• The International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR) (The ISSR's home page, describes the registry, it's purpose, links to registry reports, etc. Please take some time to read this information carefully as the registry is the heart of the breed!)

  • ISSR Rules and Regulations  (regulations surrounding litter registration, temporary and permanent registration, shows, judging, etc.)


Sample Reports (PDF) (Complete listing of available reports, includes pedigree, Litter Mate Information, Show Report and more)

Sample Pedigree showing dominants and recessives

How to order your report 

ISSR, Inc. Reports

Hip Ratings of ISSR Shiloh Shepherds (chart shows the hip ratings   by group) ISSR, Inc. Registered Litters 1991-2007 (chart showing the number of litters born yearly)
Widely Used Shiloh Shepherd Studs (chart showing matador rankings) Litters and Breeders by Year (1991-2007) (comprehensive listing of each litter, by breeder, since 1991)

Show Information  (Please also view our Shiloh Showplace and Homecoming reports)

Grand Victors and Grand Victrixes (complete listing of our Grand Victors and Grand Victrixes since 1991)
Champions by  DOB (complete listing of all ISSR registered champions)
Champion and Champion Pointed Listings by Year  (complete listing of all ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherds working toward their degrees)
Register of Merit (complete listing of all ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherds that have earned points toward their ROM) updated August 2007

ISSR Forms 

Puppy Win Sheet (pdf) Adult Win Sheet (pdf) Flow Chart (pdf)

Adult Upgrade Registration Form (pdf)


Additional Links that might help you understand what a registry is and isn't!

Registries: What Are They? (article written by Tina Barber in 1999 for the SSDCA Newsletter

Buyer Beware: Registry Comparisons (delineates the differences between the ISSR and all subsequent slivers)

Confusion (a must read if you have been confused regarding all of the groups that "claim" to be registries)

About Dog Registries and Kennel Clubs (article written by "Leilah's Mom in 2000)

Shiloh or Long Haired GSD (Original Requirements for ISSR Shiloh Shepherds)

Protecting Breed Development (As published in National Pet Press)

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