Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, the only official parent club for the ISSR since 1991

The Only Official Parent Club for the ISSR, Inc., Since 1991

photo owned by Tina M. Barber
GV CH. Shiloh Lisa's Smoken Megan, 1991

Photo courtesy Tina M. Barber
GV CH Bionic Black Smoke of Zion, ROM

photo courtesy of Tina M. Barber
CH Moriah's O Daughter of Zion, circa 1995


3x GV Joan's North Star of Zion, the all time top winning Shiloh bitch!

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SSDCA Constitution (final revision as approved by the members of the SSDCA, Inc. in 1993 and still valid)  and Breeders Code of Ethics

SSDCA officers (current and former SSDCA officers)

SSDCA Membership Application (You don't have to own a Shiloh Shepherd to love them! Help us promote this magnificent breed by joining today!)

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SSDCA Members Forum
If you are a member of the SSDCA, please join this group to discuss important issues concerning our breed! 

Regional Chapters (updated list of SSDCA, Inc. regional chapters in your area)

Chapter Handbook (requirements for setting up a chapter, including forms and sample by-laws)

Shiloh Showplace (upcoming shows and events)

Shiloh News: keep up to date with what is happening in the Shiloh world plus website updates

Shiloh Trifold:  Handy two page brochure, written by our members,  describing the Shiloh Shepherd origins, appearance, registry, etc. Updated 11/08

Shiloh Store (established to help us raise funds in order to promote our breed)

Shiloh Shepherd Emporium (for Shiloh merchandise--clothing, calendars, mugs, etc.)
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Don't Miss out on reading about our latest victory!

Club Response to Proposed UKC Recognition of the Shiloh Shepherd

Photo used with permission of Tina M. Barber
GV CH. Shiloh's Captain-Caliber Baker and CH. Mona, 1991

Photo courtesy of Tina M. Barber
CH Shiloh's Flaming Arrow, 1992

Photo courtesy of Tina M. Barber
GV CH W W-Lisa's Special Lex V Shiloh at 10 months

photo courtesy of Tina M. Barber
CH. Shiloh-Kari's Steel Saber

The book everyone has been waiting for is finally here!! Please take a moment to visit our new site so you can read some reviews, peek inside and view some amazing never before seen pictures!

Since its inception, the SSDCA, Inc. has always insisted on maintaining open and honest documentation of all events that have concerned our membership, as well as future Shiloh Shepherd enthusiasts. The following links will take you to old club letters as well as other historical memorabilia that will help you to understand all of the trials and tribulations as well as the victories that we have encountered over the past decade!

Please join us as we proceed down memory lane!

Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. History

History of SSDCA (1991-97) (written by a former club officer, article details, by year, the tumultuous first 6 years)

  • SSDCA Officers: Where are They Now? (listing of SSDCA officers from 1991-2009)
  • Back Issue Creates Chaos (read the full story of the event that rent the club and almost destroyed the breed)
  • Back Issue Redux--ShilohShepherd Posts 2000 (the issue reviewed on one of our first public forums)
  • 1996 Election (Candidates position statements; notable in that all but one of those elected resigned shortly thereafter; all but two of the candidates left the SSDCA within the next few years.)
  • Glory to God Letter (Dec. 96) (So titled as it references Luke 2:14; this letter, written by Tina Barber, was sent to all club members. It was later used by the next splinter to prove that Tina was politically incorrect and that the club should be run like a business by professionals. This letter was the catalyst that led to the major split in 1997, the results of which are still being felt today via the many splinter groups that have arisen from this original split.)   

History of the Club split (1997)
(This documentation was originally placed on the Learning Center in the fall of 1999 as the SSDCA announced an Amnesty for members who had removed their dogs from the ISSR.)

  • March 97 Newsletter Announcement (Tina enumerates the reasons why she was allowing others to form a new club due to the extreme financial burden that paying for most club expenses--extensive advertising, all color newsletters, pet expos, etc.--was having on her,  thus allowing the SSDCA to go dormant so that she could continue to put forth more effort into compiling more documentation  with the Registry)

  • Tina's June '97 Letter to the Membership (Tina further expounds on the [temporary] failure of her "vision" for sufficient breed expansion, her agreement with the SSDCA vice president and others that the SSDCA will go dormant starting in Aug. 1997 for a period of 18 months, SSDCA members to join the new club; her plans for the ISSR, after 18 months if the new club has succeeded, the SSDCA will permanently disband, mentions her concern about her article being censored in the March 97 newsletter)  
  • 97 Homecoming Letter (Summer '97) Living up to her part of the "deal", Tina encourages all SSDCA members to join the new club.
  • What's In A Name? (Summer'97) (Tina reiterates the importance of the fish symbol in our logo.  One of the first "bones of contention" with the officers of the new club was their intention to remove the fish symbol.
  • ISSR Response: The Difference between a Club and a Registry (Nov '97) (After her article was not published in the new club's first newsletter, Tina again discusses the differences between the registry and the club; she sends her resignation letter.

New Splinter Club Documentation

All ISSDC correspondence is in the form of PDF files to insure their accuracy.  They may be accessed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The files are large, but we wanted to reprint them in their entirety. Please right click on the file to download and save  them on your computer!

New (ISSDC) Club Announcement Letter (May '97) (PDF)
New Club Post Grand Island Meeting Letter  (Summer '97) (PDF) Three meetings were to be held across the country so that members could attend and voice their questions and concerns about the new club to their temporary officers.  At the Grand Island meeting, it was asked if the new club was considering  starting  a new registry. The answer was no.

Letter from a Club Member (Summer '97) (PDF)

New Club's Objections to ISSR Registry Changes (Fall '97) (PDF) After not publishing Tina's article about updates to the ISSR Rules and Regulatlions, the new club enumerates its objections.

The New Club Announces their New Registry (Feb '98)
Part I  (PDF)
 Part II (PDF)
 Part III (PDF)

SSDCA Highlights 1997-2004 (compiled by Tina Barber and Karen Ursel, lists club's accomplishments over the last 7 years)

For a more detailed outline, please view the info/links listed below.

The SSDCA Returns (1998-1999)

  • First chapter (NESSA) created to stand in the gap for the SSDCA, Inc.  
  • NESSA's first website goes live on Jan. 1, 1998, announcing that the SSDCA will rise again. [We apologize for the broken picture links; this website has not been maintained since Aug. 1998 when the Learning Center and NESSA pages moved to]
  • NESSA holds 3 specialty shows by May 1998.
  • New board appointed by Tina.
  • Two page club ad published in Rare Insight Magazine
  • Double edition newsletter published
  • Learning Center created, club website expanded.
  • Successful Homecoming
  • Breeder co-op ads run monthly in Dog World
  • ShilohShepherd email list started. This has continued to expand and is now located in Our Shiloh Shepherd Community Forum.
  • Club elections in 1999; very successful Homecoming with live "nightly" updates on the website.  SSDCA continues to grow.
  • Amnesty offered (Oct. 1999) All details of the club split were placed in the Learning Center.


Please note: the ISSDC/r was disbanded in early 2001 and the USSDC/r (United Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club/Registry) took over the "records". This group never managed to get organized and by 2002 was taken over by the SSBA (Shiloh Shepherd Breeders Association).  As of 2004 this group has also been active although the new "registrar" has now taken over the former "TSSR", started in late 2002 by Patti Schaefer and a few  former ISSDC/r breeders.  For additional details please be sure to read Confusion!


SSDCA 2000-6
  • Urgent Notice: Club members support Tina in her effort to rebuild her life after her tragic fire in January 2000, eventually raising $14,000.
  • Club/breeders co-op full page color ad in Dog World
  • Club sponsors the Health Survey 2000
  • Homecoming 2001--seminars by Dr. George A. Padgett and Fred Lanting; videotaped for a potential documentary.
  • 2002 Board Election -- President's report and Candidates Position statements
  • December 2002: Club Response to the Public regarding misinformation in the Dog Fancy article about Shiloh Shepherds
  • Yearly full page breeder and SSDCA member color ads in Puppies USA and Dogs USA, and selected issues of Dog World and Dog Fancy
  • November 2003: Started the Shiloh Shepherds Community Forums
  • Very successful 30th Annual Homecoming
  • December 2004: Our forums grow to 739 members, the largest and fastest growing in Shiloh history!
  • 2005 Board Election - Candidates Position statements
  • March 2006: The Shiloh Shepherd Story published with  very successful book signings in Huntington, WV and Ashland, KY.
  • August 2006: Our Homecoming was a magnificent success! The excitement is becoming contagious and our forums have now grown to 1295 members!


Don't Miss  reading about our latest victory!

Club Response to Proposed UKC Recognition of the Shiloh Shepherd


Shiloh History Preservation Project (Newsletters 1991-1997)
Year Vol.
Front/Back Cover
Articles of Interest
1991 July Formation of SSDCA, Shilohs at their first Show--don't miss this issue loaded with pictures!
  Shiloh Shepherd Winners 1991
Fall Selected Articles from the final 46 page Shiloh Shepherd Kennel Newsletter.
What is a Shiloh Shepherd

Breeders Code of Ethics
Original Shiloh Shepherd breed standard
Please note the membership dues which have not been raised since the club's inception!
1992 Vol. I ISSR.
In the Shows
Shep, Trinka and other early Shilohs
The first newsletters contained advertising on the first page; the entire front covers are not being reproduced.
1993 Vol. II New board and new constitution.
Chicago or Bust!
How I Fell in Love with Shiloh Shepherds

These Are Not German Shepherds!
Note: Addresses and phone numbers of board members removed from front cover.
Vol. III Cherry Blossom Classic
Of Interest (Open Letter to GSQ)

What Are We Breeding For was originally published in this newsletter.
Warning: Don't Let This Happen to Your Breed!
A Message from the President
Note: Phone numbers of board members/officers removed from front cover.
Vol. IV The first all color SSDCA newsletter; new board of directors after the Iles attempted takeover of the club and registry.
1994 Vol. V Compilation of the best articles from the first 4 editions;
Vol. VI Cherry Blossom
Buyer Beware
The Reject Puppy
Vol. VII  
1995 Vol. VIII  
Vol. IX  
Vol. X  
1996 Vol. XI My First Dog Show
Vol. XII America is On Line
Vol. XIII  
1997 Vol. XIV  

Selected Articles from Past SSDCA Newsletters (1998 and beyond)

March/July '98 Broken Hearted Founder
Why is a Breed Standard So Important?
Alt Deutcher Shaeferhunde
Nov '98 Coefficient of Inbreeding
Inbreeding--When is Too Much Really Too Much?
Spring '99

Registries--What Are They?
TCCP Report  (PDF) 

December 2002 Update
Please note that Litter Evaluation Reports have not been available from the TCCP for the last several years. For information on your puppy's litter evaluation, please contact your breeder. For an updated list of reports available from the TCCP, please visit this page. 


April '99 Cherry Blossom Report 
Fall 2000 Out of the Ashes
Winter 2001 Health Survey Update
Oct. 2001 Health Survey Final Update
June 2002 President's Report
Spring 2003 President's Report


Special Note from Our President and Breed Founder,

Tina M. Barber

January 1, 2005

Shortly after its inception, the SSDCA, Inc. became infiltrated by a few self-deluded egomaniacs with outlandish delusions of grandeur.

This small group, upon deeply embedding its tentacles, created much discord for the entire membership.

Anyone willing to take some time to investigate these links can see a clear picture of that entire story.

Their sorry escapades did not revolve around "club politics" as some may tend to believe, but, rather, the damage that these egotistical fools have poured out upon our limited genepool just because they wanted to gain some kind of "recognition" for their meager earthly existence has threatened the very survival of our entire breed!

I promised myself many years ago that I would provide all of the people that have involved themselves with this breed--be it for good, or evil, their proper place in the history books, and soon this promise will be fulfilled with the release of my breed autobiography! This year the whole world will know everything about the REAL Shiloh Shepherd, once the TRUTH about the "good-bad-ugly" is fully unveiled!


P.S. If you have any questions please join me along with hundreds of other dedicated Shiloh fanciers on our Shiloh Shepherds Community Forums!


August 2006 Update

As promised last year, my book has been released and is available on various sites, as well as directly via The Shiloh Shepherd Story website.

Furthermore, I have started working on my new project to expose the truth about the dissidents. Be sure to take a moment and visit my new site: Tina Speaks!


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