About Tina Barber

Tina has been involved in training, showing and breeding dogs for over 40 years. Besides training and degreeing 14 Schutzhund dogs for NASA, she has given seminars all over the United States and Canada. In 1974 she spearheaded the Litter Mate X-Ray program and shared her vision with a significant number of AKC dog clubs, especially the Large Breed Working Dog organizations that specialized in breeds such as the Danes, Dobermans and Rottweilers.  For over thirty years she has conducted training classes and given private instruction. Her Practical Genetics seminar was condensed into an article that was published in the prestigious German Shepherd Quarterly in 1982.  She has held week long workshops on such topics as proper imprinting and socialization, as well as the basic principles of the Shiloh Training Method from coast to coast across North America from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia and the South from Orlando, FL to California.  Since 1991 she has served as President of the Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc. as well as the Breed Warden for the International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry, Inc.

How to Schedule Tina for an Event

Tina as the Shiloh Shepherd™ Breed Founder and Breed Warden is frequently asked to perform litter evaluations and give consultations, seminars and training workshops.

The following guidelines apply.

Litter Evaluations

Arrangements for Tina to perform a litter evaluation on your ISSR, Inc. registered Shiloh Shepherd™ puppies must be scheduled far in advance. Please contact the SSDCA, Inc. Secretary for available times and to confirm arrangements.

A general rule of thumb is that an in depth litter evaluation to be performed on four or fewer puppies will take one day plus travel time. An evaluation of 5 or more puppies will take up to 2 days plus travel time. 


 1. One day travel time must be allowed if the trip is over 100 miles each direction.

2. Mileage will be paid from the tester’s home to the site of the litter evaluation at at the IRS reimbursement  rate of $0.445 per mile (as of January 2006).

3. If a rental car is required, all related expenses are the responsibility of the litter owner(s).

4. Flight arrangements are the responsibility of the litter owner(s).

a)  Proposed flight arrangements must be approved by the SSDCA secretary prior to finalizing.

b)  Any non-stop flight over 8 hours must be first class seating.

c)  All expenses incurred (airport parking, transportation from the airport to the motel, and to and from the site of the litter evaluation) are the responsibility of the litter owners.


  1. Motel or hotel arrangements and payments are the responsibility of the litter owner(s) but must be approved by the SSDCA Secretary.  Tina requires a smoking room.

  2. For a one day litter evaluation, plan on one night’s accommodation provided that the total travel time involved is greater than three hours.

  3. For a two day litter evaluation, plan on two to three nights accommodation if the travel time involved is over three hours.


  • $30 per day food allowance.

  • If meals are to be provided, Tina’s special dietary concerns must be considered.

Evaluation Fee

  • There is a $100 charge per puppy.  (This fee may be waived if Tina co-owns the litter).

All arrangements must be made and expenses (including the per puppy fee) must be paid a minimum of 24 hours prior to the evaluation.


For in depth advice about training issues, behavioral problems, breeding questions and questions that your breeder cannot answer, you may make an appointment for a consultation with Tina Barber by contacting the Club Secretary at 585 346-7350 between the hours of 8 and 9 PM EST.  Detailed Relationship Coefficient reports with in depth analysis from Tina (as only she can provide) may be ordered for $90 each through the club secretary. Please contact the secretary for the fee schedule.

Private Training

a)  Private training sessions are $70 per hour plus travel expenses as per the litter evaluation guidelines.

b)  Arrangements must by approved by the Club Secretary.


Seminars run approximately 8 hours (including lunch and breaks as needed)

You may choose to pay a per-hour speaking fee ($70/hour plus expenses as per the LER schedule) or have each person attending pay an admission fee of $45. If you choose the latter, then you must guarantee a minimum number of attendees as per the following examples:

  1. A local seminar (within 2 hours driving distance) will require a 10 person minimum.

  2. A 15 person minimum will be required for seminars within a reasonable driving distance that require an overnight stay

  3. A 20 person minimum will be required for any distant seminar that will need a 2 night stay.

  4. A 25 person minimum will be required if travel arrangements have to include air travel plus 2-3 nights lodging.

*A 20% discount will be provided for all SSDCA, Inc. Chapters, in order for same to apply the $9 per person savings towards location cost or other chapter expenses.

You may schedule Tina for a seminar by contacting the Club Secretary.  If you choose to pay the per-hour speaking fee plus expenses, then travel and motel arrangements must be approved by the Club Secretary.

Hands on Clinic (Two Days)

1.  5 hour Q&A seminar plus

2.  Approximately 11 hours of Hands On workshops and working with individuals and dogs

3.   Minimum of 12 people

4.   Cost is $120 per person for the two day clinic.

5.   Arrangements must be approved by the Club Secretary.

Please e-mail the Club secretary with any questions.


For further clarification, please consult the ISSR, Inc. Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Originally posted to the Learning Center: August 2002