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Just What Is the Genetic Task Force?

The GTF is made up of ISSR Shiloh Shepherd breeders who are working to collect data on genetically transmitted diseases and defects that affect our breed.

Shiloh breeders have always tracked the virtues and faults of their dogs, as well as their littermates, but now we are creating an even more comprehensive database that will be used to record data on genetic diseases and defects in our breed.
With this data, we will be able to better determine which lines of dogs are carriers of specific diseases, as well as working with our breeders to eradicate those diseases in future generations.


Who Should Submit Data to the ShilohGTF?

Anyone that has a Shiloh Shepherd (whether or not it's ISSR registered) may submit information to the Genetic Task Force.   Just go to our Survey page and follow the directions you find there.

The GTF members will often follow-up with the person that submitted the information if  there are questions about what was entered.  Our goal is to get rid of genetically transmitted diseases in the Shiloh Shepherd breed, and to do this we have to work closely with the Shiloh owners throughout the world.


So please make sure you fill in the contact information at the bottom of the survey.  If we have a question but can't contact you to verify the information, the data can't be included in the database.

But my Shiloh doesn't have any disease, why should I fill out the Survey?

We're looking for information on ALL Shilohs, not just the ones that have a disease.  Even Shilohs that show no obvious signs of having a disease can be carriers for many of them.

We're also looking to see what percentage of the overall population has any given disease, if only the dogs with diseases are reported, just think of what a mess our breed will seem.  We need the healthy dogs represented also, to get an accurate picture of the breed as a whole.

My Shiloh has a disease but it's not one of the ones listed on the Disease Info page, should I fill out the Survey?

YES!  Absolutely!  We're looking for information on any diseases that your Shilohs has had.  When we find a disease that is genetically transmitted but isn't listed on the chart, we'll add it in.  If in doubt, send us the information and we'll help figure out if it should be included.

We're also interested in any illnesses that your dog may have had, like chronic diarrhea, or even things that aren't specifically diseases but could be genetically transmitted, like hook tails or soft ears.  Please feel free to include as much information as you can think of.  Just type it in the comments section on the survey.

I'm never going to breed my dog so why should I bother to fill out the Survey?

Because even if your dog is never going to be bred, by knowing what diseases it has (or doesn't have!) we'll know even more about your dog's parents and littermates.  This will help us choose better breeding partners for them.
Your dog is just one little piece in a HUGE jigsaw puzzle that is made up of many thousands of dogs.  By knowing how and where your dog fits into this puzzle, breeders can make better determinations about what lines should (or SHOULDN'T) be bred together.
It helps us determine which lines are carrying a disease, or are clean of that disease, and should definitely be bred because they'll produce clean puppies.  And that's our goal!  

Soooo...  since you've gotten this far in our website, how about going to our Survey page and filling it out with your dog's information?  Even if your dog is healthy, we still need the information.  And don't forget, if your dog develops any diseases in the future, make sure you come back here and enter the new information.

All of our breeders and Shiloh Shepherds
throughout the world will thank you.  :-)


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