Important 2006 Update

It has been suggested that over 50% of ISSR breeders left in the '97 club split.  Statistics can be misleading.

A close perusal of the records indicates that only 7 breeders who had actually produced litters left in '97-98.  If I have missed anyone who  had litters prior to 1998, left in '97-98 and is still actively breeding dogs claiming to be "Shilohs", please e-mail the ISSR Secretary.

Otherwise, please note the following:

Breeder Year # of Litters Produced within the ISSR Comments
Judy Vaneman 1995 1 Received an adult bitch from Tina
1997 2 Left the SSDCA and joined the ISSDC in 1997. Formed the NSBR in 2001. Helped form the revived ISSDC in 2004; served as President until the summer 2005, returned as President in 2006.
Colleen Gott 1997 1 Litter co-owned with Stephen Betcher of Betterways Kennel.  In 1998 left the SSDCA for the ISSDC. Helped form the USSDCr and later joined the NSBR. Original officer of the 2004 ISSDC BOD but resigned in 2005. Started an extensive outcross program and is no longer breeding Shilohs.
Gale Richardsen 1996 1 Had first litter; two more shortly thereafter.
1997 2 Left the SSDCA/ISSR in 1997-8; moved to ISSDC and ISSDCr; joined the TSSR in 2002.
Patti Schaefer 1997 3

Whelped litters for Tina Barber on co-ownership to gain stock; left the SSDCA/ISSR, moved to ISSDCr; was expelled in 2000, tried to return to the ISSR after the amnesty was closed later in 2000-1 and then started the TSSR in 2002,  removed as registrar in 2004, joined the NSBR in 2005-6.

1998 3
Wendy Fullerton 1994 2 Co-owned with Tina Barber (repeated same back to back breeding)
1995 1 Co-owned with Tina Barber
1996 3 1 on co-ownership with Tina Barber
1997 1

Co-owned with Tina Barber; left the SSDCA in 1997; helped form the ISSDC and ISSDCr; left the latter in 1999, returned to the SSDCA/ISSR under the amnesty, left the SSDCA in 2004; helped form the revived ISSDC, served as Secretary in 2004-5, served as President for 2 months in late 2005, was replaced by Judy Vaneman.

Dotty Piscitelli 1997 1 Left the SSDCA in 1998; has since moved between various "registries".
Don Leilech 1995 1 Produced one litter in '95 with two following in '97. Then left SSDCA for ISSDC.
1997 2

 Grand Total of Litters: 24

% of the 167 ISSR litters produced between 1991-97:  14.4%

If their name isn't listed, they were not breeding ISSR Shiloh Shepherds...

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