Shiloh Health Survey 2000

Sponsored by the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.


Please respond to this survey knowing you will be making your contribution to a healthier, longer life for future generations of our beautiful breed.  Please print or write clearly so your valuable information can be included.

 Pet Owners Shortcut: Whether you have one Shiloh Shepherd or more, we must have your input to make this survey worthwhile. We would love to hear that your dog(s) have been healthy, but if they haven’t, we need to know which genetic problems they have. If you know the status of your dogs’ health without having to check medical records or review the list of GSD diseases, just enter the total number of dogs you owned during the survey period in the space provided on Page 1.   Please review the categories and if your dog has a problem, please mark the applicable lines, listing appropriate sex and group. Then go to the last page and write in either “No Genetic Disease diagnosed” or write in the name of the disease(s) your dog is being treated for. Example: Discospondylitis, 1 male, age 6.  Mail the completed form to the TCCP, 702 Rein Dr, Killeen, TX   76542.

 If you would take or mail the vet letter and survey to your vet, it would add to the value of our survey. Also, if you are unsure of a diagnosis or can’t remember the name, either go through the list of diseases or call your vet to get the correct diagnosis.


  1. Gather your vet information, vet’s telephone number, and breeding records.
  2. Invite one or more of your Shiloh beauties to curl up at your feet to remind you why this survey is important. If you only have one or more dogs, the survey will take just a few minutes (see the shortcut above). If you are a breeder, plan to spend a little more “worthwhile time.” The Litter Survey should be returned by July 31, 2000. Please fill it out now and mail it promptly.
  3. Go to Page 1 of the survey and in the first paragraph enter the number of dogs you owned and/or co-owned during the Jan. 1, 1991-Dec. 31, 1999 survey period.  If your dog turned 1 year of age between 1991 and 1993, put him in Group A, if he turned 1 year of age in 1994-96, put him in Group B, if between 1997 and 1999, put him in Group C.  Enter the total number of dogs whether healthy or with a disease.
  4. Go through each of the diagnostic systems (e.g., Digestive) and enter the number of dogs diagnosed with the genetic disease. Separate groups, as well as males from females according to the column headings. Do this with each disease.
  5. Review the 138 genetic diseases known to occur in the GSD. They are listed with the symptoms first followed by the technical name. If after reviewing the list, your dog’s disease isn’t listed, go to Page 7 of the survey and enter the name of the disease in the blank spaces provided. Enter Group Code (A, B, C), then enter male or female and the age at the onset of the disease.
  6. Fill in the Hip survey. This will help us more accurately estimate the percentage of hip dysplasia currently found in the Shiloh Shepherd.
  7. Breeders, please complete the litter survey.
  8. Mail or take the vet survey to your veterinarian for completion. The sooner you mail your completed survey, the sooner the data can be compiled. 
  9. If you have any questions about how to fill out the survey, please contact one of the following individuals:
    1. Pat Urso (CDT)   715-362-4134
    2. Pam DymondWeed (PDT)   206-542-3555
    3. Mynde Bunker (PDT)  209-586-3518
    4. Karen Ursel (EDT) 716 346 6741 (between 7 – 9 PM EDT only, please)
    5. Lyn Segee (EDT) 716 658-3240 (between 7-9 PM EDT)

Please be considerate of the time zone and available hours if stated when calling!

  1. Mail the completed form to the: 
    702 Rein Dr.
    Killeen, TX  76542

Please note:  All three surveys will be documented separately, and need not be sent in together. Upon arrival the TCCP will remove your survey forms and file them into the appropriate category. Your envelope will be destroyed and unless you have volunteered to provide us with your personal data (on the survey form itself), only tracking numbers will be assigned to each Sire and Dam that you have given us an ISSR number for.  All others will be categorized as “other” and grouped separately.

Thank you for your help in protecting the future of our magnificent Shiloh Shepherds!


Karen Ursel

P.S.  If you know of anyone owning a Shiloh who has not received a copy of this survey, please direct them to our website or have them contact me to obtain a printed copy. Full participation by all is vital to the success of the breed.

To download these files, please right click on each file and do a "save as" to your computer. The files must be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free for many different operating systems. If you have trouble downloading these files, please e-mail me at and I will send you a printed copy of each survey. Our goal is to have the surveys returned by October 15, 2000.

Anyone wishing to discuss this survey with other owners & breeders is welcome to join our public e-mail group.  

Very preliminary data is being tabulated.  Some of the results are now available.

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