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The I.S.S.R. as of June 1, 1992 took over the registration of the Shiloh Shepherd to better control the future of the Shiloh Shepherd.  All dogs must meet all requirements, i.e., Hips, temperament, size, and pedigree before receiving Permanent Registration. Dogs must have a preliminary x-ray, and have that x-ray approved before being bred. NO EXCEPTIONS.

1). Black Bordered Certificates are issued to:

a). Dogs that pass the size, temperament, and hip requirement but DO NOT posses at least 16 registerable “Shilohs” in their first 4 generations or 32 in their first 5 generations.

b). Any dogs that are sold as pets, not for breeding.

c). Dogs that do not meet one of these size, temperament, or hip requirements, but meet the pedigree requirements. 

Please note: Even though these dogs CAN be registered as Shilohs they are NON-BREEDABLE and therefore CAN NOT BE SHOWN IN ANY CONFORMATION SHOWS!!

2). Orange Bordered Certificates are issued to all dogs that pass all their hip, size, temperament requirements and either:

a)  Have not less than 16 registrable “Shiloh” in their first 4 generations with a minimum of 7 on one side or

b)   Have 32 in their first 5 generations with a minimum of 15 on one side.

Please note: any Dog/Bitch in this pedigree category that does not pass the size, hip and temperament requirements will be issued non-breeding papers.

3). Pink Bordered Certificates are issued to all puppies that have at least:

a)  16 registrable “Shiloh’s” in their first 4 generations, with a minimum of 7 on one side, or

b)  32 in their first 5 generations with a minimum of 15 on one side. These temporary certificates can stay in effect only until the individual dog reaches 36 months of age, but can be transferred to their permanent standing at any time after 13 months of age. Each dog must pass his/her hip, temperament, and size certification prior to receiving permanent papers.

c)  Any Dog/Bitch that does NOT pass the hip or temperament certification will be issued black bordered certificate, NON-BREEDING PAPERS!

d)  Any Dog/Bitch with at least 21 registrable Shiloh’s in their first 4 generations or 43 in their first 5 generations that passed both hip and temperament requirements but does not reach the size requirement prior to 36 months of age will be issued orange bordered certificates. BREEDABLE WITH CAUTION PAPERS!

4) Gold Bordered Certificates are issued ONLY to dogs that pass ALL 4 categories of:

  1. Size
  2. Hips
  3. Temperament
  4. Possess  a Pedigree with no less than 21 registrable Shiloh’s in the first 4 generations (minimum of 10 on one side) or 43 in the first 5 generations (minimum of 19 on one side).  These dogs are considered the ULTIMATE BREEDABLE QUALITY! A dogs registry papers may be re-evaluated at any time and downgraded to a lower level if that dog is used for breeding purposes and is producing an unusual number of offspring that do not meet the standards or all have certain faults. 

Please Note: Any dog from this category that does not reach size, but passes hip and temperament requirements will receive Orange papers.


Question #1: What if my dog is 36 months of age has his hip OFA and Temperament Certificate along with the Pedigree requirement of 21/43 for Gold certification, but has not reached the minimum size requirements yet?

Answer:  Your dog will receive permanent Orange (breedable with caution) Papers.

Question #2: What if my dog has 12 “Registrable Shiloh’s” on his sire’s side but only 4 on his dam’s.  Does he meet the 16 minimum requirement for Orange Certification?

Answer:  NO!! He must have AT LEAST 7 on one side the and rest on the other!

Question #3:  What if my dog is 32” at the withers and over 160 lbs. with excellent OFA hips and has passed all of the temperament requirements, but only has 14 “Registrable Shilohs’s” in his Pedigree?

Answer: He can still be registered as a “Shiloh”, but unfortunately, he will only be able to receive Black (non-breedable) papers.

Question #4: What if I purchase my dog from Shiloh Kennels does that mean I have a Gold quality show dog?

Answer #4: It all depends on what Breed of dog you purchased. Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheep dogs, etc. are not registrable as “Shiloh’s”. Only Dogs that fit the Requirements specified are eligible for registry with the I.S.S.R.

Question #5: What if I have a very large female that passes all of your requirements but only has 9 “Registrable Shiloh’s” in the first 4 generations can I breed her to a better quality male and then register the pups?

Answer: Yes, but only if you turn in the A.K.C. papers on both dogs to the I.S.S.R. (you are not allowed to double register individual dogs or litters!!) Your puppies would then receive their Pink (Temporary) Papers until they reached maturity and could be individually certified either Orange (For those that passed all of the requirements) or Black (for those that failed).

Please Note: Even though an individual dog may not qualify for registration, in this case, the puppies would qualify and therefore be Registrable!

Question #6: What if I purchase an OVERSIZED German Shepherd with a pedigree that says all of his ancestors were 30”-32”?

Answer: Proof of hips, temperament, and size on each dog as far back as the 5th generation MUST be submitted form the Owners and Breeders along with pictures (VHS tapes), Veterinarian statements, etc., etc., etc.  The Breed Warden may still choose to examine each living individual personally prior to issuing Certification Approval.

Question #7: What if the dog I purchased had 43 registrable “Shiloh’s” therefore qualifying for the “Gold” category, but upon reaching maturity, my dog did not attain the size requirement?

A: Your dog would then have to be certified within the Orange category, and you would have a legitimate complaint against the Breeder. If your dog was guaranteed to reach size, but failed, you have every right to ask for a replacement!!

Please note: The information listed above has been taken verbatim from the SSDCA, Inc. Newsletter, Vol. I No. 1, printed in late 1992.

It is being reprinted here for clarification.  If you would like to see a picture of the original page, please click on  

Furthermore, the seven Questions and Answers have been numbered and colored for easier reference.

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