover the critical issues that must be exposed

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