The name "Shiloh Shepherds™" has been  in continuous use by
Tina Barber since 1974. 

All of the ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders listed below are members of the Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc. (SSDCA) and signers of the Breeders Code of Ethics and the Licensed Breeders Agreement. All stock is exclusively ISSR (established by the Breed Founder in 1990) certified. These breeders are also members of Tina Barber's  OSS Academy and VIB program and several are Regional/State representatives for their SSDCA, Inc. approved Affiliate Chapters. Any ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeder who has not fulfilled or has violated the Licensed Breeders Agreement is listed separately until said breeder complies as per the signed agreement. 

The following ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders have websites available for you to view. Links to upcoming litters, if applicable, are also provided for your convenience.
Kennel Year 
License # Breeder Location # of ISSR Registered
Stud Service Available Upcoming
Studs, Puppies, Dogs
New Zion ISSR Shilohs 1990 TBS-1974-001L /
Tina and Lisa Barber Fillmore, NY  169 Y   2013
Vision Kennel -- ISSR Shilohs 1996 BCV-1996-066-08 Barb and Dave Cullen Stouffville, Ont. 5  Y NA  S
Trillium Hill ISSR Shilohs 1997 KUT-1997-069-07 Karen Ursel Conesus, NY  7 Y   S
City Brick ISSR Shilohs 2001 CFB-2001-094-07 Corinne Filipski Buffalo, NY 0 Y NA S
Guardian Kennels 2001 VDG-2001-103-07 Vanessa Dutton Brooks, Albta. 5 Y 2013 P,S
SilverMist ISSR Shilohs 2001 WWS-2001-115-07 Wanda Wilson Elkridge, MD 0 NA  NA  NA 
Tigertoes Shilohs 2001 PDT-2001-120-07 Pam Dymond Weed Shoreline, WA 0  NA  NA  NA 
Strauss Haus ISSR Shepherds 2001 JSS-2001-118-07 Jessica Strauss Port Angeles, WA 7 Y 2013 P,S,D


WhiteFang ISSR Shilohs 2002 OTW-2002-130-08 Olga Twombly Leesburg, VA 0  Y NA  P
Solace ISSR Shilohs 2002


LKS-2002-141-08 Laura Kathryn Bothell, WA


Rising Star ISSR Shilohs 2003 SMR-2003-136-09 Sheila Masse N. Scituate, RI 3 N    P
Silver Maple Kennels 2004 MSS-2004-144-10 Michelle and James Sparks Chatham, Ont. Canada        
TiAmo Desert Mountain ISSR Shilohs 2005 NTT-2005-152-14 Mrs. Anthony P. (Nancy) Tisci Oro Valley, AZ 0 N NA NA
Savannah Shilohs 2007 LLS-2007-158-014 Laura Lizotte Gibsonia, PA 1 Y N S,P
RiverWind 2007 DMR-2007-157-14 Debbie Mayo Wheatland, OK 2 N 2013 S,P
Dakota 2008 LUD-2008-160-015 Lura Usselman Merriman, NE 0     P
Dutch Pride Shilohs 2009 ZBD-2009-172-015 Zwanet Boer Netherlands 1   2013 P
Echo Shilohs 2009 MME-2009-175-015 Mindy Mencias Noblesville, IN 0   2013 P
Epic Shilohs 2009 STE-2009-171-015 Sarah Tasca Innisfil, Ont. 2     S, P
Madden's Howlin Hills 2009 SMM-2009-180-015 Sherri Madden Lenoir, NC 1     P
Moon Song Shilohs 2009 DHM-2009-167-015 Denise Harden Stillwater, OK 2     S, P
Sparta Shilohs 2009 ZBS-2009-169-015 Zak Becker and Anne Becker Denton, TX 1     S, P
Qudrat Shepherds 2009 CSQ-2009-183-015 Christy Shore


Silvermoon 2009 MJS-2009-177-015 Maya Jerome Burke, VA        
Stonecold Shilohs 2009 EES-2009-174-015 Evie Esposito Bell Hawley, PA       S
IHOSS 2009 SLI-2009-176-015 Stacey Mark

Monroe, NY

1   2013


P, S


The following breeders-to-be are working to complete their Licensed Breeders requirements. Highlighted kennels have websites available for you to visit, others have chosen to be contacted via email. Please click on their name.

Kennel Year License # Breeder


# of ISSR Registered Litters

Upcoming Litters


Smoke N Ember ISSR Shilohs 2005 DUS-2005-150-08P Pat and Dale Urso Rhinelander, WI


Shamira Shilohs 2008 JFS-2008-164-011P Rick and Jan Foreman Kalamazoo, MI        2 2013 S, P
RiverPack Shilohs 2009 MSR-2009-179-012P Michelle Schubring Manassas, VA 1   S
Torridon ISSR Shilohs 2009 MFT-2009-168-012P Marcella Foster Dundee, OR 0 NA  
Sentinel Shilohs 2009 SGS-2009-181-012P Shani Gadwaw Blue Ridge Summit, PA 0 2013 S,P 
Zoar Valley Shilohs 2010 LPZ-2010-184-013P Linda Parlato Collins, NY 0 NA  S
Diamondwood Shilohs 2010 AAD-2010-186-013P Anne Abes Campbellville, Ont. 0  NA S
Victory Shilohs 2010 MBV-2010-188-013P Margaret and David Baumgarner Kitchener, Ont. 0  2012  S
Lowlands Shilohs 2011 MBL-2011-192-14P Marion Boomsma-Hulzebosch Netherlands 0  NA  S
Holtan Shilohs 2011 EGH-2011-191-014P Espen Gulbrandsen Norway     S,P
Winding Bend Shilohs 2011 JHW-2011-193-014P Jennifer Henske Manchester, MO     P
Midnight Sky Shilohs 2011 KIM-2011-194-014P Kristy Iusi Leechburg, PA     S
Flying Dog Shilohs 2011 TFF-2011-195-014P Teresa Fulcher Rio Rancho, NM      
Timber Ridge Kennels 2012 TQT-2012-198-015P Tammy Quarles Oxford, MS      
Zaan River 2012 AZZ-2012-199-015P Anja Zonjee Netherlands      
Fisher Crane 2012 CFC-2012-200-015P Carla Crane Wilmington, NC      
Willow Rock 2012 JWW-2012-201-015P Jeffrey Kyle Williams Yukon, OK     P
AZ Shilohs 2013 CAA-2013-202-016P Carla Armbruster Phoenix, AZ     S,P
Jewel Shilohs 2013 LVJ-2013-203-016P Lilian Versteeg Netherlands      
Terra Shilohs 2013 PTT-2013-204-016P Paula Terranova South Salem, NY     S, P


The following Licensed Breeders/LBITs  are temporarily inactive and have opted not to make their contact  information publicly available at this time.

Kennel Year License  # Breeder Location # of ISSR Registered Litters* Studs, Puppies, Dogs 
BetterWays ISSR Kennels 1992 SBB-1992-013-08 Stephen and Barbara Betcher Killeen, TX 15 Emeritus
Shepherds Ridge ISSR
2001 DKS-2001-113-07 Debbie Knatz Ridge, NY 0 S
Roads Less Traveled 2004 JGR-2004-143-10 Jennifer Grazer Hiram, GA 0 S
Carolina Mtn. ISSR Shilohs 2006 MJC-2006-154-09P Michelle W. Johnson Lenoir, NC    
Chehalem Mountain 2009 SBC-2009-173-012P Sondra
Hillsboro, OR    
Meritage Shilohs 2009 JNM-2009-178-012P Jolanda Naarding Tasmania, Australia    
House of Faith 2010 DDH-2010-182-013P Debby DeHesse Netherlands    
New Hope 2010 DKN-2010-185-013P Dana Keene/
Torri Spierling
Impressive Shilohs 2010 ASI-2010-190-013P Allen Szysko Upper Black Eddy, PA   P
Karma Kennels 2010 SOK-2010-187-013P Sue Olson Savage, MN 1 S



Due to a variety of reasons, the following former ISSR Licensed Breeders/Licensed Breeders in Training are currently inactive, although some listed might be reactivated within a relatively short time, while others have chosen just to participate as Ambassadors  at this time. If you would like to meet a Shiloh in person, please visit our Ambassador Map or contact your local chapter.

Kennel Year License # Breeder Location
Danica Kennel 1996 ELD-1996-055-07 Jay Luckett Centerville, MD
Highlife 1995 PMH-1994-024-07 Pamela Moody N. Farmingdale, NY
Green Mountain ISSR Shilohs 2008 TTG-2008-166-011P Terry Trombino Underhill Center, VT
Haymarket Shilohs 2010 ARH-2010-189-013P Aurelio Roca Haymarket, VA
New Days ISSR Shilohs 2005 TDN-2005-148-08P Terry DeVito Enfield, CT
Overdog Shilohs 2008 PHO-2008-163-011P Pam Houghtaling Brier, WA
RoseCity ISSR Shilohs 2005 IVR-2005-149-08P Irene Valeneuza OR
Serenity Hill Shiloh 2003 WLS-2003-139-09 Willie Lass Prescott, AZ
Shomeir Royim Shiloh 2008 CBS-2008-161-011P Cheryl Ben-Magen Seattle, WA
Silver Run Shilohs 2008 CAS-2008-162-011P Chris Adair Phoenixville, PA
SouthWind ISSR Shilohs 2008 JWS-2008-165-011P Jackie Watson Mt. Pleasant, SC
Wildfire Kennel 2001 JSW-2001-122-07 Jessica Chandler, AZ
Winter Harbour 2001 JMW-2001-123-09 Jennifer
Granville Ferry, NS

For a complete listing of future hopeful ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders please view our list of ISSR, Inc. Registered Kennel Names.

*Litter data is not up to date! 
LB's and LBIT's updated Dec. 8, 2013

The following former ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders have had their licenses revoked due to their violation of the Licensed Breeders Agreement and are therefore listed below as per the following section of the LBA:
I understand that my failure to comply with any of the above agreed upon requirements may result in the suspension or revocation  of my Licensed Breeder status or other sanction(s) pursuant to the Licensed Breeder Agreement Schedule of Sanctions. I have read and fully understand the ISSR, Inc. Schedule of Sanctions for all Licensed Breeders. I fully understand that a suspension or revocation of my Licensed Breeder status includes the publication of this sanction with my name on the Shiloh Shepherd™ website as well as in the SSDCA, Inc. Newsletter.
Kennel Name Year Name Location # of Litters Produced # of Shilohs Owned
GEP Kennel 2001 Greg Andrews Ontario, Canada 0 2
Heartsong Shilohs 2001 Olga Wallace Marysville, WA 1 2
Blue Moon Shilohs 2001 Katie Gallagher Summit, NJ 1 3

For additional information regarding former LB/LBIT's that have chosen to betray the ISSR and join the sliver camp, please view Tina's detailed Who's Who article!

This list is subject to change!

We recommend that anyone interested in possibly starting a Shiloh Shepherd™ breeding program in the future take the time to read the ISSR, Inc. Rules and Regulations as well as the new ISSR, Inc. Requirements for Licensed Breeders

Please note: The ISSR (International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry) in no way endorses these breeders, makes no claims of, nor is responsible for, any breeder/client relationship or contracts, written or verbal, which arise from contact made through this site.


Before purchasing a Shiloh Shepherd™, please be sure that the entire litter is ISSR registered and that you will receive official "ISSR" papers.

The ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders (listed above) are the only ones that have earned the right to represent their dogs as Shiloh Shepherds™ (using that name with  permission granted by Tina Barber, common law owner of that kennel name). Any one else attempting to represent their GSD mix as a Shiloh Shepherd™ is nothing more then an Oxymoron. Be sure to study Tina Barber's whos who.

Please note: Trademarks
Anyone willfully using the name Shiloh ShepherdsTM to represent their non-ISSR (illegitimate) dogs will be properly dealt with in due time!

UPDATE 10/27/04

On September 29th we were informed that a small group of oxymorons had applied to the UKC for recognition of the *Shiloh Shepherd* as a UKC breed. We immediately replied with a LETTER TO THE UKC  and within days our members had started writing letters  and signing a  Petition asking the UKC to reject the appllication!!  Full details were shared on our private & public forums.  On October 21st we were pleased to announce that we had received confirmation from Mr. Cavanaugh, the UKC president, that the applicants were no longer being considered!  We would also like to thank all of the other breed clubs for their strong support during our plight, and of course all of the  LB's that stood strong to protect the future welfare of our breed!! Please take a few minutes to read the full details  regarding this entire event!

Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. Response to the UKC


UPDATE 3/22/11

This year we are planning to apply for full AKC recognition! More of our dogs are again being shown - and earning their titles!! Our club is growing by leaps and bounds and we are expanding our chapter  events from coast to coast!!! The frauds are fading out but still trying to sell fake puppies, so BEWARE!! Don't waste your money on a wannabee - get the REAL DEAL!!

To view the complete history of all ISSR affiliated LB/LBIT's that have
joined/left/stayed with the program, please view our BREEDER MATRIX!!


Listing of ISSR, Inc. Registered Litters (1991-2007)

ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeder Matrix (1991-2009) Lists everyone who has ever signed a legal contract with Tina Barber to breed Shiloh Shepherds and then reneged along with their current status.

Real Questions/Honest Answers From the Shiloh Shepherd™ Breed Founder


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