The ISSR, Inc. was incorporated in July, 1991 along with the SSDCA, Inc. Entries into the database did not begin until September 1991, the beginning of our first fiscal year. The following chart lists every litter that has been registered with the ISSR over the past 11 fiscal years. Every litter produced under the direction of the Breed Warden is carefully evaluated via our extended RC (Relationship Coefficient) program that contains over 45,000 Shiloh Shepherd™ ancestors verified by the ISSR, Inc. database. Furthermore, approval is not given to any specific breeding pair that does not meet the strict guidelines set by the ISSR Rules and Regulations. All breeding dogs must pass size, hip and temperament evaluations, provide an extensively documented (5 generation) projection pedigree listing height, weight, color, coat, temperament,  littermate x-ray (LMX) hips  and 14 Dominant and Recessive characteristics plus individual LMI (Littermate Information) and RC (Relationship Coefficient) reports prior to submitting a litter application for approval. As per the ISSR Rules and Regulations,

Article 2: Section 4: Rules Pertaining to Litter Registration

The following rules apply to the registration of litters:  

All puppies to be registered with the I.S.S.R, Inc. must be born out of previously Registered "RED", "ORA" or "GOLD" Dogs only, and each puppy in the litter must be registered.

Furthermore no litter application will be accepted, unless the Breeder/Co-Breeder has a valid license and signed Breeders Code on file with the ISSR.

Section 4 Item A) Any litter application submitted without a four-generation pedigree on both the Sire and Dam, or a projection pedigree on the specific litter will be denied.  Furthermore, complete LMX Data on the Sire and/or Dam MUST meet the required 70% passing hip evaluation, or application will be returned.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will ANY progeny from such litters be eligible for Gold papers!

  Item A-1) Restricted litter applications must be submitted if:  

a)       Neither Sire nor Dam meets the 70% LMX requirements.

b)       Both Sire and Dam are ORA, and/or Red papered, or a combination of both.

c)   Either Sire/Dam fail to meet any other requirements.

Only restricted "yellow" papers will be issued to all progeny from such breedings. They will not qualify for GOLD upgrades  at any time.

Any application returned for insufficient LMX data, as per Article 2, Section 4 Item A, can resubmit a restricted form, whereby all progeny will be eligible for ORA or Black/white papers only.   

Item A-2) LMX data submitted on any Sire or Dam with less then two passing littermates in a litter of five or less will not qualify as having official data to meet the LMX requirements for unrestricted litter papers to be issued.  

Item A-3) No litter application will be accepted from any breeder nor co-breeder that has had any of their dog(s) ISSR registration(s) suspended/revoked within seven years of application. Furthermore, no litter application will be accepted from any breeder and/or co-breeder  (as per Article 2 Section 1) that is not licensed with a signed breeders code on file with the ISSR, Inc. as well as being a member in good standing with the SSDCA, Inc.  

Item A-4) No litter application will be accepted from any breeder whose breeding privileges are under investigation by the SSDCA, Inc nor from any breeder that actively owns/co-owns non ISSR approved stock that claim to be “Shiloh Shepherd™” registered dogs. Furthermore, the owner/co-owner of both the Sire and Dam must be members in good standing with the SSDCA, Inc and have a recent signed Breeders Code on file, and one or both must have fulfilled the licensing requirements of the ISSR, Inc.

For complete details regarding licensing requirements, please see Appendix A.

All breeders (along with each litter they produced) are listed by their geographic region (see below) and alphabetically by their last name. ISSR Licensed breeders also are listed by kennel name.  Every ISSR litter produced, along with the breeders status and litter information are listed under the following geographic regions:

Northeast (NY, New England, PA, OH, Ontario, Canada)

Southeast (MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, AL, FL)

Midwest (IN, IL, MI, WI, MN, IA)

Midsouth (KY, TN, MS, MO, Arkansas, LA)

Northwest (ND, SD, KS, UT, NV, ID, NE, WY, etc.)

Southwest (TX, AZ, NM, CO)

West Coast (CA, OR, WA, British Columbia)

We hope that the color codes we have added will help you recognize those that are still actively breeding ISSR dogs versus others. 

      Active ISSR Licensed Breeder  
      Unlicensed, non-active  
      Started/joined small groups that continue to market their various unapproved progeny as Shiloh Shepherds™. For full details please read Confusion*.  


*The confusion article explains the origins and provides some additional historic details in regard to the various bogus registries that have been formed over the past several years.  The chart you see below shows the actual amount of litters produced by these people (in brown) while they were associated with the ISSR.  If you take a few moments to examine the facts, it should be very easy to see that they did not make much of an impact on our gene pool.  Most of the puppies produced by these breeders HAVE remained in the ISSR.

We have estimated that less then 10% of the puppies produced within those litters have actually been used in a breeding program outside of the ISSR. 
Most of the stock being used by the "slivers" consists of "faulty" pets as can be seen in my BROKEN HEARTED articles.   These "shilohs" are then crossed with questionable GSD mixes and sold "as" "shilohs" for thousands of dollars!

Therefore, we would like to urge you to carefully investigate and verify any data that you may be presented with by anyone outside of the ISSR who is claiming to be producing "Shiloh Shepherds™."  Of course, all of our ISSR data has been continuously updated on our websites since 1997. And our entire history has been clearly documented on our HISTORY TIMELINE!



A Note from the Breed Founder
February 2003

Tina M. Barber

Over the past decade I have devoted a considerable amount of time to most of the breeders listed on these pages, in order to help them achieve their goals as they help each other to sufficiently expand our genepool in order for the Shiloh Shepherd to attain official recognition as a breed. Some have understood my vision and have worked/are still working very hard to help me reach these goals, while others were only interested in profiting from the reputation that these dogs had earned during the decades that they were bred at my Shiloh Shepherd™ kennel. They quickly jumped in to breed puppies without any regard for the future welfare of the entire breed. When following the strict ISSR rules became a difficulty for them, they just left. Some of these people later grouped together to set up various bogus "registries" in order to issue "papers" without having to follow the guidelines required by the ISSR, Inc.

It is my hope that the listings you have seen on these pages will help you to better understand the true history of this breed, as well as the people that have dedicated themselves toward helping me attain my vision for these magnificent dogs! It is because of these VIB's (Very Important Breeders) that have started out as Licensed Breeders and continued to expand their education via the OSS Academy as well as other programs sponsored by the SSDCA, Inc. (official parent club) that your grandchildren will someday be able to enjoy the special qualities that we all love about these dogs. If not for these pioneers, there may not have been a breed under development today, and certainly there would never have been a chance for an official "breed" known as the Shiloh Shepherd™ in the future.

If you feel that you have been drawn to these dogs, please take some time to fully investigate all claims that you will be hearing from various people claiming to be selling you "Shiloh Shepherd™" puppies. If they are not listed on our ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders page, then the puppies that they are attempting to sell you do not have any "real" accredited registry backing them! The ISSR is the only registry that has maintained data (as you can see on the following pages) on this breed--while still under development. Thanks to the TCCP we have documented extensive data on over 3000 Shiloh Shepherd™ dogs from birth through final adult registration! The ISSR has sponsored many programs, including the Health Survey 2000 that is being updated on a continuous basis.  Our Genetic Task Force team assists all ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders in collecting heart, hip and other data in order to make our dogs the best that they can be. 


Tina M. Barber

2008 Update

As you can see by the new charts posted above, we lost some ground due to the "sliver" fiasco's that we have been dealing with since the inception of my LB program, but we HAVE made a lot of progress in the past few years!! Most of the "fly by nights" that jumped in after my fire are now gone .. and the HONEST - DEDICATED LB's are moving forward in a positive way!!

In 2007 we had a total of 29  litters born!! This clearly shows a strong trend in the right direction; back to the way things SHOULD be!! Many of those pups have been placed on C/O's with potential future LB's that are dedicated to the TRUE vision for this "breed" -- STILL under development!!!

I am foreseeing 2009 as our BEST year ever!! Our Shining Stars  have been working very hard to help me expand our gene pool, and it looks like our future LB's will be a lot more dedicated to the BREED -- instead of their pocket book, or ego!! Take some time to look at the past mistakes, so that you will be able to better understand our future goals!!

These tables were originally published in 2001 and have been updated yearly in 2002, 2003, and 2004. The note from the breed founder was written in February 2003 exclusively for the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center.


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