Ongoing Development of Shiloh Shepherd 1990's and Beyond

Lisa and Luke

Lisa and Captain

Buick and his kitty

1 year old Josh and Laz,
Captain son

12 year old Josh with (L-R) 1 year old Panzer, 8 month old Buckshot and 4 year old Kira.
Photo courtesy of Joel Rosenzweig, Lexi's dad.
Homecoming 2006

What is a Shiloh Shepherd? (detailed article with lots of pictures, written by the breed founder in 1990)

Shiloh History: The First 40 Years at a Glance (easy to view chart)

Breed Specific FAQ (written 1999)

What's the Difference between a Shiloh Shepherd and a German Shepherd?
(basic info written in 1999)

How was the Shiloh Shepherd Developed?
(short synopsis written in 1999)

When is a Caddy not a Caddy?
(An Analogy written by SSDCA member Stu Tarlowe)

Pictures: Type-casting the Shiloh Shepherd (examples of different blood lines)

Run with the Big Dogs (pdf)
Reprint of 1997 article by Eric Curlee in the American Survival Guide Magazine.

Real Questions Honest Answers from the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder
(Latest and most comprehensive FAQ's, written in 2003)

Breed Founder Update: 2004
(compares the REAL Shiloh Shepherd, with what the oxymorons have been producing!  Loaded with pictures, a must read for anyone that is interested in this breed!)

Shiloh Trifold (pdf):  (Written by our members, this one page brochure is a handy reference/introduction to the breed.) Updated 11/08

Shiloh Shepherds - a Breed Under Development (A brief synopsis, written by Tina Barber in February, 2011)

These articles, written by Tina Barber in December, 2005, discuss the criteria used to determine which dogs from Shiloh Shepherd Kennel were originally classified as foundation stock.

Lisa and smooth coat
CH.  Korcha, 1991

David and Artus, 1998

7 year old Josh and 1
year old Adam (Laz grandson)

Lizzie and pups
Circa 1994
İRandy Herwinger

L-R Danny, 4 year old Matt and Charley; May 2005

L-R: 4 year old Matt, 5 year old Meg and 11 year old Josh; June 2005


The Shiloh Shepherd Story
Against the Wind - A Breed Is Born

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