What Should a Shiloh Shepherd Tail Look Like?

A Lesson For the Judges

Presented by the Breed Founder



We are fully aware of the fact that a Shepherd will tend to flag his tail when extremely excited/when being territorial -- but there is no excuse for a Shiloh to raise his tail above the horizontal line of his back while standing alone in a strange location.

Please take a moment to read our Breed Standard Tail description!

16) TAIL: Bushy with the last vertebra extending past the hock joint.  It is set smoothly into the croup and should appear to hang as a plume. At rest the tail hangs in a slight curve like a saber. When the dog is excited or in motion, the curve is accentuated and the tail is raised, but it should never curl forward beyond the vertical line nor above the level of the back. The tail should never be carried straight out or rolled up over the back. A tail that is raised above the vertical line and/or past the horizontal line of the croup is a DISQUALIFYING FAULT. Tails that are too short, thin, or ratty should be severely penalized. (ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Breed Standard)


Walking Trotting
How can anyone justify not disqualifying the above dogs from the ring?

Please take some time to carefully study the Proper Shiloh Shepherd Tail Carriage

Perfect Saber Tail  

Side View


Standing Walking Trotting

Now, let's take a look at what the un-Shiloh folks are producing!


Hook Tail


Screw Tail

Happy Hookers?

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