Real Questions Honest Answers From the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder, Tina Barber!

Real ISSR Shiloh Shepherd puppies are born from coast to coast! Be sure to look for a ISSR Licensed Breeder near you or visit  us at one of our chapter events in order to meet dozens of great representatives, both pet and show! Do not be fooled by the frauds! Shiloh Shepherds are not a recognized breed! These dogs are called "Shiloh Shepherds" as they originated at Tina Barber's Shiloh Shepherd Kennel! The entire gene pool is based on her LMX (Litter Mate X-Ray) program and is still carefully guided by the breed founder herself!  If you're looking for a super intelligent Shiloh Shepherd puppy, take some time to learn more about them!


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Real Questions - Honest Answers!: The True Story behind the Shiloh Shepherd!


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