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Editor's Note:

This letter, from December 1996, is reprinted in its entirety. It was sent to all club members after
the "Back Issue" scare letters had been mailed to all club members by  a former board representative.  This letter was later used by the next splinter to "prove" that Tina should "step down" as president, since she was so  "politically incorrect" and therefore incompetent at running the club, registry, etc.  They did their best to persuade the public that the club should be run like a  "business" and that "emotional outbursts" were out of line!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth
peace, good will toward men

Luke 2:14


Maybe not this year?

Dear SSDCA, Inc. Members;

Let me assure you that I have a LOT of things that I’d rather be doing, then writing this letter! I realize that this is the Christmas season, and we are all busy with our families (or should be) preparing for a joyful time. Unfortunately, the letter that most of you received, from Diane Masters has really upset MANY people to such an extent, that I felt this mailing had to be top priority! My phone has NOT stopped ringing since Friday! One poor lady that called me, had purchased a pet puppy 8 months ago, from a breeder that didn’t even have ANY of these lines in her dogs but she was so concerned that she spent $412 on x-rays... FOR NOTHING! It took all of her Christmas money (and some) just to find out that her dog was FINE! It took me almost all night to type “the History” part, BECAUSE OF THE CONSTANT INTERRUPTIONS ALL DAY LONG! Now I would like to answer those FAQ’s I’ve been dealing with by phone, as well as to further clarify some other facts for you.

A) Many of you were VERY upset with the club for allowing Diane access to your name, etc. Let me assure ALL of you that we do-not “give out” the club membership lists to ANYONE, without your permission! Besides Wendy and myself only 4 people have a copy of this list! The DAL’s [Directors at Large] were each given the most recent copy in September [after their election to the board and prior to their resignations] and from the “new” members that called I KNOW that this was the list used in Diane’s “mailing.” RUMOR HAS IT .. that she got the list from Julie Jajowka, (former DAL that has recently resigned) for a $500 bottle of wine. This matter is still under investigation! If you have any information that could be helpful, please be sure to let me know!

B) Diane Masters has NEVER been authorized, by ANYONE to represent the Club...Registry… Vet clinic...or anyone else! Her letter is full of FALSE “misconceptions” “innuendo’s” “partial-facts” etc **Please lake a moment now to read the yellow “History” sheet enclosed then her letter!

Her letter seems to represent this as “SOMETHING NEW”… YET YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT WE HAVE BEEN RESEARCHING THIS ANOMALY FOR 14 MONTHS! The “pedigree” she enclosed lists dogs that are present in over 90% of the Shiloh’s! How many of you have Shiloh’s Easy Rider.. .or Shiloh-Guardian’s Still-Smokin. . in your pedigrees? With close to 2000 progeny related to these dogs, some still holding AKC papers... most guaranteed by me personally… over the past 14 years NOT **ONE** DOG has shown any such symptom… yet she wants all of these dogs X-rayed? For WHAT? If they had a problem, they would most certainly be showing it! Furthermore she did not mention that ALL of the Lizzy pups were CRIPPLED PRIOR TO...9 MONTHS OF AGE!!! The letter states that if your dog “paces instead of trotting” or “humps his back” etc.. in #2.. PLEASE! Most people couldn’t tell the difference between a pace & a trot, if they tried! This is nothing more than SENSATIONALISM! **“out of 7 x-rays on 7 dogs so far”.... Why didn’t she state that she was referring to **THE SAME LITTER**!!**The Fact that all of these pups were born in the same place, at the same time, etc actually strengthens the proof that this is NOT a breed specific problem.. it is very isolated!! I noticed that she DID NOT MENTION ANYTHING about the Fish Pond.. condemned camp site…chemical “field” run-off etc.. that could be linked to “ENVIRONMENTAL DEFECTS.”  There is NO need for you to rush out and x-ray your dog! **if your dog does carry the “Captain” line, you should do your back when you have the hips done… JUST TO PROVE that this is not genetic! Laz HAS been done (clear) and Laz has **47 pups that are now OVER 9 months of age and NONE are showing ANY problem!

This subject was also covered INTENSELY during Homecoming. We had several doctors and other specialists. There was much discussion about similarities between this “problem” and similar ones like those reported on 20/20 about South Texas (deformed babies were being born to many unrelated mothers, upon investigation they were able to locate the water pollution source that was coming from USA plants in Mexico). We also compared this to LOVE CANAL... and those poor children that developed all those cancer problems because their school was built on a chemical dump site! We just don’t have ALL of the answers yet. But we ARE making progress! This letter was TOTALLY uncalled for, and I would like to apologize for any heartache it may have caused you!

Dana’s# is ….. if you want to talk to some one AUTHORIZED to discuss this “back” issue.

C) if I go to another page, my printer will run out of ink. . .so let me state that I am enclosing some ISSR updated material, please compare this to the charts in your JULY ‘96 Newsletter! I had planned on sending all of this out with the Financial reports (the committee is still working on them) but since I am sending this out ANYWAY I thought I’d enclose them now. If you have any questions, please call!

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to come to the FORB show. Wendy and I will be there (without dogs) to help anyone that needs it! … Lets all get together  like it used to be, and have some fun! It is my sincere prayer that Diane’s “letter” didn’t dampen the joy, of this holiday season, for you.



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