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This page was first published in the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center in October 1999; it remains here as part of the historical record. The "other club" has since disbanded although other spurious "registries" have sprung up.  For more information, please check:

Confusion and Shiloh Shepherd History: the first 40 years.

History of the Club Split: 
March 97 Newsletter Announcement 

During all the years that I have devoted to my dogs, not once have any of my dogs ever tried to bite me! That's a lot more then I can say for the people I have met along the way! Decades before the SSDCA was formed, I printed "Newsletters" for all my customers. I organized the "Homecoming" in order for people to "get together", meet their dogs' littermates, etc. It also helped me tremendously by allowing me to spend time with the pups I sold, when they were "all grown up". I was better able to document the needed information, that would enable me to improve future generations. This type of personal contact was extremely important for the owners of these dogs, as well as any "hopeful" future breeders. I tried to continue these "proven" methods with the SSDCA. Bringing breeders and owners together at shows, and especially at the HOMECOMING is very crucial to the future development of the breed! It takes a long time to "create" something, destroying it can be accomplished much quicker! 

My phone has been ringing "off the wall" with people asking me why am I "leaving"? Let me assure you that I have no intentions of forsaking my beloved breed! These dogs are a very special gift from my heavenly Father! In "personal" newsletters I have told my customers all of the details surrounding the promised I received regarding those fantastic "dogs" we refer to as Shiloh Shepherds! I have written articles on the origins of the name "Shiloh" and plan to be sharing them, as well as lots of old pictures, etc. with my breeders. They hold the future of the breed in their hands, therefore, I must do everything I can to teach them everything I know! The VIB program will be come an educational program for all breeders, but until that can be put in place, I will continue the education as I have in the past. This is where I need to concentrate my efforts, not on dealing with "gossip", etc!….. 

I am entering into an agreement with Gary Allison and Dan Spinner. They understand my vision for this club, and have committed themselves to attaining those goals! Personally I have come to the end of "my rope" and need to pursue my new business in order to replenish the funds I have depleted, as well as to provide  more income, so I can attend a lot more shows in the future! They have my full support and will manage the re-structure and operation of the club. Wendy will remain as Secretary of the club, reporting to Gary and Dan. Member Marcia Turner will take over the duty of publishing the Newsletter, and Judy Vaneman will become the new Show Director.


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