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ISSR Licensed Breeders (complete listing of every current ISSR breeder that is licensed with contact information)

Litters Produced (includes every Licensed Breeder who has ever registered an ISSR litter, listing the actual parents, DOB, etc.)

Registered Kennel Names (These names have been registered with the ISSR for possible future use. An excellent resource to reference in the event that you are planning to reserve a particular name.)

Requirements to be a Licensed Breeder (lists the exact requirements as well as links to all pertinent agreements that must be submitted prior to entry into this program.)

ISSR Licensed Breeders Agreement SSDCA, Inc. Breeders Code of Ethics
Schedule of Sanctions
(enforcing the Licensed Breeders Agreement)
Pricing Guidelines (approved by the SSDCA, Inc.'s board of directors)

Licensed Breeder matrix (extremely important information that you should investigate prior to contacting any of our Licensed Breeders. These charts will give you the exact details of each Licensed Breeder's activity while affiliated with the ISSR. It also lists those who are no longer active as well as important information about their past involvement.

Shining Stars (honoring those that have been loyal to the true vision for the Shiloh Shepherd)

Puppy Producers: What Are They?  This article will help you better understand various descriptive terms that are regularly used but often misunderstood. Anyone looking for a puppy (of any breed) should study this information carefully!

United We Stand: The importance of data collection in any serious long term breeding program and the role of the registry.

Rare Breeds: What Are They?: How breeds are developed.

Shilohs or LHGSD The original criteria that determined which dogs bred at Shiloh Shepherds Kennel could be called "Shiloh Shepherds".

Shiloh Shepherd Pedigrees: Examples of real ISSR Shiloh Shepherd pedigrees with information about the foundation dogs.

Shiloh Genetic Task Force: All ISSR Licensed Breeders are conscientiously involved in data collection for the betterment of the breed.

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware! (Please read carefully before any puppy purchase!)

Don't Fall 4 the "Fraud"! (The truth behind the veil of the "splinter" confusion!)

Shiloh Rescue Network (for anyone interested in possibly adopting an older Shiloh)

If you would like to visit additional Licensed Breeder websites, please take a moment to visit our

ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Web Ring


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