There has been a lot of confusion associated with the "Shiloh" name. The first thing you need to understand is that the Shiloh Shepherd is not a recognized breed! Tina M. Barber has been breeding oversized German Shepherds since 1962. In 1974 she changed her kennel name to Shiloh Shepherd and implemented her Littermate X-Ray (LMX) program.

By the late '80's her dogs had developed a great reputation for being exceptionally intelligent and extra large! Soon they were also noted for having an extremely low incidence of CHD and being very child safe! The demand for these magnificent creatures rose like a flood, but not enough could be produced in order to fill the orders!

In 1990 Tina started looking for possible breed recognition, so she wrote the Breed Standard and started the parent breed club (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.) and the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc., that was to maintain all future data for these dogs. At the same time a Licensed Breeder's Agreement was established in order to keep future breeders honest! Please view the requirements!

Unfortunately, greed overtook many of these people and when the ISSR Rules and Regulations seemed too onerous to follow, they started to look for an alternate path! The complete history has been recorded in the club archives!

It wasn't long after that that a few of these folks discovered that the "Shiloh Shepherd" name was not trademark protected, and this led to mass chaos that has since resulted in a multitude of 'registries" being formed in order to "paper" any long haired GSD look alike as a "shiloh"!


Don't Let the Frauds Fool You!


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