One year old Shiloh's Wolfin Sasquach, sire of top ROM GV Bionic Black Smoke of Zion (Shep) 
Two year old CH Bionic Snow Warrior of Zion (3/4 brother to "the" Pax and sire of the largest Shiloh to date, Highlife's Lil-Warrior Angus)
Buckshot at 8 months

Practical Genetics (Written in 1982 for the German Shepherd Quarterly, Tina exposes the secrets behind her LMX, Littermate X-Ray, program.)

What Are We Breeding For (article written by Tina Barber in 1992 for the German Shepherd Quarterly)

LMX (Littermate X-Ray) The breed founder's basis for the breed!

Hip Dysplasia and LMX (article, written by Tina Barber in 1983 for the German Shepherd Quarterly, discusses her breeding goals)

Hips chart  (Hip ratings of Shiloh Shepherds as documented within the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc.)

Methods of Hip Certification (compares methods of hip certification--SV, UK, AKC and the ISSR)

Hip Dsyplasia in the German Shepherd - the LMX Formula (new article featured on the Breeders USA website, September 2006)

United We Stand  (The registry's role in tracking health issues)

Series of articles by Fred Lanting (Tina's mentor for over four decades)

Better-Ways Smokin Sigrid

Two year old Shiloh's Secret Samson-Woo

Four year old GV CH Zion-Chao's Spirt of Megan


Other Articles of Interest

Joint Efforts Preserving the Health of Canine Bones by Susan Thorpe-Vargas and John Cargill (discusses different types of joint disease, symptoms and diagnosis) Identifying and Controlling Defective Genes: Knowing How is the First Step in Tackling the Problem by Jerald S. Bell, DVM
Some Canine Hip Dysplasia Information
(links to web pages dealing with canine hip dysplasia)
Collecting and Using Phenotypic Data to Minimize Disease: A Breeder's Practical Guide (pdf)
Brief Introduction to Dog Genetics  by Fred Lanting Update on Hip Registries: 2001-2002

Canine Hip Dysplasia by Rory Todhunter

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