Shiloh Shepherd™ History Preservation Project

The SSDCA, Inc. was incorporated in July 1991. The announcement of the club's formation was mailed out in the Shiloh Shepherd™ Kennels summer newsletter along with a membership application form. The fall 91 Shiloh Shepherd™ Kennels newsletter announced that henceforth there would be no further Shiloh Shepherd™ Kennels newsletters; in its lieu would be Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc. newsletters. Aside from other informative mailings that went out to all club members, 3 editions of the newsletter were published yearly from that point on. Now we would like to share pictures of those early newsletters along with some highlights from each.

From 1991 to 1997 14 editions were mailed out by the SSDCA. 

Year Vol.
Front/Back Cover
Articles of Interest
1991 July Formation of SSDCA, Shilohs at their first Show--don't miss this issue loaded with pictures!
  Shiloh Shepherd Winners 1991
Fall Selected Articles from the final 46 page Shiloh Shepherd™ Kennel Newsletter.
What is a Shiloh Shepherd
Breeders Code of Ethics
Original Shiloh Shepherd breed standard
Please note the membership dues which have not been raised since the club's inception!
1992 Vol. I ISSR.
In the Shows
Shep, Trinka and other early Shilohs
The first newsletters contained advertising on the first page; the entire front covers are not being reproduced.
ISSR Rules and Regulations
FAQ's around the Rules/Regulations
1993 Vol. II New board and new constitution.
Chicago or Bust!
How I Fell in Love with Shiloh Shepherds
These Are Not German Shepherds!
Note: Addresses and phone numbers of board members removed from front cover.
Vol. III Cherry Blossom Classic
Of Interest (Open Letter to GSQ)

What Are We Breeding For was originally published in this newsletter.
Warning: Don't Let This Happen to Your Breed!
A Message from the President
Note: Phone numbers of board members/officers removed from front cover.
Vol. IV The first all color SSDCA newsletter; new board of directors after the Iles attempted takeover of the club and registry.
1994 Vol. V Compilation of the best articles from the first 4 editions;
Vol. VI Cherry Blossom
Buyer Beware
The Reject Puppy
Vol. VII  
1995 Vol. VIII  
Vol. IX  
Vol. X  
1996 Vol. XI My First Dog Show
Vol. XII America is On Line
Vol. XIII  
1997 Vol. XIV  

 As of 9/97 the SSDCA agreed to step aside for one year and allow the ISSDC (a new club formed by the then vice president of the SSDCA) to take over full club activities as the parent club for the ISSR.  At the end of that time, if the members were agreeable, the SSDCA would disappear and the ISSDC would be the parent club. The agreement was broken however when the ISSDC announced the formation of their own new "registry" in January 1998. The SSDCA was immediately revived and by the spring/summer of 1998 had mailed out their double edition March/July '98 newsletter and continued to issue 3 newsletters yearly with the exception of 2000 when only 2 were issued due to Tina's fire. Since that time the SSDCA has continued to grow every year with more members now than every before! The ISSDC was soon rent by turmoil and was disbanded in 2001; it's "registry" split into 4 groups run by individual ever changing small coalitions of breeders. For further details, please review the History of the Club Split and the Shiloh Shepherd history timeline.

Our next edition will be coming out in Spring 2004--don't miss out on our full color online issues. Join the SSDCA, Inc. today!

Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc.

The Original Parent Breed Club for the Shiloh Shepherd™ since 1991

Don't be fooled by imitations!

Our record speaks for itself! 


Shiloh Shepherd™ History Preservation Project:

Thank you to lifetime SSDCA, Inc. members Judy and Frank Scrip for graciously donating their collection of early SSDCA, Inc. newsletters to the club after Tina's fire! Without your help, this project would not be possible!