Rarities and NAKC Show: Hartford Pet Expo
Part of the Broken Hearted Breed Founder Series of Reports

Hartford, CT  Oct. 2006: Another year, another sliver show in Connecticut.  Same dogs, same handlers, SAME FAULTS! I guess these folks just don't have any time to look at the breed standard--or maybe they are just convinced (self-deluded into thinking) that *their* vision of these dogs is better than the REAL one?

When people ask me about the difference between the ISSR shows and the sliver ones, I always tell them that the slivers like to grab a sow and clean it up to perfection, then dress to the hilt and run around pretending they are in a "real" show!

The ISSR folks tend to walk in with their magnificent Shilohs, a la naturelle, and just have fun! You won't see little kids handling the sliver dogs, maybe because of their questionable temperaments? And anyone that takes some time to look at the IBS drawings, and then at the dogs in the ring, will be able to clearly see the horrible faults on these dogs.

I have not noticed ANY improvement whatsoever--instead the dogs seem to be getting even smaller and finer boned! The tails are as bad as they have always been and the heads are getting more snipey too! Maybe it's because of the OTX program? That's what most of the "new" models are starting to look like--gay-tailed, poor quality GSD's.

Just look at these heads! I'm sure that some of these dogs (those without health problems) may be excellent pets--but they certainly should NOT be incorporated into a haphazard breeding program in order to mass produce hundreds of faulty 'shiloh" pups! There is just no rhyme nor reason for such behavior, especially by those that proclaim to be "breeders"

Maybe they should take some time to read "Puppy Producers: What Are They?"

When I look at those dogs' expressions, I can clearly see that they are embarrassed to be there!! Guess it proves ONE thing .. maybe they have more sense then their owners?? After all, some of them still have a "little bit" of Shiloh blood running in their veins! I have also noticed that these dogs no longer draw the *big* crowds that they once used to. Just looking at the pics it's pretty evident that most of the spectators seem to be ignoring them!! Or just staring at the dogs ... in shock??? Disgust?? I wonder *what* they are thinking as they view this farce of a "dog show"

They certainly don't seem to enjoy it like the folks that visit our Specialties do!!

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