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  History of the Shiloh Shepherd
History of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Breed, Read More.

Here's your chance to meet Tina Barber, the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder, and her family!   Visit the Original Shiloh Kennels by surfing over to  the links we have made available for your educational enjoyment.  Look at pictures of the real foundation dogs, and read their stories!    Discover where your puppy's ancestors were born and raised.  40 years of Shiloh Shepherd history has been documented via the many links that we have prepared for you!  We are offering the most comprehensive Shiloh Shepherd breed documentation you can find anywhere on the world wide web!! 

Shiloh Shepherds Kennel Logo, circa 1980's


Ongoing Development of a Breed (1990 and Beyond)

Ongoing Development of The Shiloh Shepherd Breed, View More.
Shiloh Shepherd Farm circa 1990

The Shiloh Shepherd is still under development, and in order to better understand our breed founder's vision for these dogs, it is imperative that anyone interested in owning one takes some time to read the articles that we have provided here.

You will find a lot of misinformation on the Internet, but we would like to assure you that everything presented via our site map has been carefully researched and verified for accuracy.

Please take some time to visit the hundreds of pages and view the thousands of pictures we would like to share with you!


  About our Breed Founder

1984 Homecoming NASA presentation to Tina M. Barber

1984 Homecoming, George Theriott (3rd from left, back row) presents Tina Barber
(3rd from right, back row) with award.

Tina has been involved in training, showing and breeding dogs for over 40 years. Besides training and degreeing 14 Schutzhund dogs for NASA, she has given seminars all over the United States and Canada. In 1974 she spearheaded the Litter Mate X-Ray program and shared her vision with a significant number of AKC dog clubs, especially the Large Breed Working Dog organizations that specialized in breeds such as the Danes, Dobermans and Rottweilers.  For over thirty years she has conducted training classes and given private instruction. Her Practical Genetics seminar was condensed into an article that was published in the prestigious German Shepherd Quarterly in 1982. 

The Homecoming

1st Shiloh Shepherd Homecoming 1974

Yearly since 1974 Shiloh Shepherds and their owners have been 'coming home' to a grand family reunion that has been specifically arranged just for them! This link will take you to some exciting 'old stories' and over 100 pages loaded with thousands of pictures! Please set some time aside to enjoy this trip down memory lane! If you own a Shiloh, we can assure you that many of his/her ancestors, as well as their relatives, will be pictured on these pages!! 

First Shiloh Shepherd Homecoming in 1974,
Hilton NY

If you are still investigating this breed, we can't think of a better place for you to start meeting our dogs, and their owners!!




Genetics and Breeding

Tina Barber Lectures at the Monks of New Skete This section consists of extremely important genetics articles, written by our breed founder over the past 3 decades as well as links to some of the most interesting genetics sites on the internet. We are also presenting you with the series of Broken Hearted Breed Founder articles  written yearly by Tina Barber since 1998.  Each of these reports is loaded with pictures taken at the various shows the reports were written about. Anyone interested in a better understanding of the Shiloh Shepherd or even in discovering how drastically a breed type can change over a very short period of time should read these articles and view the picture story being shared in each. 

Tina arrives at Monks of New Skete Monastery for her genetics/breeding lecture.

ISSR Licensed Breeders

lb matrix

Licensed Breeder Matrix


While Tina Barber was diligently working toward expanding the genepool for her Shiloh Shepherds, she found that it was necessary to involve other breeders in order to accomplish those goals.  In the 80's those people were referred to as "Satellite Kennels" because they co-owned their dogs with Tina, and followed her strict guidelines.

In the 90's this system was phased into the VIB/Licensed Breeder program, because Tina wanted to encourage a little more independence and individual responsibility,  from the dozens of dedicated fanciers who would continue to breed her Shiloh Shepherds.  She started a special "school" for those that were willing to sign her LB agreement promising to breed only the best possible representatives of this breed, as per the ISSR rules & regulations.

The Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy is still very active, and continues to educate those that are dedicated to this breed's future welfare.  The ISSR closely monitors each LB's activities as they relate to the breed and the fulfillment of the LB agreement.  The pages linked here will provide all future owners with this information.


The Registry

International Shiloh Shepherd Registry

The International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc. (ISSR) was established in 1991 and has continued to document all data pertaining to the Real Shiloh Shepherd Dog. In 1993, the TCCP was contracted to develop a customized computer program that would document all of the records  accumulated at

Shiloh Shepherds Kennels since the '60's and then continue to maintain our database as our genepool went into its expansion phase. Since that time data on over 4000 true Shiloh Shepherds has been validated and recorded as well as over 47,000 of their ancestors and a total of 114,215,516 SV and AKC ancestors in our database.

Maintaining perfect accuracy of all data recorded has always been our foremost goal. Please take a moment to view the many reports we have continuously made available for everyone to view! Updates are provided periodically so be sure to bookmark this site and visit us often!

Health Survey
health survey chart One of the most important projects in 2000 spearheaded by the ISSR, Inc. and continued by the SSDCA, Inc. Genetic Task Force! Complete documentation has been shared via our various websites Please take a few moments to read the original letters written by our Breed Founder, as well as the continued reports presented in our Newsletters!
Since our entire breed's foundation gene pool was based on documentation that was collected at Shiloh Kennels for several decades, it is important that we continue following the LMX system that has already been established to ensure the future welfare of those dogs! We are the only "breed" outside of a few exclusive European breed clubs that has maintained this kind of database, although other conscientious breed clubs in the USA have been showing some interest (thanks to Dr. Padgett's book and lectures) in embracing similar systems in the future.


  Achieving the  Ultimate Hips

Tina Barber - Monks of New Skete Seminar

The most important fact  that people need to realize is that these dogs would not exist today if not for the development of the LMX system!

By the early '80's once our preliminary results were being achieved, the program was expanded to include other documentation such as giant size and super intelligent temperament. This  within a decade lead to such a dramatic change in breed type that by 1990, separate status was sought for hundreds of these "special" GSD's at Shiloh Shepherds Farm.

Tina lecturing the Monks of New Skete

Specific dogs that were producing the lowest incidence of CHD and that carried 7-9 generations of LMX (sibling) data were then selected to establish the foundation for all future Shiloh Shepherds, that would continue to adhere to the strict LMX system.

Please Note: Any  "similar looking GSD mixes"  unable to show validated ISSR papers are not following these strict guidelines and therefore do not qualify to be called "Shiloh Shepherds".  These fakes are just poorly inbred mixed GSD's with no legitimate (recognized) club/registry representation! 



Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.

Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America Logo The SSDCA, Inc. was formed in 1991 to promote and protect the future welfare of all ISSR Shiloh Shepherd dogs. We have continued to grow over the years, despite the political attacks that we have had to endure from a few dissident BYB's. 
Dedicated enthusiasts have always supported our efforts toward full breed recognition by consistently renewing their memberships and joining our various co-op ad ventures, attending our shows and events and helping out on various committees.  Over the years our club has established many smaller chapters from coast to coast. Please take some time to visit the hundreds of pages we have on our websites, detailing all of our activities.


Shiloh Training Method The Shiloh Shepherd has been selectively bred to possess a very unique highly intelligent, yet sensitive personality that should be fully researched by anyone interested in raising one of these magnificent giants! In order to help you to better understand these dogs we have prepared a listing of articles written by their breed founder and the developer of the original STM (Shiloh Training Method) that should be implemented in order to attain the highest level of companionship possible from these amazing dogs.  Please take some time to read these articles and visit some of the STM seminar/training picture links that we have provided for your enjoyment.


FAQ's and Purchasing a Puppy

Shiloh Shepherd Puppy

The most important section of this site map if you are interested in purchasing a Shiloh Shepherd puppy or even adopting an older companion!

We have tried to provide you with our best Internet articles designed to help you in making the best educated decisions regarding the proper selection of your future companion!

Please take the time to study the information we have provided!



We are pleased to announce the publication  of Tina Barber's The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind A Breed Is Born.
Shiloh Shepherd Story

Huntington, WV, August 25, 2005 -  John Patrick Grace of The Publishers Place announced today the publication of The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind A Breed is Born, by Tina M. Barber and Cinnamon Kennedy.  Lavishly illustrated, the 208 page book details the struggles that Ms. Barber has overcome in her 40-year attempt to create a breed that would live up to her vision of the ultimate companion dog.  Ms. Barber recounts the difficulties in creating her own genetic lines as well as her fight to enforce the standards needed to protect the strength and health of the breed she has developed. 

While overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles with immense resilience and perseverance, Ms. Barber credits all success to God.  This stirring and ultimately inspiring book is available now in a special limited edition, personally signed by the author.