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S.I. Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome     


Common names or abbreviations:

bulletSmall Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome

Description or definition:

An overgrowth of the naturally occurring bacteria in the small intestine.  SIBO affects the  function of the intestinal cells and results in symptoms such as intermittent and reoccurring diarrhea.

The bacterial overgrowth that characterizes SIBO can be caused by an underlying condition or disease such as parasites, intestinal obstruction (by a foreign body or tumor), problems with the pancreas, etc.  This is referred to as secondary SIBO.   Bacterial overgrowth can also be a naturally occurring problem in certain breeds such as German Shepherd Dogs.  This is referred to as primary SIBO.  SIBO may be related to lower IgA concentrations in the small intestine.


A veterinarian can test the blood for levels associated with changed bacterial populations and can also analyze a sample of the intestinal contents and culture the bacteria to see if there are too many of a certain kind of bacteria.  The dog is also tested for the common underlying causes of bacterial overgrowth.  If no underlying causes are found, the dog is diagnosed with primary SIBO.

Potential Causes:

There are many factors that can cause or contribute to SIBO including, but not limited to, breed predisposition, family history, parasites, gastrointestinal obstruction, reduced intestinal motility, conditions resulting in malabsorption, immune system conditions including IGA deficiency, deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, insufficient acid production of the stomach, and insufficient bile secretion.


Antibiotics and a low fat diet are often used to control the bacteria, and sometimes multivitamins are added as a supplement to make up for what is not absorbed from the food.  The change in the function of the small intestinal cells is usually reversible once the bacterial populations are once again in balance.  However, in cases of secondary SIBO, the primary condition causing the bacterial imbalance must first be treated before the secondary SIBO can be managed.

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