Prayer Needed for ISRAEL

I recently received these. These are people who are missionaries in Israel. Many any of us who are guilty of lack of concern for Israel God's Chosen repent and ever cry out to God on their behalf.

"has God cast away His people? Certainly not!" Rom 11:1
"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" Ps 122:6
"He shall redeem their soul from deceit and violence: and precious shall their blood be in his sight...His name shall endure forever...Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things"

Israel and Palestine are currently engaged in a near war at this moment.

Israeli tanks surround Yasser Arafat's compound, and street fighting is raging throughout Ramallah.  Prime Minister Sharon has called up 20,000 reserves to active duty.  Yasser Arafat has in turn called for all Arabs to rise up and fight against Israel.  The PLFP (The popular Liberation Front for Palestine) has announced that "Every Israeli will be the target of the Palestinian people."  The Israeli nation is indeed on alert, and ready to
strike.   To live here in Israel can best be compared to sitting on an explosive barrel of gunpowder on which the fuse has been lit.  You end up waiting for the explosion to happen, as it surely will.

The events of the past week have driven Israel to this position.  Some 30 people have died because of terrorism.  The Pessah bombing in the Netayna Park hotel murdered whole families, ripped limbs from people and hurled bodies into the street.  The terrorist bomb was packed with nails, screws and steel balls to enhance the effect.   Terrorists later invaded two other Israeli communities and stabbed and shot to death, families who were their homes.  Just today, a woman Islamic suicide bomber blew up a Jerusalem supermarket, killing and injuring more innocents and scattering live mortar shells inside.   Everyone of these Islamic targets have been against civilians; the elderly, women, children and babies.

Earlier this week Esther Klieman, a 23 year old kindergarten teacher for Down's syndrome children was shot by a sniper as she rode on an armored bus, and killed.  Two Red Crescent Islamic Ambulances have also been pulled over, transporting bombs. There is no level as to how low these exalted warriors of Islam will go, so as to murder Jews.  Two other suicide bombers were killed trying to explode a bomb, destined for Jerusalem's largest shopping mall.

The United Nations and the European Union either stay silent in regards to these attacks or regularly condemn Israel.  They chose to look the other way while Arafat's
henchmen wreck havoc amongst this land.  The Israeli nation is outraged, and is now willing to do anything to eliminate this scourge.  Meanwhile, the rains are falling here, along with lightings, thunderings and hail from the skies.  Is God angry or what?

We too have interceding for this situation.  The house has been filled to capacity everyday with the praisers, and intercessors. Over 100 young people gathered last night, praising and worshiping the Lord.  We had a combined worship service from three youth groups.  Earlier in the week, the house hosted Chuck and Marianne Flynn as well as Paul Cain. On Passover we also had two Seder services, back to back.  First the youth group from Cyprus "Gateways Beyond" did a wonderful dinner, then the ETH tour group arrived and we joyfully did his commemorative dinner again.  After we heard of the Passover massacre in Netanya, we spend the rest of the night crying out for God to move against these Islamic terrorists.

One of our dear friends, went to bed a few nights ago and was listening to the KOL Yisrael radio.  She told me that this station repeatedly played in Hebrew the song "Lord have mercy" all night long.  Segal said that she heard this cry and interceded to God all night long.  Lord please have mercy and deliver Israel.

This is also the season when Christians remember Christ's sacrifice upon the cross and rejoice in His resurrection.  Jesus came that we may have life and that more abundantly.  I pray that our Redeemer would swiftly remember Israel  and have mercy upon His Jewish people.  Lord please redeem your people from violence and from the power of the sword.  May Israel soon have your perfect shalom peace.

Shabatt Shalom

Gene and Marylois

Dear Friends,

As many of you are waking up in the West right now, there is a critical moment happening in Israel, and we ask you to take some time to pray through with us this morning. It has been pouring rain for several days in Israel, with strong winds, hail, lightening, and very loud thunder.  What do these powerful Spring rains mean?

You are probably aware of what is now being called the Pessah (Passover) massacre that occurred on the eve of Passover in the town of Netanya on the northern coast of Israel.  A suicide bomber walked into a hotel dining room, at the time that 250 Israeli Jews were sitting down to a Seder, and blew himself up.  At least 20 people have died so far, with 140 injured. Some of those injured are in critical condition, and need much prayer.

The fact that this terrorist attack occurred on the eve of a major Jewish holiday has been considered a grave event by Israeli leaders.  Today, Israeli tanks have rolled in to the town of Ramallah, and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is intent on dismantling the terror infrastructure there.  As I write this Prayer Alert, it is being reported that tank shells and mortars have fallen into Yasser Arafat's complex.  It is unclear, at this time, whether the Israelis are going after Arafat, himself.

In a press conference today, Sharon stated that Israel has called up 20,000
reservists to help in the elimination of this terror infrastructure.  A reporter asked if that meant Israel was going to war with the Palestinians.

Sharon replied, "We are in a war.  It's a war of terror where the targets are civilians, children, baby, and older people."  He also said that in this war, there are whole families that are just diseappearing because of terror. He admitted that Chairman Arafat, "is our enemy."

Dore Gold, an advisor to Sharon, said in a CNN interview, "Yasser Arafat has permitted, in fact, created a consortium of international terrorism...and every week the people of Israel have paid for it."

He spoke of the union that exists between nationalistic and Islamic forces, and explained how Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and the PFLP are behind the weekly attacks against Israel.  He said that it is time to dismantle this organization that is backed by Iran, as well. 

One of the problems, according to Gold, is that terrorists in Ramallah have been streaming to Arafat's offices.  Gold said, forcefully, that there will be no immunity found for these terrorists under Arafat's domain. 

Israel is apparently hoping that the international community will unite against the war that's being inflicted on Israelis .  However, what appears to be happening is a different story. And, that is the reason we are writing to you this day.

There is an effort going on, behind the scenes, by the Arab league to get the
Europeans to convince the U.S. to put pressure on Israel.  Lebanon's president has already talked to French leader, Chirac, requesting that he call President Bush.  The intent is to stop Israel from carrying out its mission to dismantle the terror infrastructure in Ramallah.  There seems to be a race here that could either be won on the military front by Israel's success, or on the diplomatic front, with pressure on Israel -- by
foreign diplomats, the U.S., and media reports -- that convinces Sharon to withdraw
from Ramallah before the military action is completed.

This may not seem significant.  However, you can look at it this way....The Jewish state has been attacked as Israelis were to sit down and recall their miraculous deliverance from Egypt by the God of Israel. They were about to read scripture from the book of Exodus, written in their Passover Haggadahs, that mentions the great victory by God, which took them out of the bondage of slavery, into freedom.  They were to remember the days of old, when the death angel passed over their homes because the blood of the Lamb was on their doorposts, and that blood gave protection to their household, and life to their families.  They were to open the door in prayer that Elijah would be
coming, bringing them a message of hope that the Messiah was coming soon.

Do you think, for one moment, that the Lord did not want them to remember His
covenant with them, or His miracles performed on their behalf?  Do you think He did not want them to have hope in their hearts that Messiah is coming, their Lamb of deliverance? 

We must seriously pray that those suffering families who are burying their dead today, and sitting "shiva" for their lost ones, during this Passover week, will cry out to God, and in His mercy, He will show them the way of eternal life.  For those families who are eating unleavened bread while hoping that their loved ones will recover from major injuries in hospitals in the north, we should intercede for them, as well.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort these discouraged souls during this time.  May the prayers of
the saints across the world be heard by the Lord in Israel's distress.

Pray, dear friends, pray for an outpouring of love upon this land.  Pray that those believers who are here, standing in the gap, with the Holy Spirit living in their hearts, will entreat the Lord, and He will hear the cries of His people.  May the bloodshed stop.  May Israel route out her enemies from the land.  May the Lord show Himself mighty in our midst.

I am reminded of the night when Jesus and his disciples finished the Passover Seder, and sang hymns as they went out to the Mount of Olives.  Jesus prophesied that evening that God would strike the Shepherd, and the sheep of the flock would be scattered. (Matthew 26:31).  The sheep denied they would desert the Lord.  But, He knew the truth.  He knew that they were not committed to Him in the kind of love needed at that moment in time.  The Lord told them, "My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death.  Stay here and watch with me."  (verse 38).  As He agonized over the cross He would have to endure, the disciples slept.  They couldn't even stay awake one hour to
pray and watch for the Lord.  The Spirit was willing, but the Body was weak.

This same weakness, on the part of the disciples, was displayed a second and third time, as well. 

The Lord wanted the disciples to pray, not so much for Himself, but so they would be prepared for His death, and the persecution that would follow.  

The question today is, how much is the Church prepared, and prayed up, for what the Lord is about to do -- both here in Israel, and throughout the world?  Israel is bearing a cross right now.  Israel has been rejected, and the blood of this nation is being shed, and still they do not know Messiah.  He was rejected in this land, and shed His innocent blood for all mankind.

And, our Passover Lamb now wants His life poured into His chosen people, Israel. 

Who will stand in the gap?  Who will pray?  Who will answer the call of God to come and pray in the land, and stand with those of us here who are but a small army without your arms to lift us up.  Remember that when Moses had his arms lifted up in the battle, the Israelites won a victory against their enemies.  Please lift our arms up here. Please stay in prayer for this nation to be saved out of its misery.  More than ever we need you!

From our hearts, on Good Friday,

Carrie & Zeke
Psalm 32

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