ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeder Agreement

International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry, Inc. 


I am aware that as an ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeder I am  part of a "TEAM" whose mission is to learn everything possible today, in order that Shiloh Shepherds™ will continue successfully tomorrow! I take this task seriously and commit to performing the duties and responsibilities that accompany it. Furthermore, I recognize that while the granting of Licensed Breeder status must be earned, it also is considered a privilege that may be suspended or revoked as a consequence of any violation of the following requirements and expectations. I understand and agree that only Licensed Breeders are permitted to file Litter Applications with the International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry, Inc.

1. I agree to live up to the privileged status I have attained as an ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeder / Licensed Breeder in Training. I commit to faithfully and professionally  support and promote the  rules and regulations of the ISSR, Inc., the SSDCA, Inc. Constitution and By-laws and the Breeders Code of Ethics. I further agree to be an active member in my local Chapter. If no local Chapter is available, I will make every effort to start or help to start and maintain a Chapter in my area. 

2. I agree to initiate a personal program of professional development as well as to actively participate in and contribute to the Breed Founder's program of ongoing education and research to help better the breed. This commitment includes my agreement to inform my fellow Licensed Breeders of any pertinent information, data, etc., that I have obtained or of which I have become aware. The mechanism for sharing and communicating this information, data, etc., shall be by submitting same directly to or to the Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Academy (

I understand that this program of education and research is intended to be a continuing process, independent of any other activity, e.g., litter production. Furthermore, I fully understand that any non-participation in this continuing education/research program for a term of 90 days or longer may result in the immediate suspension of my license (and breeding privileges) for a like period. Consequently, any litters that may have been bred, whelped, or subject to registration during such a suspension, where I am listed as owner/co-owner, may not be eligible for registration.

3. I promise to breed only the best progeny possible to enhance and ensure the longevity and continuous betterment of the Shiloh Shepherd™ breed. Experimental or test breedings (if any) will not  be done in the absence of  the express and advance approval of the Breed Warden. Furthermore I agree to study the health issues (listing all known carriers) of every prospective breeding to ensure that only the most compatible combinations will be bred, thereby reducing as many health risks as possible.

4. I agree to collect, document and maintain all Littermate (LMI) data on each litter I produce or co-produce. I further agree to  submit all of this data to the ISSR via the GTF online health survey or by mailing in the proper form directly to the ISSR Secretary (Karen Ursel, PO Box 92202, Rochester, NY 14692. I fully agree to disclose  any and all faults and/or health problems that  I know or suspect to exist in the bloodlines with which I am working.

 I understand that my failure to provide honest, true and timely data, as well as any attempt on my part to withhold data or obscure suspected problems, will constitute an automatic one-year suspension for each offense.

5. I recognize that as a Licensed Breeder / Licensed Breeder in Training I have been entrusted with the future of the Shiloh Shepherd™ breed. As such, working with my puppy owners is a serious responsibility to the dogs I love. Therefore, I agree to sell all puppies with a detailed guarantee and a comprehensive follow-up and breeder support program designed to pass on my knowledge whenever and wherever possible to ensure that proper  breeding practices will continue for many generations to come. If for any reason I am unable to follow up on any specific puppy/litter, I agree to seek the assistance of a fellow LB/VIB in fulfilling my responsibility. Likewise, if assistance is sought from me in following up on any specific puppy litter, I commit to providing any and all help possible.

In the event I have not reached my full Licensed Breeder status prior to producing a litter, I agree to work with my sponsor to provide all future puppy buyers with a comprehensive guarantee, as per the general policies established and practiced by the breed founder.

6. I promise to place my puppies carefully, matching buyer needs to the character of each individual puppy.  In the event I do not have nor expect shortly to have a specific type of puppy for interested buyers or inquirers, I will recommend other ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders who may have a more suitable puppy. Furthermore, I will encourage everyone that contacts me about my puppies to join the Shiloh Shepherd  Community Forums in order to allow other LB's to share additional information to better educate fanciers interested in the Shiloh Shepherd™ regarding all aspects of the breed.

I agree to sell all Show/Breeding potential puppies ONLY to an individual that has signed the Breeders Code of Ethics and is a member in good standing with the SSDCA, Inc. or has made application for same. I further agree that such puppies shall ONLY be sold on a co-ownership contract unless the buyer is another Licensed Breeder in good standing. I further agree to sell all of my non-upgradeable pet quality pups on a neuter/spay contract only.

7. I agree to provide the necessary follow up and support to ensure that all my co-owners are thoroughly informed of the ISSR's Rules and Regulations, as well as the overall responsibilities and expectations of all persons actively involved in the Shiloh Shepherd™ breed.

I recognize and agree that only dogs properly registered with the ISSR, Inc. may be called and/or advertised as "purebred," "genuine," and/or "original" Shiloh Shepherds™. I understand and accept the fact that any involvement in breeding, owning or co-owning any dog that is being represented as a Shiloh Shepherd™ yet is not neutered/spayed nor properly registered with the ISSR, Inc. puts me in direct violation of this agreement. Thus, I agree, as witnessed at the end of this Contract, to remove my name from any ISSR, Inc., dog(s) that I may co-own or on whom  I have a breeder's agreement, in order to allow continued use of these dogs within the ISSR, Inc.

In the event that my Licensed Breeder breeding privileges are suspended or revoked, I agree as witnessed at the end of this Agreement, to allow my interest in any dog I co-own to be bought out at a price not to exceed the original purchase price of the dog. Further, as a Licensed Breeder, I agree to include this clause in all contracts that include a co-ownership and/or breeders agreement. Additionally, I agree that my failure to include such language in my co-ownership contracts may result in the suspension or revocation of my Licensed Breeder status.

8. I agree to attend no less than three shows / trials / matches / events in my area within a calendar year. Furthermore I promise to vigilantly encourage owners of my dogs to show and/or attend as many of the same as possible in their area. I commit to making every effort to promote the Shiloh Shepherd™ breed at every opportunity.  My conduct will, at all times, reflect my responsibility as an "Ambassador" of  the breed. Upon completion of my Licensed Breeder In Training requirements and reaching my full Licensed Breeder status, I further agree to choose three (or more) "personal" Licensed Breeder In Training students from the Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy (OSSA) to mentor, help and teach all that I have been privileged to learn. With their consent, I agree to list the names of my students as well as to provide annual progress reports on each one, directly to my fellow Licensed Breeders via the Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Academy.

9.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility for the marketing and sale of my puppies. Therefore, I will take part in regularly sponsored SSDCA, Inc. co-op ads each calendar year as follows:

a. Upon joining this program, I agree to advertise my kennel name in at least one SSDCA, Inc. sponsored co-op ad, e.g., DogsUSA (or other country) on a yearly basis, as a symbol of the growth and popularity of the Shiloh Shepherd™ Breed.

b. During the years that my dogs are available at stud and/or I have litters planned, I agree to participate in at least 2 SSDCA, Inc. sponsored co-op ads and no less than 3  ads if I am expecting to produce puppies in the following year! Furthermore, I agree to maintain my enhanced listing on the ISSR Licensed Breeder page.

c. I will also advertise my kennel name in at least three issues per year (per Litter I produce that year) of Dog World, Dog Fancy or other major canine publication in my country of residence. 

My failure  to do so will put me on probation with the "Team".

Furthermore, I agree to boldly proclaim my affiliation with the ISSR, Inc. in all my public advertisements, e.g., my website, brochures, business cards, ads, etc. 

10.  I agree that the interests of the "Team" take precedence over the individual interests of any single member. I agree that should any problem arise between any other Licensed Breeder and me, I will talk directly to the person(s) involved or bring such problems to the attention only of the Breed Founder. I will not slander nor libel my fellow Licensed Breeder teammates. I will not knowingly cause or perpetuate discord amongst my fellow Licensed Breeder teammates. If a matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved, I agree to bring it to the attention of the Grievance Committee. I will NOT publicly discuss any problem(s) prior to the final disposition of the SSDCA, Inc. Advisory Board of Directors and I agree to abide by the final resolution of the ISSR, Inc. Furthermore I commit to keeping my students informed of the content of this Agreement and to monitoring their adherence in this regard. In the event one of my students fails to uphold this agreement I agree to take appropriate action, which may include severing my relationship with that student and reporting same to the Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Academy, the SSDCA, Inc. Advisory Board of Directors, as well as the ISSR, Inc.

I have read this agreement over carefully and in its entirety. I understand and agree to abide by its requirements.   I understand that my failure to comply with any of the above agreed upon requirements may result in the suspension or revocation  of my Licensed Breeder status and/or  result in other sanction(s) pursuant to the Licensed Breeder Agreement Schedule of Sanctions. I have read and fully understand the ISSR, Inc. Schedule of Sanctions for all Licensed Breeders. I fully understand that a suspension or revocation of my Licensed Breeder status includes the publication of my violation (along with full details regarding my violation) with my name on the Shiloh Shepherd™ website as well as in the SSDCA, Inc. Newsletter. In the event of a suspension or revocation I will not be eligible to re-enter without paying the appropriate fines, as set forth by the ISSR, Inc.

Furthermore I certify that I am a member in good standing with the SSDCA, Inc. and have also signed the required current Breeders Code of Ethics. I understand that should my membership be revoked/suspended/lapsed for any reason, I will also lose all rights as an accredited Licensed Breeder within the ISSR, Inc. Furthermore, I understand that this agreement will automatically become null and void upon the expiration of my registered kennel name and must therefore be resubmitted every three years (as per the ISSR Rules and Regulations, Article 2 Section 6) along with my renewal form and fees in order for me to retain my ISSR Licensed Breeder status. 

I understand that my failure to comply with all requirements listed in this agreement will result in immediate dismissal at the end of our  fiscal year.   ______ (Please initial)

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Revision History

Original LBA effective 9/1/1991

Fully Revised and Updated by the ISSR and unanimously agreed upon by all current ISSR Licensed Breeders effective  9/1/2001
Updated with minor clarifications by the ISSR, Inc. and the SSDCA Executive Boards of Directors   9/1/2004

Updated with minor clarifications by the ISSR, Inc. and the SSDCA Executive Boards of Directors 3/15/2009

Updated with clarifications by the ISSR, Inc. and the SSDCA Executive Boards of Directors 7/3/2009

Changed email address from to    8/18/2011

View the ISSR, Inc. Schedule of Sanctions for All Licensed Breeders and requirements for entry into the Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy.