CH. Gunsmoke
Circa early 1970's

Kari and Boeg; photo used with permission of Tina Barber
Lisa with Kari and Boeg, sire and dam of Shiloh's Easy Rider (Shane), the most prominent stud in the history of this breed.

Shiloh's Easy Rider from the SSDCA photo collage; photo by Tina M. Barber.
Shiloh's Easy Rider
circa mid 80's

 History of the Shiloh Shepherd™
 (Kennel of Origin) Where it all began!

1986-87 Shiloh Shepherds (Kennel) Stockbook (with pictures and stories about the foundation dogs)

What are We Breeding For?
(article written by Tina Barber in 1992 for the German Shepherd Quarterly)

The Breed Founder's Litter Mate X-Ray program

Hip Dysplasia and LMX (article written by Tina Barber in 1983 for the German Shepherd Quarterly)

Answers to Frequent Questions
[Written for the 1986 Shiloh Shepherds (Kennel) Stockbook, describes how the Breed Founder  became involved with training, breeding, etc.] 

Origins of the Shiloh Shepherd™  
(booklet written by the breed founder in 1990)

Introduction to the Shiloh Shepherd™
(extensively published and cited,  article written by Tina Barber in 1991)

What's in a Name
(How the Shiloh Shepherd™ Got Its Name)

 What is a Shiloh Shepherd™
(article written in 1990 by the breed founder)

Shiloh History: The First 40 Years at a Glance
(Graphical time line showing the growth of the breed, the club and registry.)   

John and Festus 1978

Sheba; photo by Tina Barber

Lisa and Sheba, circa 1979, the foundation bitch for the "Ursa/Ria" line, her progeny has been blended throughout our entire genepool.

Chani; photo courtesy of Tina Barber
Ten month old Chani
circa late 90's

Shiloh Shepherd Kennel Memorabilia

Kennel Ads (from the 70s-80s-90s) Shiloh Shepherd Kennel Stockbook
Shiloh Shepherd (Kennel) Newsletters from the 70s-80s Color Picture Collage from 1979-81
Shiloh Shepherd Kennel brochure 1981 Shiloh Kennel Christmas Letter 1984
Shiloh Training Policies from early '70's Shiloh Shepherd Farm
(Pictures of the first home in 1974 all the way to New Zion now)
Tina and Luke; photo courtesy of Tina Barber

The Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder Discusses the Critical Issues Facing Her Breed

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