Another Installment in the Continuing Brokenhearted Breed Founder Series

by Tina M. Barber

Report Filed: October, 2005

Upon arriving I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sheila had done a magnificent job decorating her booth!!

Since the first show had already started we rushed over to watch.  I wasn't shocked at what I saw, this time! The tails on these dogs were even worse than what I had seen at their last show. Even poor Hope looked a bit disgusted!

I immediately rushed over to get our IBS and Sheila and I proceeded to hand it to the judges! We all stood around watching as they took the time to quickly view the pictures.  Did it help? The real Shilohs enter the ring--but who will win?

Yup, you guessed it!

Now what? Do I jump up and down screaming about tails? They all have horrible tails! Since this is a "Rarities" show, and these six sliver dogs enter all of their shows--they can't lose face by putting up a real Shiloh, now can they? This is the ugly side of politics--but they are paying a "bit" more attention to the tails who do you think they put up in the third show? Yoda!

Well, at least our booth was getting lots of traffic!

I felt bad for Sheila and her chapter. They had put so much work into the Expo's in their area.  This was the fourth major public awareness venture over the past two years and they still can't beat the politics that "Rarities" has been dishing out, even though they have gorgeous, well trained dogs!

Sunday started out a bit better.  As we arrived (late), Sheila rushed out to inform us that Hope had  taken Group One!

Everyone was extremely elated over the the news, and our booth was packed even more on what should have been our slow day than it was all weekend!


A lot of people were excited to finally meet the real Shiloh Shepherd, and they weren't disappointed, although many were shocked when they discovered that most of them were just pups! They had a hard time believing that Hans was only 7 months old and that 30" Brady was only 10 months and still growing!

We'd like to thank all of our members for displaying their dedication to the real Shiloh Shepherd by assisting Sheila and the SSONE chapter with this expo.  Many good people had the opportunity to meet our dogs.  The knowledge that others received is still spreading via our forums!


Originally published Nov. 2005
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