by Tina M. Barber
June 2005
Most consumers expect to get a super healthy *rare* puppy that was not over inbred, or "ruined" by "back yard breeders" out to make a fast buck by mass producing AKC pups. For that reason they are willing to pay a lot more money, for these super quality "rare breed" pups they think they are getting.  However, in many cases they have just been duped by one of the biggest scams to hit the canine world in over a decade!!
Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware--Wall of Shame
New 'rare breed' clubs and "registries" seem to be popping up faster than weeds on most  country lawns!!  After all, it's an income venture that is hard to resist!!  Most housewives can't find an easier way to make thousands of dollars each month, while sitting home watching TV!  Yet, they can search out their local newspaper ads for an unspayed female dog, then breed her to a friend's dog that resembles some unknown/rare breed and then sell those pups for thousands of dollars!!  How can they possibly get registration papers on such mixed breed dogs??  EASY!!  They can use one of the dozens of organizations that have already been established for this purpose, or they can just issue their "own" papers from their home PC!  Anyone can claim to be a "registry" and print off papers!!  There are NO laws that would prevent them from doing this!  If they can set up a website promoting their "chosen breed," even better!!  All they have to do is pick a popular "rare breed" name and they can set up shop!  If you own a dog, any mix will do!  Just look at some pictures of various "rare breeds"  and you will probably be able to find one that slightly resembles your dog!!  It's a lot easier then people realize! Until proper legislation is passed to prevent such abuses, it's strictly a buyer beware market! 
If you don't take the time to investigate, you could be duped into paying thousands of dollars for a mixed breed puppy!!
Some facts that all future puppy purchasers need to know!
The AKC is the largest all-breed registry.   Any breeds that have not been officially recognized, but meet the criteria can enter into the FSS program.  If the breed has been breeding true for over a decade and has a stable registry with sufficient representation, they are accepted.  However, if the breed has not met the requirements, it's not considered a 'rare breed' but a "breed" (new type)  STILL under development!!  There is a *big* difference between these 2 classifications!!
Real rare breeds are normally FCI registered, unless they have a representative breed club/registry that was formed by the person/group that started importing them into the USA/Canada!  Occasionally such groups will disagree with each other, and "spin-offs" may be formed.  This is extremely detrimental to the future survival of  any particular breed, and in most cases the parent club ends up applying for recognition to the  FSS   in order to maintain some semblance of credibility. 
Please note this quote from the AKC site:

<<<<Foundation Stock Service (FSS) program: 51 breeds[9] ( This is a breed registry in which breeders of rare breeds can record the birth and parentage of a breed that they are trying to establish in the United States; these dogs provide the foundation stock from which eventually a fully recognized breed might result. These breeds cannot participate in AKC events until at least 150 individual dogs are registered; thereafter, competition in various events is then provisional. >>

The AKC is very clear regarding their requirements for acceptance!!  << The AKC only considers adding new breeds to the FSS® or its registry upon request. The breed must be recognized by an acceptable foreign or domestic registry.

The FSS® is not open to "rare" breeds that are a variation of an AKC registrable breed. This includes and is not limited to differences such as size (over & under), coat type, coat colors, and coat colors and/or types that are disqualifications from Conformation Events by AKC breed standards.>>
Breeds that are still under development, and therefore do not meet the criteria listed above, should not be considered as *rare* breeds, because they are only progeny of specific mixes that are being used to set a particular type, that will hopefully breed true within a few decades.  Nevertheless, organizations like ARBA  and the NCA have given such dogs undeserved credibility by listing them along with other true breeds that have been established centuries ago, but just recently discovered and imported into the USA.   Even though there may be a small number of representatives in the USA and Canada, as their numbers increase, most of them have gone over to legitimate registries for full recognition.  For this reason, ARBA and NCA, along with many others like them, have lost many show entries, and have therefore opened their doors to any mixes that claim to be  "new rare breeds" ;(
<<Some registries will allow the registration of designer mutts, sometimes called "new rare breeds", for breeding purposes. Puppy buyers are sometimes fooled into paying hundreds of dollars for a "registered" mutt. Being a registered mutt does not make a dog any different from a similar one sitting in a shelter, and it certainly does not turn a mutt into a purebred. Any registration can often cause the price of a mutt to skyrocket, when the paper it's printed on may only be worth using for housebreaking.  >>
However, ARBA and NCA are not the only such entity.  Just in the past year many others have managed to spring up in order to cash in on the unsuspecting consumer!!  Most claim a lofty ideal of protecting ancient and rare breeds, but are still willing to accept any mixture that is willing to pay them those hefty entry fees!!  Some of them will even issue "registration" papers for "breeds" that don't even exist!!  Just like the generic registries (that the puppy millers are flocking to) are willing to do!  Anything for the almighty dollar??  You be the judge!
Another such show organization is known as "Rarities" and their website claims that they are only interested in the preservation of ancient and rare breeds.  However, if you take a look at the breeds that are listed on their website, you will also find several without FCI numbers!   In other words, the "breeds" that are lacking a proper FCI standard number may NOT be recognized by any legitimate organization!  The only way that you can determine their validity would be to check the breed listings on the AKC and UKC websites!! Other breeds that have managed to "slip in" the back door need to be carefully investigated!!  Never accept everything you read on the Internet!!  Investigate your chosen "rare breed" carefully, ask for data that can honestly validate the entire breed's history for several decades! Scam artist are very good at using common "smoke and mirror" techniques to present  "half truths" to the unsuspecting consumer!!  If you are ready to pay thousands of dollars for a special family companion, make sure that you will be getting your money's worth, not just a puppy mill pup that is being misrepresented as a "rare" breed!!
Don't forget that these self proclaimed "breeders" are fully aware of the public's distaste for puppy mills and pet shops!!  That is why they invented these 'rare breed' scams!!  Every time someone hands them thousands of dollars for one of those poor pups, they are encouraging this travesty, that will only add more death sentences to innocent dogs that never asked to be born!!  Knowledge is power!!  Take some time to read Puppy Producers: What Are They?
At this time there are already dozens of small self proclaimed 'registries' that are willing to issue a paper to anyone that is willing to pay for it!!  None of these places care about maintaining proper genetic documentation on any particular breed!  Most only require a hand written pedigree and a check or money order!!  One of these places even managed to register a mans kitchen table!!  The dam was "oak wood" and the sire "chain saw" .. thus producing a tailless pet with 4 legs!!  I have always wondered how the judges would have dealt with a kitchen table rolling around in their ring!!
I am not going to share examples of the shenanigans that is going on all over the Internet regarding many of these "rare" breeds, but I would like to use my breed as just one example of the false information that is being portrayed as truth, because it is found on some "respected" website that claims to provide unbiased information! 
For example, this quote may be found on the Dog Breed Info Center®'s website's article about Shiloh Shepherds:  
<<A lady had been breeding German Shepherd Dogs since the 1960's.  She was active in conformation shows as well as Schutzhund, etc.  In the 70's she set her standard back to the old style, very large type Shepherds. She spent the next decade pursuing her goals for the old style Shepherds.  In 1990 she separated her breed from AKC and started to maintain registry records as Shiloh Shepherds.  The International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc. (ISSR) was incorporated in 1991. Due to disagreements within the ISSR other splinter registries were formed. The ISSR refuses to acknowledge these other registries. The ISSR continues to send threatening emails to the Dog Breed Info Center®'s website insisting these other registries should never be mentioned, however the simple fact is they exist. Taking into consideration the threatening tactics they have used against this web site for simply mentioning a fact, it is no wonder others felt the need to start their own Shiloh registries.>>
While this website at one point in time provided an HONEST representation of my breed!!  Just compare the breed history description listed on this one, with the silly nonsense that you just read on the other one!! 
<<The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed under development since 1962 by Tina Barber of
Shiloh ShepherdsTM Kennels. The breed was developed as an intense "re-creation" and variant to the
German Shepherd Dog, to preserve the original qualities found in the old world style German Shepherd with soundness, temperament and health of utmost importance. >>
Even the "registry" statement is TRUE and extremely factual!!
<<  Important Note:
The ISSR was the original breed registry formed in 1991. However, in 1998 the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club/Registry (ISSDC/r) was formed and then relinquished in late 2001, only to be re-established again in 2004. Other registries have also come and gone since this time, and then re-establish themselves once again. It must be noted that, with the Shiloh Shepherd breed still under development and such a close relative to the German Shepherd Dog, and because there is very little information regarding these other registries, the importance of learning about the breed and the Breeder before you buy cannot be stressed enough.
It is strongly recommended that the breeding rules and regulations for all registries be reviewed. Intense inbreeding, as well as outcrossing with, or within, the Shepherd family of breeds may not only be extremely detrimental to the future welfare of the breed, producing sub-standard quality puppies with major health risks, but can also allow for back-yard breeders and puppy mills to easily cash-in and exploit the breed. >>
Furthermore, there is a separate listing for "rare" (non-FCI) breeds that are still under development!
<<Breeds Under Development
— This listing includes those "breeds" that have not yet gained recognition by the major breed registries listed above. The listing includes breeds considered to be "under development" of which some are often referred to as "exotic", "designer", or "hybrid" breeds. Many of the "under-development breeds" have not as yet reached a sufficient genepool expansion in order to meet the requirements for recognition within one of the major breed registries. Therefore, for several of these new breeds, the breeders have established their own registries whereby data is collected until such time as sufficient entries qualify them to close their stud books and acquire full recognition. They may also be recognized by some of the alternate all-breed registries. For more information regarding Breed Registries, please CLICK HERE.)
The details provided for each of these breeds is for information purposes only, to help those who may be interested, learn more about the "breeds" before making any decisions. It is strongly recommended that thorough research into both the "breed" and breeders be done prior to bringing a new dog into your home. While this is important for any breed of dog, for these "new" breeds, the amount of information available may be limited and, therefore, thorough investigation into the history and background is imperative and much care in investigating the registry(ies) to which the dog(s) is recognized is also of utmost importance as, in many cases, the certificate issued is based solely on the information provided by the owner with no proof of accuracy required. For more information on finding a breeder, please CLICK HERE. In addition, see Is That A Labradoodle? and "Oodles of Doodles" and "Lhasa Poo" — Two must read articles regarding the latest in cross-breeding. >> 2005.
If more webmasters would do this, I honestly believe that a lot of people might be saved from future heartbreaks!

September 2006 Update

Unfortunately, due to possible pressure placed upon the webmaster by non-ISSR advertisers, she has since amended her site by removing/editing much of the historically factual information regarding the Real  Original Shiloh Shepherd! For your own protection, please take moment to read Don't Fall 4 The Fraud!

Once the public was properly informed, the puppy mills started to fade out, and now most pet shops no longer sell puppies!!  Let's all work together to end these new "rare breed" scams!!  Investigate your breed, and the breeders affiliated with its parent breed club! Refuse to pay outrageous prices for "designer" mutts that should never have been born!  Once their owners discover the health and temperament problems they are about to face, often these poor unfortunate creatures just end up in a kill shelter! Don't let this happen to your family! Just say NO to the money grubbing BYB, and support the true dedicated breeders that work hard to provide you with a wonderful companion!  Investigate before you Invest!!!!