Four of the Nine Documented Outcrosses used by the other Shiloh "registries" since 2002.

1. Behuter Von Hinterland

View the OFA record which shows his progeny have been registered as both GSD's and Shiloh Shepherds.

2. Von Bruin's Shade

View Shade's OFA record which shows his progeny have been registered as GSD's, Shiloh Shepherds and as hybrid.

Note that the June 28, 2003 litter included dogs registered as Shiloh Shepherds and a hybrid while the September 2003 litter was classified as German Shepherd.

3. Glorious Sony Hronovsky pramen

View Our Shiloh Shepherd Misty pedigree.

Note that the grand-sire is a GSD from Czech bloodlines with no registration number.

4. Devaki was bred with CJ's Maui with puppies being sold as Shiloh Shepherds. 

View the  OFA record for Devaki showing he is a GSD.






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