of the Shiloh ShepherdTM Dog Club of America Inc.

compiled by Wendy Fullerton, 1997 


A. Founder's Objectives

 1.short term

a. To establish and train many "small" breeders that are dedicated to presenting the world with outstanding puppies, as close to genetic perfection as could be humanly possible.

b. To set up a network of breeders that will be able to maintain these objectives.

 2.      long term

a. To unite and educate breeders that will “March to a Different Drummer”

b. Unlike other dog groups that breed for ego and money, these people will be concerned with the betterment of the breed.

B. Founder's Subjectives

1.      short term

a. To mail out tracts with each inquiry, just as Shiloh has done since 1974, allowing the “dogs” to reach those that would not listen otherwise.

b. To find people with similar goals and ideals that want to continue the Shiloh Shepherd Program on a smaller, more detailed practical scale. provide HONEST representation, follow up. counseling (including Spiritual) and friendship to all new members

2.      long term

a. To concentrate my efforts on providing strong guidance to all breeders so that only the BEST possible specimens are being produced to assure the consistency of the breed

b. Start a fund for Medical, Genetic, etc. research (as needed)

 A Brief Year by Year

  • 1990
    • Tina chose to break away from the AKC and register her dogs with the FIC (Rare Breed Club).
    • many shows were attended that fall, and spring of ‘91.
    • Specialties were held in several states.
    • Unfortunately the FIC was not upholding the strict contract agreement, signed to protect the Breed.
    • Plans were formed to establish the ideal Registry (based on the SV), and a club was formed to uphold the same
  • 1991
    • The SSDCA, INC was Incorporated  in July 1991
      • Tina Barber, President; Vicki Smith, Vice President; Julie Alstrom, Secretary/Treasurer
    • there were 18 founding members                                             
    • the SSDCA, Inc. sponsored several shows in NJ, NY, PA, VA that year
    • Foundational structures are laid. The Breeders Code, Registry Format, Constitutions, etc.
    • Tina attends all the shows, judging some, holding specialties, etc.
  • 1992
    • May ‘92, due to the misuse (theft) of club funds by the then Secretary/Treasurer, new officers were appointed by the President.
    • American Rare Breed Association formed, Club members are encouraged to provide full support.
    • Wendy starts into the picture with the ownership of a show quality Shiloh
    • Tina and Wendy spend nearly 90 days that year on the road, attending shows, helping new members/owners get started
    • Steve lles was given the privilege of club Vice President, with the general affairs of the club being handled in KY
    • Marie Ruby was Secretary, Mary Ducker was Treasurer
    • Several more shows were sanctioned by the SSDCA, Inc., and attended by Shiloh owners
    • the fiscal year (August 31, 1992) ended with approximately 75 members
  •  1993
    • Again, misuse of club finds by the Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
    • Attempted takeover of the club AND registry by the officers, at the 1993 Homecoming
    •  Massive mailouts, phone calls, legal fees; restructuring stolen data, etc.
    • Dusty Sue Hellmann appointed Vice President; Wendy appointed Secretary/Treasurer
    • Tina and Wendy continue to travel to as many shows as possible to help out all newcomers as well as to promote the breed with signs, banners, printed literature, much time, energy and money was spent by Tina to encourage owners to show their dogs
    • the fiscal year ended (Aug. 31, 1993) with 98 members
    •  Dec. 1993 New revised Constitution is passed by votes from 107 of the 119 members
      • We all “pick up the pieces” and go on.
      • Very strong support for Tina was evident among the members.
  •  1994
    • At the Cherry Blossom Dusty Hellmann decides she wants to be the boss, another "Take over” takes “Root"
      • She attempts to form a hostile clique during summer 1994
      • At the Homecoming 1994 a splinter club is presented at the Annual Membership Meeting
      • Tina puts out the fire and Dusty crawls back into her hole
    • Fiscal year ends with 212 members, 20 of which were Lifetime
    • Shiloh owners are attending lots of shows
    • Our organization is beginning to get a reputation of a “happy, non-political dog club”
      • Tina and Wendy are still out there - guiding them along, going to all the shows to help new members, etc   
    • October Board meeting, Anita DePola (Gram Shiloh) was appointed as club vice president
    • The first color newsletter is published
    • By December things start to run alot smoother
    • Up to this point there were NO (formally described) expectations of the members, breeders, owners
  •  1995
    • All is running smoothly happy, happy, happy
    • Tina and Wendy still attending shows, cheering on the winners, “putting out small fires”, leading the way
    • Homecoming is a hit
    • Members are getting involved
    • A few members with leadership qualities are slowly emerging
    • VIB program is founded in August
      • Tina wants to teach all of the future breeders the same things Wendy has been learning.
    • Fiscal year ends with 72 NEW members, total of 200 members
    • One month after 96 fiscal year starts (October ‘95) Gary and Tina assess club progress and problems--the financial burdens that Tina has carried to this point are starting to burn her out
    • Plans for a new active board and system are discussed
    • Gary offers to help Tina attain a legal Trademark for the breed, to protect it from future renegades and puppy mills, etc. Thereby enabling her to maintain the pure quality needed for the breeds overall success.
    • The “Back problem” sends the “know it alls’ into a accusational frenzy
      •  club ties weaken
      • ALL leadership is questioned by a few “renegade” members, set on creating Chaos
      • Calendar year ends with major organizational hopes
  •   1996                                       
    • The new year started off with some ill feelings brewing among the members.
    • People are learning only enough to make them dangerous
    • The Shelley case causes concerns to some members who aren’t “with the program”
    • Shelley battle is fought and won
    • False gossip has caused the Influential members to start “running scared” from the “powers that be”
    • Gary is appointed VP, and helps handle some internal strife
    • The club's financial past, present and future are under scrutiny
      • An accounting (CPA) firm is hired to do a complete audit of all activity, including all amounts “Paid by Tina’ to/for the Club, excluding the thousands she spent yearly on “PR” for the breed by attending numerous shows (without dogs) in order to help others
    • Homecoming was a success
    • Gary presents the club's financial history at Homecoming
    • August 24 the new board is voted in
    • A fiscal advisory committee is formed to solve our club problems
    • Fiscal year ended with 60 new members, total 245 members (with 128 up for renewal as of 1/1/97)
    • SEPTEMBER, 2 out of the 5 newly elected board members quit/resign
    • Fiscal advisory committee focuses efforts on club funds
    • For 3 months, members are in limbo waiting for new leadership direction
    • Due to the transitional mode, former and current discontents chose to attack the credibility of the breed, the founder, the system, the leaders, and fellow members, causing confusion and turmoil.
    • The Fiscal Advisory Committee presents their first project, “SSDCA, Inc., Proposed 1 Year Budget”
  • 1997 
    • The FAC finally presents a budget proposal, where the burden of “supporting” the Club would be removed from Tina’s shoulders and “put on” the VIBs.
      •  They refuse, more discord and confusion ensues
    • Tina spends several days accumulating Data and preparing a 12 page “Fact Sheet” for Gary and Dan
    • Many members refuse to renew.
    • By the mid spring of the new year only 147 members remain, although some new ones are still joining.
    • Over 1 year of internet/AOL BB “bashing", plus the barrage of hate mail, etc. has resulted in discouraging many from attending shows, etc..
    • Without Tina there to help/guide them, new owners chose to stay home. Show enthusiasm is dropping, even though new ownership has increased dramatically.
    • During the Winter/Spring of ‘97, several “proposals” were discussed between Gary, Dan and Tina, resulting in an agreement that they would start “Their own Club”.
      • Wendy was hired as Secretary.
      • The ISSR would agree to recognize it for 1 year, while the SSDCA would remain in “Limbo”, and a vote would be put to all members whereby they would chose to either remain with the new Club, or return to the SSDCA
    • The “New Club’s” first item of discussion was to “Dump the Fish”
    • Tina immediately mailed out a letter to all of the members informing them of the history behind the name “Shiloh” and the reasons for the importance of the Fish in the Logo
    •  In July 1997 the ISSDC has their first meeting at Grand Island.
      • Many members traveled to this meeting to “support the “fish”. Although the issue was not in the agenda, Tina finally stood up and made a public statement, that if the Fish was removed, she would not even remain as a member.



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