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Our Jewish Friends

Jerry and Connie Golden are Messianic Believers in Yeshua Hamashiah (Jesus Christ); and dual Citizens of both the United States and Israel. Jerry has served in both armed forces. They have lived in Israel for many years and have raised their three youngest children in Jerusalem. Both of their daughters are married and living in the States, and their youngest son Joel is now serving in the IDF Special Forces.

 A report on the recent (March 2002) terrorist violence in Israel.

The goal of The Jerusalem Prayer Team is to enlist 1 million people in America to pray daily and 100,000 houses of worship praying weekly for the peace of Jerusalem.

This non-profit California Public Benefit Corporation is dedicated to providing truthful, positive information to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity on the Internet.

Ministries that Preach the WORD

neverendingjoy.jpg (56774 bytes)Never Ending Joy is a family ministry which includes several of immediate family members plus 3 to 4 other musicians who work with them on a regular basis. They were chosen to minister at The Austrian Alps Performing Arts Festival this past June.  God supernaturally provided the funds for them to attend. It was an awesome opportunity for ministry in that country. The group has also been the winners in the Fourth of July battle of the bands for the last two years in Burnsville, North Carolina and  also won second place at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair in 1999. They do an outreach ministry in the community every Friday night and present the gospel through music. They also are available for concerts in churches and wherever the Lord opens the doors for them. 

The songs on the album are all original songs and have a strong gospel message to young people and families set to a diversity of styles of music. There is literally something for everyone's tastes and liking.

Feed My Lambs (MP-3)

Feed My Lambs (Wav)

To order the tape or CD, please contact Never Ending Joy!

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