Established in 1991

SSDCA, Inc. Grievance Committee Procedures


1) Any grievance issue presented must be in writing and filed in duplicate with the Secretary, along with a $100.00 Filing fee which will be refunded if the charges are determined to be valid. All pertinent documents should be attached. The grievance should be stated in a specific and concise format.
2) The Secretary shall send a copy of the written grievance to each member of the Grievance committee. The original signed grievance and attached documents must be presented to the chairperson of said committee.
3) The Grievance Committee shall first determine the importance and area of consideration for each Grievance. Upon completion of its investigation, the committee will call a meeting to vote on the validity of the grievance.
4) Should the majority of the committee sustain the grievance, it shall then be presented to the members of the Board for Resolution as per Article I, Section 4, Item C2. The resolution must be approved by a majority vote. This vote shall be the final decision on said Grievance.
5) Should the Board refuse to entertain jurisdiction or not agree by a majority vote to the resolution, the Grievance can be presented to the General Membership for resolution and a majority vote there of. The grievance should be presented in its entirety to all members of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. Voting should take place as provided for in the By-Laws of the Club, Article II, Sections 2, 3 and 4.


Please contact the Club Secretary with any questions about the procedure for filing a grievance.

January 2000