Goliath, photo by Tina Barber
10 year old Goliath still has a few pearly white teeth!

Storm meets a new friend at the Expo.

10 month old Mygic visits New Zion

The Importance of the Health Survey (Letter from the Genetic Task Force, written in 2000)

A Word from the Breed Founder (written in 2000, but still valid for today)  

Health Survey 2000 Update (interim report)

Final Survey Results (October 2001) (includes Dr. George A. Padgett's analysis of our results)

The Shiloh Shepherd™ Genetic Taskforce
(Database describing the diseases found to affect Shiloh Shepherds in the 2000-2001 survey.
Also includes our on-going on line survey.) Don't Miss This Site!
  • Simplified Mail In Health Survey (pdf) (If you own a Shiloh Shepherd over the age of one, please fill out our survey, whether on line or via mail.)

United We Stand (article written by Tina Barber in June 2005)

Original 2000-1 Health Survey Forms that may be downloaded (presented here for historical purposes only)

Survey Instructions for 2000-1 survey

Health Survey (PDF)  

Hip Survey (PDF)

Breeder Survey (PDF)

Lizzy, photo by Tina Barber
NS CH Shiloh's Grand Elizzabeth, mother of Champions!


One year old Kody is learning how to dance



Shane, Megan and Saber; photo by Tina Barber
Did you guys miss the Surgeon General's


Other Sites of Interest

Animal Diseases Control of Genetic Disease
Identifying and Controlling Defective Genes: Knowing How is the First Step in Tackling the Problem by Jerald S. Bell, DVM Collecting and Using Phenotypic Data to Minimize Disease: A Breeder's Practical Guide (pdf)

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