Canada Show Update: May 2006


Karen and I had planned to drop in on the Tillsonburg show in order to meet JC so that I could personally present her with a copy of my book. 

We were aware of the fact that it was a three day show held in conjunction with the CKC, but we had also heard that the RBCSWO entries have been dropping so we didn't expect to see 30-40 sliver shilos like we would at the Cherry Blossom--that I plan to attend for my next tail report! That's why we arrived later in the afternoon on Saturday.  We were shocked to discover that the entire show had less than 3 dozen entries with only five shilos total--only one of which was still ISSR registered, and two of which were still pups.

If you take a look at this picture, you can see the final Group line up, consisting of the sliver plush, the ISSR smooth, White Shepherd and the Panda. I was very impressed with the White Shepherd, and, as you can see, he appears to be the biggest one in the ring!

Even the Panda was bigger than the sliver shilo! AS I had expected--the sliver shilos are getting smaller and smaller, probably because they are breeding to all of those GSD's. 

Even Chain, a NB-1 Artus son, was bigger than the sliver dog that the judge put up--despite the fact that the dog did not have impressive movement, superior size or even good pasterns! At least his tail stayed down, maybe because he has so much GSD blood in his lines? Take a good look and compare this "show dog" to a real long haired GSD.

I thought the Pandas I saw were a lot more impressive! Even the pup seemed to have excellent bone, good structure and an outstanding temperament! Never mind the fact that he was bigger than the shilo pup that was being shown!

It proved to be an interesting afternoon.  While Karen was trying to take a few shots of the Pandas for me (and I was talking to Cindy) someone approached her, sarcastically warning her not to attempt to put any of those pictures (apparently of his fake shilo) on our website!

After the show, she walked up to me to mention the incident but I just blew it off with something like, "Gee, talk about paranoia--poor suckers must be shaking in their boots, LOL!" and continued to walk over to JC so we could go outside to talk. 

As we were leaving, while Karen stayed behind to chat with Lynda, I quietly asked JC if she knew who that guy was. 

At that moment he turned on me like a wild animal about to attack, now daring me to try putting any of those pictures on my website.  So, I asked him to spell his name so that I could get it right in my report (that I had had no intention of writing prior to his attack), and he started spewing off some nonsense.  The smell of booze coming at me via his breath almost knocked me out! Good grief--I haven't smelled anything so strong at a show venue in decades! I must have stood stunned for a second, and that's when his buddy started in, "Well, I'm David Hertz.  I'm sure you remember me from the Wiki war." I was amazed. He looked younger than my sons! I guess that what they say about the internet is true--it can be very deceiving! He sure doesn't look like he sounds in his posts! I was extremely amused.  So these are the sliver "big shots?" What a joke!

At least I managed to have a nice visit with JC while waiting for Karen to come out & unlock the truck.  She had stopped for a few moments to talk to Lynda, but was confronted AGAIN by that boozer breath guy that kept objecting to having his dogs picture posted on our web site!!  Maybe he felt more confident attacking poor Karen again after I left??  That's how fear biters function ... they tend to go after anyone that they are afraid of in a foolish attempt to display their FALSE courage!!  LOL

The only nice person that approached me was a man named Peter (I think, sorry, but I didn't catch his last name).  He was very nice and informed me that he had a dog from Judy but wanted to congratulate me on the breed. He seemed extremely pleasant and I thanked him for the compliment. Cher was also very pleasant and spent a lot of time talking to us, even asking my opinion of Mace, the Chain son she had at the show. The White Shepherd and Panda folks were also extremely congenial.

If not for the foul mouthed drunk and his little buddy, our short (approximately one hour) visit would have been a pleasant experience.  But I guess that the slivers must fear my appearance at any public show so much that they can't control themselves! LOL

Well, let's see what happens at Cherry Blossom! This could prove to be extremely interesting!

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