Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy Participation

The following requirements are mandatory for participation in the Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy (OSSA):

1. All LBITs desiring to join the OSSA forum must obtain sponsorship from an accredited Licensed Breeder.

2. All LBIT's and LB's, past and present, must sign the new non-disclosure agreement.

3. The signed Licensed Breeder Agreement must be upheld in its entirety or suspension will be enforced.


Please keep in mind that participation in the OSSA Forum is a privilege, not a right! The following statement has been upheld since the on-line inception of this program began in 2000.

Welcome to the OriginalShilohShepherd™ Academy
 designed to prepare and educate
 current and future ISSR breeders.

To be admitted into the OSS Academy, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a member in good standing with the SSDCA, Inc. for at least one year
2. Have purchased a breeding quality ISSR, Inc. registered Shiloh Shepherd™ from an ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeder.
3. Be nominated by your Licensed Breeder to participate
4. Have a registered kennel name and have a signed current Breeders Code of Ethics and Licensed Breeders Agreement on file with the ISSR, Inc.  Please refer to  Requirements to Become an ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeder  
5. Or be a reputable experienced professional breeder invited by the Breed Founder to participate as a "Visiting Professor."



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