Let's start with an AKC German Shepherd that thinks he is producing "Shilohs"--Von Bruins Shade! (Von Bruins Shade pedigree). The OFA report shows that a lot of this dog's siblings and half siblings have OFA good hips! Great! This could mean that this dog can produce good hips.

But--why does the report list hip results on only two of his "OTX shiloh" pups with one showing CHD and the other one only rating a fair? It also looks like the HYBRID (Barrel of Fun-Sunstar Kennels) passed his hips but not the elbows? Obviously all of these (5 ) pups came from the same litter because they carry the same kennel name and date of birth. Very confusing to see only seven of his progeny listed--claiming to be of such a variety of breeds. What about all of the other pups he produced? Are they too crippled to get an OFA rating?

Two are GSD's (AKC registered)
One is a HYBRID (registry unknown)
Four claim to be
"OTX splinter shilohs" from unknown "registries"

How can a male bred to just one female produce so many "breeds" within the same litter?


Then we see the same  thing happening again with Behunter. This guy's report only lists five offspring, obviously out of three litters (as per the dates of birth).  So either he has produced a lot of progeny with bad hips (that were never submitted) or he produces extremely small litters! Three of these dogs claim to be German Shepherds (with real AKC papers) and two are "otx splinter shilohs"? http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=480406#animal

Here are additional examples of GSD's being used to de"fraud" the public into paying large sums of money for a so-called "rare breed" fake "OTX splinter shiloh".

Kellisa's claim that <<Kind Kye-Ann Selah" is sired by "Agape's Moses Selah" out of "Diamond's Dynamite Lightening" and has only pure shiloh lines in her pedigree (copy available upon request) in spite of the BF's rantings...>> http://www.kellisashilohs.com/breedingprogram.htm

However this dog is still AKC registered and was bred several times by Selah AKC German Shepherds prior to being retired.  (http://selah1.homestead.com/myfemales.html  and OFA records).

Please note: This dog may carry some of my "Shiloh lines" (2 in the 3rd generation) but she also carries a lot of the Baker dogs too...so does this make her a "Baker" dog aka "Texas Wooley" or a "Selah" dog, her kennel of origin, or just a pet quality GSD? Note her AKC papers! Kind Kye-Ann Selah pedigree (this links to a screen print of the Kellisa page as pages have a way of disappearing once we link to them!)

Now at the ripe old age of seven she has just had another litter for Kellisa, only this time they will be registered as fake "OTX splinter shiloh" Wow, Judy must have some kind of magic wand that can change any dog's breed  (please view my December 2006 update) with just a flick of a key!

But then again, why not? She has managed to change owners names just as easily and can even turn wolf hybrids into Shilohs.  Nothing is impossible for her "magic" NSBR "registry"! You don't even have to OWN the dog. Just find (or steal) a GSD looking dog and the NSBR will register it!

Maybe that's why most of the discontents seem to be drawn to it, be sure to take a moment to review the "new" ESSR partnership that has just been formed!

Don't be fooled by the "Shiloh lines" BS either, puppy millers have used that excuse for decades in order to fool the unsuspecting public into purchasing their inferior quality pups!

If a dog does not meet the ISSR standard for entry into the real Shiloh Shepherd registry--then it's just a GSD/mix that should not be used in the ongoing development of the REAL Shiloh Shepherd!

Please take a moment to read Shiloh or Long Haired GSD!

How many other GSDxShiloh "outcrosses" are out there? What kind of information (about each dog and his/her progeny) has been made available to the public?

Is this the best they can produce?

Broken Hearted Breeder Founder: Cherry Blossom Classic 2006

Where did these dogs come from? Why were they chosen as "outcrosses"? Who made these decisions? Was the breed founder of the REAL Shiloh Shepherd consulted? No!

Just in the past 3 years 11 "outcrosses" were added to the splinter registries!

Here are just a few more:

Glorious Sony Hronovsky  (Hasan Hronovskı pramen CKSP 42105 / Jara Hronovskı pramen CMKU 25244)

Viggo vom Paragon (Diamond Hill's Lightening Bullet / Happy Hagar Selah)

Paragon's Kyros von Selah (Briarwood Brutal Chaos Selah/Kind Kye-Ann Selah)

None of these dogs were planned/produced/approved by Shiloh Shepherds Kennel.  None of them  ever qualified for entry into the ISSR!

Thus far all of these dogs have also been AKC registered and bred to other GSD's and producing AKC litters! Yet now the NSBR is claiming that those dogs are "OTX shilohs"?

How can this be an acceptable practice while the real Shiloh Shepherds are trying to focus on strict separation in order to attain independent breed recognition?


These deceitful practices have been spawned to pad the pockets of those that are out to de"fraud" the gullible public, not to do anything beneficial toward full breed recognition for the Shiloh Shepherd.


It is imperative that you understand WHAT this is all about!

1. Tina Barber has dedicated her life to developing her ideal "dream" breed.  Not only did she invest her entire inheritance, but she continued to literally work "18 hour days" in order to support her dream! By the late 80's she had managed to consistently produce enough stock to separate her selectively developed gene pool into a "Rare" (still under development) "Breed" category that was now capable of producing the structurally sound (solid hips- super intelligent- gentle giants) she had been perfecting. Don't miss out on viewing Shiloh Shepherds: Pedigree Examples of the Real Thing

Shiloh vs. LHGSD  | What is a Shiloh Shepherd 1990 | Shiloh History: the 1st 40 Years |
The Shiloh Shepherd Story |

2. The slivers, led by Judy V., on the other hand, have discovered a "legal" marketing ploy that has allowed them to "use" the "shiloh" name in order to sell all of their GSD mix/inbred pups for THOUSANDS of dollars instead of just selling them for the $200-$400 that they are really worth.  That's why they are fighting so hard to "get rid" of New Zion Shilohs--they can't stand the light that is constantly being utilized to expose their "fraud"!

Be sure to take a moment to visit Tina Speaks and view the Critical Links.

Are These Dogs Shiloh Shepherds?

Do a pedigree search on Shiloh Shepherds.

Each one of them has the "word" "Shiloh" in their pedigree; yet they all have AKC papers that clearly prove that they are registered as German Shepherds--therefore, they must be German Shepherds, right?  Just look at the 5 generation pedigree for Kaylair's Blackberry Brandy, one of Royalair's foundation bitches.   What do you see? Emma too is from Shiloh lines.  Yet Royal Air (Robin) is an honest breeder that has never claimed her dogs are Shilohs! Her pups sell for thousands because they carry her respected AKC kennel name! 

The slivers are just "fraud"s!

Let's just apply a little bit of common sense here.  If these dogs are AKC registered German Shepherds, and when bred to other GSD's they produce AKC registered German Shepherd puppies....how can Judy or any of the other sliver "registries" issue papers claiming they are "Shiloh Shepherds" ....a breed STILL under development via the ISSR, Inc?  It's just a scam!

The AKC is not interested in recognizing any "breed" as a "variation" of an existing breed.

<<The FSS® is not open to "rare" breeds that are a variation of an AKC-registrable breed or the result of a combination of two AKC-recognized breeds. This includes and is not limited to differences such as size (over & under), coat type, coat colors, and coat colors and/or types that are disqualifications from Conformation Events by AKC breed standards.>>  Please see AKC Foundation Stock Service.

That's why the White German Shepherd was unable to make any progress with the AKC! Instead, some finally got FCI recognition as the Berger Blanc Suisse while others are still being registered as "German Shepherds" with the CKC/AKC although a few have finally succeeded in getting UKC recognition.  However, they are not allowed to crossbreed among themselves!

It is common knowledge that all reputable registries consider a dog to be nothing more than a "mix" unless he/she can prove no less than 3 generations of pure (not mixed) ancestry that has been derived from a well planned breeding program! Even then they are not considered a "breed" although they may qualify for the AKC-FSS program, if the association approves them or they may apply for entry into the Agriculture of Canada Pedigree Act program like the Seppalas have done!

Even ARBA does not "recognize" such mixes and has clearly stated so:

<<The American Rare Breed Association accepted this breed as a breed. A breed with a breed standard. It did not accept this breed as a German Shepherd Dog. It accepted it as a Shiloh Shepherd. This breed was accepted well over ten years ago. This breed should be breeding Shiloh to Shiloh. Yours or no other organization should be asking us to accept Shiloh Shepherd pedigrees mixed with German Shepherd Dogs. What is the sense? Why would we accept your breed and give it full recognition if it is still mixed with the German Shepherd Dog for breeding? You may have your reasons for wanting to do such, but that is not our mission. When an individual calls and asks what is a Shiloh Shepherd what should be ARBA's response?>> 

This letter was sent out by Robert Slack, ARBA director, on May 10th, 2006, to all Cherry Blossom Exhibitors. 

Additional Cherry Blossom Classic reports may be viewed at: http://www.shilohshepherds.org/cherryBlossomClassic2004.htm

Dogs that are a result of two breeds (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) or the product of two similar "types' (Malamute x Husky) are not considered pure unless both dogs are the products of a registry that recognizes each dog as a member of the same breed; otherwise, the progeny do not qualify for "papers".

If these dogs, claiming to be "Shilohs", are nothing more than unpapered GSD's then how can they be shown in rare breed shows? What does that say for the organizations that are promoting this insanity? Just ask ARBA officials--they will tell you that they have banned these "mixes" from showing in regular classes. They have been moved into special mutt (aka OTX) classes because they do not consider most of the NSBR dogs as being "purebred" Shilohs!

Educate yourself! Don't be fooled by the "sales" hype  the slivers are spewing. Please study  some of my articles like Puppy Producers: What R They?

The people that are promoting this travesty are not BREEDERS at all--they are no different than those that are only interested in making a profit on their unpapered pups by attempting to convince the unsuspecting public that they are buying a rare breed puppy that is worth more than its AKC counterpart!

If you are looking for a nice Long Haired GSD, then please visit reputable breeders like Royalair and ask Robin to help you find the dog of your dreams! Don't fall for the sliver OTX hype! That's why they have so many "older" pups left over! Some are even getting dumped at shelters or sold on live auctions!

What about the AKC/Selah INBRED Horrors?

Diamond Hills Lightening Bullet (http://selah1.homestead.com/Klaus.html) as a GSD; as a ShilohAlso Bullet appears to have been bred to Kind Kye-Ann Selah (See the Kellisa site).  Were these heavily inbred pups sold as GSDs (for a few hundred dollars) or as Shilohs (for thousands)? Or both?

Let's take a moment to stop and consider the pro's and con's of inbreeding.

1.  Reputable Experienced Breeders (REB's) occasionally take a gamble and breed two littermates, or another closely related combination in order to unveil some of the hidden recessives--but--this is only done after a careful pedigree investigation has been completed, and the resulting progeny is either kept by the breeder or carefully placed into pre-selected homes.

2. Puppy Mills often do this too, but not for genetic research! They just breed whatever they have handy, even if they happen to be littermates that they were unable to sell previously--now they can make money from them, so they let them have as many pups as they can pump out! Some are being bred every heat, well past their prime!

What's wrong with this picture?

The biggest horror I can see in this breeding is the RC!! Not only are the parents "almost" "littermates" (please note the Sire is out of Silver Bullet and Dynamic Lightening--while the dam is out of Moses and Dynamic Lightening), Not only do they share the same dam, but the sires are BROTHERS! If you study the linebreeding on the Shiloh side you can clearly see that "Still Smokin' and "Golden Sheba" are both linebred on Gunsmoke.

The Baker line was brought in (as an outcross) to dilute some of the faults (such as mega-e) that Gunsmoke passed on.

However, the Baker line also contributed other undesirable traits (such as SAS) that must be carefully tested for and monitored whenever "Super Sweet Sabrina Selah" appears too many times in the pedigree and when heavy inbreeding raises her homozygous levels to anything over 3%. 

When I ran a quick (basic 16 generation) RC on this pair, I was SHOCKED to note that the RC was up to 49.2%. (Sixty generation calculations are even higher!) The ISSR does not allow such combinations to be bred! We encourage our LB's to keep the IC's under 19% with RC's under 29%. Occasionally we will approve one that is slightly higher, but only after extremely careful analysis of the LMX reports and other pertinent data!

Practical Application of Relationship and Inbreeding Coefficients

Inbreeding -- Is It Necessary?  |  Coefficient of Inbreeding

We always discourage any breeding that will raise the blood % of Sabrina, especially if it's higher than that of Shane! KARI is the ONLY dog (from the past) that should maintain a higher blood % influence! SHE is the cornerstone of this breed! Not the "NB" dogs that were used to reduce our RC factors!!

Please take a moment to view Pedigree Examples!

In the above breeding, Sabrina shows up as 37.5% with a 6.3% homozygous factor! Even Mia shows up with a 7.2% factor because she is there 56 times, showing up on both sire and dam's sides in the 8th, 9th, 10, 11th, 12 and 14th generations! Why is this "bad"?  Well, if you knew the truth then maybe you would understand.  As Don always say, "Paper don't refuse ink".  If her sire really was a Sarplaninac, then why do the slivers keep inbreeding on her? WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO CREATE?

Please take a look at this example of a "show prospect"   produced within the  sliver "shiloh" camps .. then take a GOOD look at these pictures, and just imagine them with glued up ears!!  Do these dogs look like *real* Shiloh Shepherds??? Not sure??  Then please take a good look at our IBS and compare the drawings to what the slivers are selling as "shilohs".


Need more examples? Ok, let's compare their "upcoming" "puppy" (Galen) with 2 young ISSR "pups"!

Galen with glued ears Acer at 9 months Adam at 24 months

What about adults? Please compare:

TOP sliver dog

ISSR GV for 2005

This is the best dog they have! Read more.  Then view full reports with more pictures of sliver dogs. And don't forget to look at the TRUE size! Each year them seem to be getting smaller and smaller!

Why don't you take a look at the Pets owned by our forum members! They are much nicer and bigger than anything that the slivers are producing!

The real Shiloh Shepherd has over four decades of LMX data to stand on.

 What do these foolish "mixes" have to stand on?

Please read United We Stand, The Littermate X-Ray (LMX) Program and the genetic articles in our Learning Center. 

Then be sure to take some time to read Buyer Beware  and the Rest of the Story as well as Tina's other "politically incorrect" (but passionately honest) articles .

Don't miss Real Questions Honest Answers From the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder!


Unfortunately, their sneaky scams to get rich by using my Shiloh Shepherd name are creating a lot of distress for the real ISSR breeders that are working hard to expand our limited gene pool in order to attain full breed recognition for these magnificent dogs!

Before you throw your hard earned money away--to support the defectors--please check our ISSR Licensed Breeders  and then visit our Licensed Breeder Matrix for specific details. 

The Shiloh Shepherd is not a GSD mix! Please read the original requirements that each dog had to meet in order to be called a "Shiloh Shepherd" and then read the ISSR Rules that have been in force since 1991! The King Shepherd started out as a Shiloh/GSD cross but, at least they haven't called their progeny "Shiloh Shepherds"!

The real Shiloh Shepherd was developed at Shiloh Shepherd Kennels. You can read full details regarding all phases of their development via the many articles we have available in our Learning Center.  Please pay special attention to ongoing breed development articles.


Please do yourself a favor -- STOP -- INVESTIGATE --

Join our forum and ask questions before it is too late!

Read the Shiloh Shepherd Story and then contact a  ISSR breeder

Please be sure to bookmark this page and visit often! We will also be adding more splinter dog data on Tina Speaks  for your continued education!

Please bookmark these links and visit our Learning Center often!



Real Shiloh Shepherds have been under development since 1974.  Please view Kennel of Origin. Since 1991 they have been registered via the ISSR

The GTF was formed in 2000 to collect additional data, that was submitted to Dr. George Padgett and the results have been published on our Learning Center since 2001.

Serious "splintering" did not start until the first ISSDC/r was formed in 1998 and you can easily read all about it by visiting Remembering the Past and the History of the Club Split.  Since that time none of the "breeders" have been able to agree with each other, so they have continued to splinter off into a variety of "self-proclaimed" "registries". 

The NSBR was started by Judy.  Please view our registry comparisons for additional information. Most of the slivers use this one because they can get papers for anything!

The ESSR is run by Gaby. Please be sure to view her documentation. It was one of the biggest jokes ever played on the public.

The SSBA has been under construction for several years with a continual change of officers. The website hasn't even been updated in several years.  Why?

The TSSR was started by Patti but has also had a variety of officers over the past few years! Hardly anyone is using it any longer. The officers have been replaced so many times that it has just about fizzled itself out!

Other groups have also come and gone over the years! Please take a moment to read Confusion.

What will happen to these "records" when the "officers" change again? What kind of stability can you expect from these people? What good will these "papers" do you after the breed is recognized?

If your dog does not have ISSR papers, he is not in the ISSR database that will have to be submitted to the FCI upon approval! If your dog is not in that group, then there is no way for your dog to get AKC/CKC papers later down the road. 

It's that simple!

All you have is fake "papers" for a "mixed breed" dog! Those papers won't do you any good if you try to present them to a legitimate organization! All you are doing right now is to "play house" with the slivers, sending them more money, enabling them to laugh at you all the way to the bank!


December 2006 Update

I have just been informed of another travesty! For some strange reason, the slivers are trying a "new" angle to "prove" that they are breeding "true" Shilohs by claiming that "Selah" kennels (run by a young girl that was just a teen when I entered the rare breed world with MY Shiloh Shepherds--in other words, she wasn't even born yet when the breed was started in 1974!) has some sort of claim on this breed!

Even though she clearly states that her dogs are AKC registered, and not affiliated with the Shiloh Shepherd!

Furthermore, Selah did not even exist as its own entity until the late 90's!

This can be clearly proven via the OFA and the AKC websites.  Only one "Selah" dog (Sabrina son) born via a litter produced at "Agape" kennel in 1991. No other (solely) Selah dogs are recorded until in the late 90's.  Please see this extract from the OFA website when searching on "Selah" and German Shepherds.

Please note: As per a recent pedigree search we located the following Selah registered dogs. Be sure to note their DOB.

1. Agape's Moses-Selah (9/1/1991)
2. Prince Eli-Selah (11-99)
3. Amos-Selah (9/2000)
4. Dyna-Mite Surprise U Selah (9/2000)
5. Helga-O-Mega Selah (12/02)
6. King Cyrus-Selah (8/04)
7. Sierra's Ryan Express Selah (7/05)

First dog recorded is Agape's Moses-Selah (a Sabrina son) born in 1991 with no others solely using the Selah name until the late 90's!

But who is this dog? Where did he come from?  He was not entered into the AKC stud books until September 1997, long after Sabrina, who was born in 1987, had been retired. So one must assume that his breeder found an extra blue paper (common in those days) from an older litter in order to paper a dog she wanted to breed. His hips were done at age 7 in 1998 (84 months) when he suddenly was used for breeding for the first time--and then sired 4 litters between 1998-2000. 

Why did Alice change her kennel name to Selah? Maybe the "new slivers" convinced her that it would increase the value of her GSD pups? Even if they had NO "shiloh" blood in them.  Just look at Prince Eli!

By 2005 (see #7) her "Selah" dogs were far removed from ANY "Shiloh" ancestry, and many never had even had a Shiloh anywhere in them!!!

The truth is easy to find!

Now let's take it one step at a time! Take a good look at Sabrina's 8 generation pedigree.

Look at her parents, grandparents etc...nearly all of them are prefixed by the BAKER kennel name, or *their* Parents were produced by Don Baker! You don't see a "Selah" Kennel mentioned anywhere! It was just part of that dog's name!

For you GSD lovers, I'm sure you have heard of Manhattan, the Westminster winner.  If I started a kennel now and called it Manhattan because I had one of his progeny, would that prove that I produced the grand Manhattan? If I tried making such a claim in the GSD world, I would be run out of town!

Don produced Sabrina and was very upset with Alice for changing her name! It was supposed to be Baker's Sabrina...but she filled out the AKC papers to say Super Sweet Sabrina Selah! It was not her kennel name. She didn't even have one yet and later (early 90's) she chose Agape.


Super Sweet Sabrina Selah (born 3/30/87)
Litters by DOB

DOB Sire
8/4/88 Shiloh-Guardian Still Smokin'
5/24/89 Shiloh's Easy Rider
3/5/90 Shiloh-Guardian Still Smokin'*
3/2/91 Shiloh Secret Samson Woo
9/1/91 (?) Shiloh-Guardian Still Smokin'*
* No pups from these litters were used in the development of the Shiloh Shepherd

Captain's (from the 1989 litter) owner was honest enough to name his dog Shiloh's Captain-Caliber BAKER (to give Don his rightful honor).  No Agape or Selah there! Please keep in mind, for decades kennel names were as important as last names! You would not give your children someone else's last name, would you? The only "benefit" a real breeder gets is the "glory" of their name being highly respected! There's no money in breeding, just ego as any true REB will tell you! Only BYB's are in for the money.

Now let's take a look at what Selah (Becky and Alice's German Shepherds) has to say!

Becky is Alice's daughter, and has not been breeding dogs for decades as some would want you to believe. I searched the site but could not find a picture of Becky...bummer, because I used to have some of her when she was still a teen, dating my son (while Alice was still using her last name on her AKC pups).  She is a nice, beautiful girl, but she did not start "Selah" kennel. as a matter of fact, I don't think she even used that name on her dogs until the mid to late '90's. Why doesn't someone ask her when she produced her own litter and when her mother changed her kennel name? Ask them to show you the pedigree of their oldest "Selah" dog (other than Sabrina who was just named that way because it meant  http://www.mountainretreatorg.net/faq/selah.html .. as per the Bible!

Granted, there are some "old" Shiloh lines in their pedigrees...but they were ALL AKC dogs (that is why their GSD's still receive AKC papers) and those dogs are so far back now that it no longer matters! Once you outcross, you lose what you have established.  Unless you can linebreed back in, you keep drifting further and further away.

Obviously that post opened up a whole new can of worms and I was sent the Ryan pedigree.  My reply? Hello! Can anyone see the fraud in this?

I went into a lot of detail on our forums and will not repeat it here; suffice it to say, if you look at Ryan's pedigree. You can clearly see that most of the dogs listed are GSD's! The "Shiloh" kennel name is prefixed on only two dogs in the 4th generation!

One of the analogies I gave was based on the wolf-hybrid % calculations. Breeders of those cub-pups rate them as follows:

Pure wolf (100%) to pure dog (0%) = 50%
That pup bred to a pure dog = 25%.
The next time it is reduced to 12.%, etc.  Very simple math!

If you use the same formula on the sliver dogs you will come up with the same answers!

Pure Shiloh (100%) bred to a GSD = 50% Shiloh.
Bred to another GSD, you get 25% Shiloh, etc.

In other words they are selling QUARTER "shilohs" as **pure** just to make more money on the progeny!  SHAME SHAME SHAME!

If that wasn't slimy enough, now they have even resorted to faking names! Take a good look at the dog on this page.  Dawn is advertising this dog (Bellegrace's Maizi) as being bred to Sampson and as being OFA excellent.  Well, if that is true, than where is the OFA record in that name? Who are this dog's parents? What about her littermates? Is there any information about this mystery dog? Oh, I'm sure they will "think" of something. anyone can make up FAKE names to be put on FAKE pedigrees that list FAKE health data, etc.

Now that I'm shining the light on this dog, they will be forced to fake something, LOL! However, DNA can not be faked, so how are they going to deal with that? What about the micro chip? Did someone dig it out of her?

In actuality, the only OFA Excellent dog living at Belle-Grace is DAYSPRINGS AMAZING T-RA OF ZION!

T-Ra was born at Dayspring Shilohs in March 2002.  She had one litter for New Zion and was retired. Is that why people try to adopt our girls so that they can change their names and pump out sliver pups? SHAME SHAME SHAME!

The activities condoned in the sliver camps stink, big time! Just read Tina Speaks! I will continue to expose their "fraud" until they wake up and stop trying to sell their inferior puppies under the Shiloh Shepherd banner! Only quality ISSR pups have the right to use my name!

On a personal note: when the slivers first started spreading, like poison ivy, many people told me to find lawyers, report them to various agencies, etc., etc.  Instead I chose to just keep shining the light of TRUTH on their antics (despite being called angry and hateful) and waiting for them to just hang themselves! Well, as you can see, they are doing a great job of it now!

Be sure to stay tuned for further developments in this series of ...


Publication History:

Written by Tina M. Barber for the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center, January 2006
Updated February 2006.
Updated May 2006.
Updated July 2006
Updated  October 2006
Updated December 2006

Tina's Tidbits

An interesting fact that many people seem to often "miss" actually revolves around the "word" "Shiloh"--that by the way is also a name that refers to Jesus!

If you take a moment to click on this OFA search you will see nearly 100 "Shiloh" AKC German Shepherd Dogs listed! Some of them have NOTHING to do with my kennel, even though they use the "name" (as well as their REAL kennel name) in their pedigrees! Just like the song "Shiloh" was not written for a "dog" nor the book Shiloh for a shepherd! Well, at least until the slivers start registering all Beagles as Shiloh Shepherds too!

Nevertheless, most of the dogs listed in the OFA database DID come from "Shiloh Shepherd" Kennels, even though many of them did not qualify for entry into the ISSR database!

Back in 1990 I sent out a pink flyer to all of my clients, in an attempt to explain these rules and WHY their dogs may/may not qualify for inclusion into the foundation gene pool.  Among the analogies I provided, one was extreme but seemed to get more attention than my well-documented message.

It went something like this....You need to understand that not EVERYTHING born at Shiloh Farms will qualify as a "Shiloh Shepherd".  For example, my Arabian mare just had a foal, but she can't be registered as a Shiloh Shepherd--even though she is BIG--SUPER SMART and "Leggy"!! When my Persian cat has kittens, they won't qualify either. Yes, they have "longer hair" and nice small ears, but they won't be used to produce future "Shiloh Shepherds". My goats are smart too--and they sure have lots of Beauty and Brawn, but their kids can't be entered into this gene pool either!

Only dogs that meet the specific requirements as detailed in this flyer can be registered as Shiloh Shepherds! 

Yes, that excludes a lot of our GSD's, Gary's Rottweilers, Richard's Doberman, and Lisa's Shelties too!!

Maybe if the slivers had read this flyer way back then they wouldn't insist on calling everything that has four legs a "Shiloh"? Unfortunately, they weren't "around" back in those days,  most of them didn't have a clue that these dogs even existed! However, now they insist on "re-creating" them? LOL!

Intelligent people can't possibly be gullible enough to fall for that song! The FACTS speak for themselves.

Don't forget--real Shilohs can't be AKC registered because they were crossed with Samson (Giant Malamute mix, aka the "MAW" dog). 

The pedigree below demonstrates the proper ratio of KARI/URSA/SAMSON/SABRINA that every ISSR breeder strives towards.  Be sure to click on the pedigree to view it at a larger size.

Don't let the frauds fool you!

Other links of interest:  Tina Speaks | The Shiloh Shepherd Story | Real Questions Honest Answers | Shiloh Fraud | Protecting Breed Development |

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