Effective March 1, 2005 the SSDCA, Inc. Advisory Board of Directors has outlined the following pricing policy for all ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherd puppies.

Pricing Guidelines for ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherd Puppies:

Non-upgradeable Pet Quality (B/W) $1000
Upgradeable Pet Quality from Champion Lines $1550
Potential Breeding Stock (ORA) $2250
Show Quality (GOL) $3250

NB (New Blood) Pricing Guidelines

Top Pet Quality  
NB-1 $900
NB-2 $1200
NB-3 $1500
DNB $1800
Breeding Quality (RED) (Co-ownership only, no discounts)
NB-1 $1500
NB-2 $1700
NB-3 $2000
DNB $2500

$1000 over and above the Breeding Quality NB prices  may be charged for show quality RED/WHITE papered puppies. 

All breeders must provide a full guarantee and must sign and abide by the Breeders Code of Ethics.


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