SSDCA Highlights-1997-2004

Compiled by Tina Barber and Karen Ursel

Sep- Dec. 1997

Fiscal year began with mass mailings going out right after Homecoming. Tina submitted an ISSR report that was immediately challenged by the new club, that like Mr. Iles before them wanted full control to mandate changes to the ISSR.  This was immediately rejected by Tina; accordingly personal attacks against her were hurled from coast to coast.


  • In February the new club announced the formation of a new registry, reneging on their  agreement with Tina. Tina announced that since the ISSR could no longer recognize the ISSDC as the parent club, that the SSDCA would be reactivated immediately as the official parent club for the Shiloh Shepherds'.

  • An emergency board meeting was held and temporary officers appointed by Tina. Anita DePola was appointed Vice President and Lisa Barber as Secretary.  A Board of Directors was appointed to serve until the scheduled 1999 election: Wayne Guthrie, Billy Pellicane, Pam McCloskey, Patti Shaefer (who accepted and immediately resigned), Pat Urso and Karen Ursel.

  • Due to the confusion ensuing from events in 1997, memberships were extended through 1998.

  • In May the board voted to become an Advisory Board.

  • Newsletters (all color), edited by Lisa Barber, were again published through the help of Billy Pellicane (1998-99)

  • Regional Chapters were formed in the Northeast, Texas, Capitol area, Central Lakes and New York City/Long Island areas.

    • Specialty shows held by NESSA and BADASS

  • Homecoming held

  • Breeders co-op advertising in Dog World  (coordinated by Pam McCloskey)

  • Club website (which was taken down regularly by the previous webmaster) expanded as the Learning Center was created.  Numerous articles written by Tina throughout the years are placed in the Learning Center.


  •  Numerous new members joined the club.

  •  Newsletters printed regularly

  •  Web site continues to attract new people interested in Shiloh Shepherds'

  • Specialty shows held by BADASS and NESSA in the spring.

  •  First successful Shiloh Shepherds' e-group started in May

  •  Homecoming a rousing success

  •  Election

    • Billy, Pam, Pat, Karen, Lyn Segee and Pam Dymond-Weed elected as Advisory Board members.

    • Tina appointed Lisa Barber to serve as Vice President and Karen Ursel to serve as secretary.

  • Continuation of co-op ad as club and the breeders tried to remove some of the financial burden from Tina. 

  • Club offered amnesty to ISSDC members who had registered ISSR dogs in the ISSDCr.


  • January—tragedy struck with Tina’s home burning to the ground.

    • Current and former Club members  rallied around her, raising $14,000 to help her restart her life.

  • Through the spring and summer, there was a time of regrouping.

  • Formation of a new chapter in the Northwest

    • Specialty show held in June

  • Genetic Task Force formed: Pam Dymond-Weed, Pat Urso, Lyn Segee, Mynde Bunker and Karen Ursel

  • Club sponsored the Health Survey 2000 undertaken with Dr. George Padgett

  • A full page color co-op ad was run in the rare breed issue of Dog World.

  • Website continues to expand

  • Shiloh Shepherds' e-group shut down, to be replaced by Shilohs and the OriginalShilohShepherd groups, Shilohs for less serious interaction and the OSS for serious discussions with the breed founder.

  • Other members help raise additional funds to assist Tina in purchasing NewZion.

  • Homecoming is held, despite the turmoil and uncertainty caused by the fire.

  • The CASSA chapter is reborn through new leadership provided by Audrey Harrison 

  • Newsletter is published at Tina's expense

  • Color co-op ads run monthly in Dog World.

  • New club logo designed by member Beth Smith.


  •  Members continue taking a more active role:

    • Newsletter Editors: Michele O'Bough and Debbie Knatz

    • Membership Coordinator: Corinne Filipski

    • Show Director: Jill Cameron

    • Shiloh merchandise created by Sharon Joshlyn and others

  • Formation of new chapters in New England and the Southwest.

  • Specialty shows held by TASSA, CASSA and  NESSA and in California.

  • Dr. Padgett presents his Health Survey report at Homecoming (results are published on the website)

  • A stronger VIB program (through ISSR Licensed Breeders) is revived by Tina.  Fifty-seven people sign stringent Licensed Breeders Agreements with Tina and the ISSR.

  • Ever expanding website bursts at its seams, requiring a new domain name and additional server space.  Printed out, there are thousands of pictures and hundreds of articles, almost all written by Tina.

  • Shilohs e-group grows by leaps and bounds as people flock to have the chance to interact with the Shiloh Shepherd' breed founder, who in turn spends hours daily answering questions.

  • Videos are produced by Virginia Storey of Homecoming and the Health Survey discussions between Dr. Padgett and Tina, who spends hours working on their post-production.

  •  First STM seminars held in Penns Creek and Warsaw in November and December.


  • The Introduction to the Shiloh Shepherd' video produced by Virginia Storey, again with much input and help by Tina. (Note that the video is no longer available).

  • Club Jackets available again for the first time since 1997 through the efforts of Barb Cullen.

  • Shiloh booths at Pet Expos in Rhode Island and Toronto

  • Two newsletters published prior to July!

  •  STM program launched by Tina

    • Seminars in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Virginia

    • LER and STM handbooks to be printed which will help breeders and owners.

  • New SSDCA members e-groups list begun

  • Genetic Task Force website set up by Debbie Knatz.

  • Genetic Task Force expands to include Corinne Filipski and Debbie Knatz.

  • Two page color co-op ad celebrating the Shiloh Shepherd', SSDCA and the ISSR run in PuppiesUSA.

  • One page color co-op ad  in  DogsUSA.

  • August elections: Pam DymondWeed, Corinne Filipski, Lyn Segee, Debbie Knatz and Audrey Harrison elected to the SSDCA Advisory Board.

  • New Shiloh list, ShilohShepherdsInfo, started under moderation of SSDCA members.

  • Members mourned the untimely passing of Mynde Bunker.

  • Shiloh Shepherds' to be featured in February 2003 issue of Dog Fancy. SSDCA has a two page co-op ad.


  • LER Manual (Part I: Temperament Testing) published by the ISSR.

  • Due to splinter heckling Yahoo shuts down the ShilohShepherdInfo list; ShilohShepherdFriends list takes it place.

  • Dog Fancy article on Shiloh Shepherds' is published; website receives the most hits ever in the months of January-March.

  • Club sponsors co-op ads in Puppies USA and Dogs USA.

  • Genetic Task Force helps collect additional survey information for our ongoing on line health survey.

  • Membership grows

  • LER Manual (Part II: Conformation) published by the ISSR in August.

  • Sept.-Oct. 2003: Tina publishes Real Questions, Honest Answers by the Shiloh Shepherd' Breed Founder.

  • ShilohShepherdFriends list shut down by Yahoo; members temporarily start ShilohShepherd-Friends; we look to find a permanent home for our on-line community.  Shiloh Shepherd' Community Forums (Infopop) is started in early November and by the end of December had grown to 195 members.

  •  Numerous new licensed breeders are added to the Licensed Breeder program.



  • Newsletter articles from the early days of the SSDCA are posted to the Learning Center as part of our Shiloh Shepherd History Archive Project.

  • The ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders sponsor a co-op ad in Puppies USA.




  • The purpose of the ongoing Health Survey and the Genetic Task Force is reaffirmed by the SSDCA Advisory Board after it was called into question by some ISSR Licensed Breeders who did not want to submit health data.  A member of the GTF who had refused to submit data on her dogs and litters produced was asked by the board to resign.  The SSDCA Board further affirmed its support of the ISSR in enforcing and upholding the Licensed Breeder Agreement.

  • Several of the officers of CASSA quit the SSDCA after questions arose around that chapter's alleged violation of the SSDCA constitution and by-laws and the handling of a show. Several licensed breeders resign as a result.

  • Tina and Gaby Wellik lay the groundwork for the SSDCA's first European chapter--the Swiss Shiloh Chapter.

  • Advisory Board Member Audrey Harrison resigns.  Pat Urso is named to fill the remainder of her term.  Dawn Swick is named to fill the vacancy on the GTF.

  • The ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders sponsor co-op ads in Dog World and Dogs USA.

  • SWASSA beach day held in May; SSONE Dog Days in June.

  • Tina writes "Proper Puppy Socialization: Does It Matter" for the Shiloh Learning Center. The article will be published in an upcoming dog compendium in 2005.


  • New chapter is created for the PA, NJ, MD and VA area: SSDCA-MAC (Mid-Atlantic Chapter). 

  • Chapter Leaders forum started within the Shiloh Shepherds Community Forums to enable the board and the chapters stay in better contact.

  • The club celebrates its Shining Stars

  • NESSA and MAC hold joint specialty show in Oramel, NY with over 30 dogs in attendance and visitors from Washington state and Georgia. 

  • Tina and Karen form the Shiloh Shepherds Photography venture to provide event photography for our events. Profits are applied to the promotion of the breed.

  • The ISSR publishes the ISSR Licensed Breeder Matrix which gives the current status, if known, of any breeder who has ever been licensed to breed Shiloh Shepherds within the ISSR.

  • The Shiloh Shepherd Emporium is started at the end of the month to provide Shiloh merchandise for our members.  Any profits are being used for promotion of the breed. Over 300 items are now for sale!


  • Very successful 30th annual Homecoming held! 

  • First annual Shiloh photo contest, sponsored by SSONE, is held.

  • The agreement between the ISSR and the ESSR was confirmed and continues to be expanded.


  • A group of splinters, headed by Wendy Fullerton and others, submitted an application to the UKC for breed recognition of the Shiloh Shepherd.  This would have allowed dogs with a Shiloh anywhere in their pedigree within 3 generations to be recognized as a Shiloh Shepherd! 

  • Lisa Barber is named as Show Director.

  • The Shiloh Showplace website started.

  • NWC  (Northwest Chapter) and CLASS chapters hold picnics in Washington and Wisconsin.


  • The SSDCA, under Tina's direction, mounts a furious campaign against UKC recognition with 100's signing a petition and sending letters to the UKC published on our website.  The UKC officially states that they have no intention of recognizing the Shiloh Shepherd.

  • NESSA/MAC hold another joint specialty at Spirit Winds Farm.


  • NESSA/MAC specialty in Harrisburg.

  • Shiloh booth at the Novi Pet Expo thanks to Raymond and Pam DuRussell and Samson, staffed by CLASS and NESSA members. 

  • Our Shiloh Shepherds Community Forums at Infopop, the most successful forum in our club's history, celebrates its one year anniversary.  As of December it has grown to over 700 members, the largest membership we have ever attained with any of our forums.

  • Our 2005 calendar, with photos voted on by our members, is published!


  • The SSDCA and all true Shiloh lovers mourn the passing of Stephen Betcher. 

  • As part of the three year renewal all ISSR Licensed Breeders who signed the Licensed Breeder agreement in 2001 are asked to re-affirm their commitment to the breed and the ISSR by signing the Licensed Breeder Agreement and Breeders Code of Ethics.  

While the ISSR's strong enforcement of the Licensed Breeders Agreement and the Breeders Code may have made some breeders decide to leave, we believe that  with a strong and
committed membership we can better face the challenges ahead! It’s truly an exciting time to be a member of the SSDCA!


And as for all the splinters….. There is only Confusion.


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