ISSR Registered Shiloh Shepherd™ Kennel Names

The following kennel names have been reserved as per the ISSR, Inc. Rules and Regulations by current and/or potential future Shiloh Shepherd™ breeders/owners although they may or may not be Licensed Breeders at this time.  The names are listed for your convenience in the event that you may be considering using a specific name in the future.

Kennel names are registered for a three year term and become the sole property of that owner, who has the option to renew said name perpetually. In the event that the owner chooses not to renew his/her name, the ISSR still adds an additional two year limbo period to that name before it can be registered to any other person. The names are listed below, alphabetically. 


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Registered Kennel Name Year Registered Current Status
Abba's Shilohs 2003 Sliver
Amber Mist 2010 Active
Annawakee Creek Shilohs 2001 Expired
Asgard Kennel 2001 Expired
Atlantic Sable Shilohs 2003 Sliver
Aumakua Shilohs 2001 Expired
Aurora Shilohs 2001 Expired
AZ Shilohs 2013 Active
Bearpaw Shilohs 2003 Sliver
Belle-Grace Shilohs 2001 Sliver
Betterways Kennels Mar-92 Active
Bilan Shepherds  Apr-95 Active
Blue Paws 2012 Active
BraveHeart 2001 Expired
Brick Chapel 2005 Sliver
Camelot Kennel 1999 Deceased
Carolina Mtn. Shilohs 2006 Active
Cascade 2001 Expired
Chaniya's All-American Kennels Jan-96 Expired
Chehalem Mtn. Shilohs 2009 Active
City Bricks Kennel 2001 Active
Coats of Many Colors Shilohs 2001 Expired
Countrydog 2006 Active
Dakota 2008 Active
Danica Kennels Aug-96 Active
Dayspring Kennel 2001 Active
Deacon Shepherds Feb-99 Expired
Desert Wind Kennel 2001 Expired
Deelight Kennels 2003 Active
Destiny Shilohs  Mar-96 Expired
Devotion Kennels 2006 Expired
Diamondwood Shilohs 2009 Active
Dogwood Kennels  Apr-95 Expired
Dutch Pride Shilohs 2008 Active
Echo Shilohs 2009 Active
Eden Kennels 2001 Expired
Enchanted Flame 2001 Expired
Epic Shilohs 2009 Active
Evergreen Kennels 2001 Expired
Flying Dog Shilohs 2011 Active
Free Spirit Shilohs 2006 Active
Freestate Kennels Aug-95 Expired
GEP Kennel 2001 Sliver
Gnostic Quest 2007 Active
Golden Spirit 2001 Expired
Gottsberg Kennels 2001 Expired
Green Acres  2000 Expired
Green Mountain Shilohs 2008 Active
Guardian Kennels 2001 Active
Harmony Shilohs  Mar-97 Expired
Haymarket Shilohs 2010 Active
Heartsong Shilohs 2001 Expired
Hidden Oak Kennels 2001 Expired
Highlander Shepherds  Oct-96 Sliver
Highlife Kennels  Aug-95 Active
Holtan Shilohs 2011 Active
Hosanna Shilohs 2009 Active
House of Faith 2009 Active
Howling Winds 2001 Sliver
IHOSS Kennels 2009 Active
Impressive Shilohs 2010 Active
Jacamu Shilohs 2010 Active
Jewel Shilohs 2013 Active
Karma Kennels 2010 Active
Keystone Shilohs 2003 Sliver
Kingdom Kennel Apr-97 Expired
KTF Shilohs   2000 Expired
Legacy Shilohs 2009 Active
Legend Shilohs Aug-99 Expired
Lone Star 2002 Expired
Lowlands Shilohs 2010 Active
Madden Shiloh's Kennel 2009 Active
Madden's Howlin Hills 2012 Active
Majestic Knights Kennel 2001 Sliver
Maranantha Kennels May-98 Expired
McKenzie Shoals Shepherds Sep-96 Expired
Meritage Shilohs 2008 Active
Midnight Sky Shilohs 2011 Active
Moon Shadow Shilohs 2008 Active
Moon Song Shilohs 2008 Active
Mystic Morn 2002 Expired
Narnia 2001 Active
New Days 2005 Active
New Hope Shilohs 2009 Active
New Zion Shilohs Sep-90 Active
Nizhoni Shilohs 2002 Expired
Noble Acres  2000 Sliver
Noble House 2008 Deceased
North Shore Shilohs 2002 in Limbo
North Star Kennels  Nov-97 Expired
Northern Lights Kennel May-98 Active
Omni 2004 Deceased
Orso Demontes Shilohs 2001 Expired
Overdog Shilohs 2008 Active
Packs Hilltops Kennel Mar-95 Expired
PAW Kennel Dec-99 Expired
Peaceful  2001 Expired
Petra Kennels Jul-99 Expired
Polem's Kennel 2001 Expired; renamed Atlantic Sable as sliver
Qudrat 2009 Active
Raid the Wind 2000 Sliver
Rain Forest 2001 Expired
Rich Hills 199? Active
Rising Star 2003 Active
RiverPack 2009 Active
Rivers Run 2003 Limbo
RiverWind 2007 Active
Roads Less Traveled 2004 Active
Rocky Mountain 2010 Active
RoseCity 2005 Active
Salish Sea 2010 Sliver
Savannah 2006 Active
Sequoia Shepherds 2003 Sliver
Sentinel Shilohs 2009 Active
Serenity Hills Shiloh 2003 Active
Seven Fires 2001 Expired
Shadow Hill Shilohs 2001 Sliver
Shadowgate Farm 2003 Sliver
Shamira Shilohs 2008 Active
Shepherd on the Ridge 2001 Active
Shiloh Shepherds™ 1974 ACTIVE
Shiloh's of Bethel  2000 Expired
Shilohs of Kai-Lyn  2001 Sliver
Shomeir Royim Shiloh 2008 Active
Silver Maple 2004 Active
Silver Run 2008 Active
SilverMist 2001 Active
Silvermoon 2009 Active
Sirius Shilohs 2001 Expired
Siskiyou Shepherds  Mar-95 Sliver
Sleepy Hollow Shilohs 2000 Expired
Smoke 'N Ember 2005 Active
Solace Shilohs 2002 Inactive
Southern Highlights 2003 In Limbo
SouthWind Shilohs 2008 Active
Sparta Shilohs 2008 Active
Spring Meadows Shilohs 2009 Active
Stonecold Shilohs 2008 Active
Strauss Haus Shepherds 2001 Active
Surf N Shilohs 2008 Active
Sun Devil 2005 In Limbo
Terranova Shilohs 2013 Active
Thunderidge Shilohs 2001 Expired
TiAmo DESERT MOUNTAIN Shilohs 2005 Active
Tigertoes Shilohs 2001 Active
Timbaland Shilohs 2010 Active
Torridon Shilohs 2009 Active
Trillium Hill Shilohs Mar-97 Active
Twigs & Roses Shilohs 2008 Active
Unaka Ridge Shilohs 2010 Active
Valleybreeze Shepherds  Sep-95 Expired
Victory Shilohs 2010 Active
V.I.D. House for Very Important Dogs 2002 Expired
Vision Kennels Nov-96 Active
WaSha's Shilohs  2001 Expired
WhiteFang Shilohs 2002 Active
Wildfire Kennel 2001 Active
Willow Rock 2012 Active
Winding Bend 2011 Active
Winter Harbor 2001 Active
Wolf Creek 2005 Active
Wolfden Shilohs 2001 Sliver
Zoar Valley Shilohs 2010 Active

Note: All active ISSR Licensed Breeders and Breeders in Training are color coded in Blue and have their websites/blogs/contact info linked to their kennel name.

Names in Green are for kennel names that are still active.

Names in Red are Expired.

Names in Black are in limbo.

Names in brown are kennels who are actively supporting groups opposed to Tina Barber and the ISSR's vision for the Shiloh Shepherd.

Please note: The ISSR (International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry) in no way endorses these breeders, makes no claims of, nor is responsible for, any breeder/client relationship or contracts, written or verbal, which arise from contact made through this site.

For more recent information, please check out our ISSR Licensed Breeder Matrix.


Last modified: Thursday, 04. September 2014