Shiloh Shepherds Pedigree Examples

Kari from 1983 Shiloh Shepherd Stock Sheet copyright Shiloh Shepherd Kennels

The Kari (Shiloh's Kara Lobo of Emmview) line is what makes "these" dogs TRUE "Shilohs"!! LMX data on Kari was recorded for 9 generations prior to her entering as the FIRST -- and most prominent foundation dog that would set the cornerstone for this "breed's" future generations.  Her influence is indispensable! She provides the awesome hips -- super size -- and amazing "almost human like" intelligence and exceptional gentleness that the Shilohs are famous for. The higher the Kari % the bigger and smarter your dog will be!

Photo scanned in 1997 from the Shiloh Shepherd Kennel Stock Sheet (1983) used with exclusive permission of Tina M. Barber.  Photo circa 1981.

Kari loves her trainer!

If you have read The Shiloh Shepherd Story, you will recall the first dog mentioned (Tammy) and then the story about her son Shep (Shiloh-Emmview's Grey Express) who saved Lisa's life while she was still an infant! That dog later sired our phenomenal Shiloh's Kara Lobo of Emmview who has continued to influence our magnificent dogs ever since! If her exceptional influence is lost, the true Shiloh would just fade into oblivion! 

Photo of Shiloh-Emmview's Grey Express scanned from the Shiloh Shepherds Kennel Stockbook (1986-87) and used with exclusive permission of Tina M. Barber. Photo circa 1978.

Shep and John from the 1986 Shiloh Shepherd Stock book; copyright Shiloh Shepherd Kennels
Please click on these links to view additional examples of recent pedigrees that exemplify the proper ratio of Kari influence that all ISSR breeders continue to strive toward!

Basco/Leah  |  Acer/Mia   | Shadow/Sunny-Warba

Shane, Laz, Raven and  Trazer
Shiloh's Easy Rider (1991) Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion (1997)  at 3 years Zion's Raven Out of the Mist (2000) 4 yrs Zion Draws The Line (2006),
 at 11 months of age

The URSA dogs carry the best of the "old world" German bred lines in their genes, and pass on the beautiful stallion heads as well as huge size. The Ursa line also compliments Kari via the Canadian dogs that are in her ancestry! For more details please read Chapter 4 of the Origins book.

L. Ensomhed's Luke Von Shiloh, R. GV Ch. W W-Lisa's Special  Lex v Shiloh at 10 months (1991)


Shiloh=Passaic Korcha

Note: a few old pedigrees have been linked to some of the original Shiloh Shepherds (Kennel) dogs in order to exemplify the planned breeding program that was being used during the 70's and '80's at Shiloh Shepherds Kennel.  Please view the Ursa line examples listed here:

Lex Chinelle Korcha

Shiloh's Smoke In Szar

Satan at 5 years, circa 1983

The Ria foundation line has not been individually color coded due to the minimal influence that line has on our present gene pool and since most of the dogs that carry her line in them are also associated with the Ursa line. we are providing you with some examples of that type below.

For additional photos of these dogs' ancestors, please peruse our 1986-7 Shiloh Shepherd Stock Book.

Sarge (left) at one year and full brother Ajax (Nixie/Gator) [Photos circa 1989] DiMar's Sheba Von Shiloh (Ria/Gator) circa 1982. Zion's Cody Iacavazzi at 7 years (1998) Gunther at 1 year (2005)
Sabrina, pictured at left, was bred by Don Baker. She was tested as an outcross first in 1988 with the Ursa line and then bred twice more, once to Shane and then to Samson.

The pictures shown below represent her ancestors, as well as some of her progeny.

Vanna (1996) Double Sabrina/ with MAW

WR Perry's Barr
(Sabrina's  great grandsire)

Baker's Snow
(Sabrina's sire)

Weiss Misty II (Sabrina's dam) Sabrina daughter and grand-daughter

The  pictures shown next to each line she was crossed with are typical examples of the "best" stock that was gleaned from each specific cross.

Sabrina was bred first to Smoke (Shiloh-Guardian Still Smokin--Ursa line) but the results were not very satisfying due to the heavy ears, loss of movement (flying trot) as well as some overly sharp temperaments.  Through careful evaluation (LER's) only a few dogs were selected to be used in the program.

Right: Sabrina/Smoke offspring

Sabrina was then bred to Shane (Shiloh's Easy Rider) and a great improvement was noticed.  Kari seemed to be strong enough to overcome the floppy ear problem, as well as the soft backs and hook/gay tails passed on by the Sarplaninac lines in her ancestors.

Left: Sabrina/Shane son

The dogs shown below vary in Sabrina % and influence. Smoke is an excellent example of progeny that exhibits a very strong influence. He has the wide stocky body as well as the shorter legs (low stationed).  Triton predominantly resembles the typical Ursa/Ria type that made his predecessors some of the most prized dogs of their time. However, he lacks the height and balance that is desired in the ideal Shiloh, like Laz.  Stone Cold obviously displays his Ursa heritage even more so than his sire due to the additional Kari influence that he was blessed with. Sasq managed to inherit the heavier bone he needed from Sabrina but lost some of the Kari "leg" as well as the nice Ursa heads. However, he still displayed more positive than negative attributes and produced a mix of progreny that ranged from extremely low stationed to exceptionally tall and leggy! However, careful linebreeding on his best offspring, back into the Kari line, has been very beneficial to the overall gene pool.

Siskiyou son)
Triton (Shiloh's I-Of-The-Tiger) / Shiloh's Wolfin Sasquach)  Stone Cold (Makayla/Triton son) Sasq at one year (Mona/Shane son)

The non-ISSR dog pictured below is an example of what results from  heavily in/line bred Sabrina/Samson progeny.  This particular dog is double MAW with Sabrina appearing 11 times in the first 7 generations of his pedigree and a 30.9% RC and no Artus to help with tails. He does not exemplify the "type" we are striving towards.  Please view my Cherry Blossom 2006 Report.

Sabrina was also bred to Samson, eventually creating even more tail problems as well as unstable temperaments. Breed warnings were placed on many of these dogs, with the others being encouraged to "wash out" the genetic problems by going back to heavily inbred Kari dogs, in order to save the exceptional qualities that her line was famous for!

One year old Samson playing with Lisa

Samson was the specially designed outcross that was incorporated in 1991 to complement the Ursa line by adding more Kari-like qualities to the progeny. His descendants have continued to make an important impact on our gene pool by adding more size and bone to their progeny! He also strengthened the hips and reduced/eliminated the former health issues (EPI, Mega-E, SIBO, Demodex, etc.) that had been caused by over-inbreeding on just two lines! Samson enabled us to broaden our horizons and properly expand our gene pool! However, due to the potential for gay (Giant Malamute) tails and faded muzzles/snow noses, restrictions were placed that discouraged inbreeding directly on him in the first 5 generations.

Examples of his first/second generation progeny are as follows:

Bob's Mountain Goliath of Zion at 10 years (2002)

JNK'S Ramblin Rugger at 10 years (2003)

London ShoenHirn von Zion @ 9  (2001)

Snow's A Tribute to Pax-Zion at 2 years (1993) (Snow/Sasq)


Mygic at 1 year (2001)  Goldie/Grizz

You have just taken a quick glimpse into the first 3 decades of development, but this breed is not finished yet!

Our New Millennium models started out very promising. The type is slowly being set, but we still have a long way to go before it can be solidified.  Our NS bCH Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion grandson, GV bCH Zion's a-Tribute to Snows Grizz has made a tremendous impact! His progeny have also been proving themselves by producing amazing pups that will carry us forth for several generations to come!

Please take a moment to study the pedigrees we have provided at the top of this article and the recent examples listed below.  They clearly demonstrate the proper ratio of the indispensable Kari line that we are striving towards!

Acer | Warba | Shadow | Panzer  |

For additional information, please read What Is A Shiloh Shepherd and the Origins of the Shiloh Shepherd, both available on-line, or order our new book that is loaded with pictures and information never printed before about Kari's grand-dam!

GV bCH City Brick's Shadrack of Zion at 1 year, (2002) Tang/Grizz

Our ISSR Licensed Breeders have continued to follow the "recipe" perfected by the breed founder, Tina Barber, via Shiloh Shepherd Kennel since 1974. They have signed and adhered to the Breeders Code of Ethics and the Licensed Breeder Agreement. They understand that all breedings must be approved by the Breed Warden and remain within the strict guidelines of the ISSR Rules! We work together as a team for the benefit of our beloved dogs--not for monetary gain as others have done!








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