GV abc Bionic Black Smoke of Zion, OFA ROM

Sire:  Shiloh’s Wolfin Sasquach
Dam: Shiloh-Kari’s Steel Saber

Shep at one year

Shep at six years

Jr. CH. Belle Grace-Zion's RisingSmoke

Sire: Zion's Color-Me Blue
Dam: Zion's Foxy Wildthing



Smokey at 3 months

Smokey at one year

Full Circle?

Reprinted (with permission) from Tina's 6/8/04 post on the Shiloh Shepherd Friends forum

When Lisa returned from the Foxy LER she seemed very excited about the pups, and asked me to come into the living room  and sit down. That is when she went to the office & returned with a puppy in her arms.  She walked up to the wall and just stood there, in front of the painting that I received at Homecoming. I thought that was a bit weird, but ignored the gesture and asked her to come closer to the couch ... she refused & insisted that I just LOOK at him!! What was I supposed to be looking for? If she wanted an evaluation, she needed to set him up on the coffee table, not hold him in front of the painting!!! Then I looked ........ and I looked again ....... for a person that has seen thousands of pups, taking special "notice" of that one was unusual ..... but THAT face!! I looked at the picture .... the markings .... this puppy looked JUST like Shep!! So I stood up to examine him closer .. even the markings on his legs were identical!! I asked her to let him run around the room ..... within minutes he stopped in front of the fireplace and walked into a PERFECT STACK ... he was a miniature version of Shep!! Every detail .... this could not be happening ..... so I went full force into my (cut throat) inspection  looking for faults, but I could not find any .. I even asked her to bring his sister up, sure that if he got very happy that darn tail would certainly hook ..... fooled again!! I have NOT seen a pup identical to him since Shearing Road ..... many moons ago!! How could this pup look so much like Shep?? I tried to re-create him for over a decade, but never even came close to a clone like THIS ONE!! WOW!!  Talk about nostalgia!! Yet I knew that due to our number restraints we could not keep another male! At that moment Lisa and I both said PAUL!! He was waiting for a pick show male from another litter, but I was sure that he would be perfect for this guy .... and I am happy to report that my "Shep clone" is doing just fine with his new family, and you all will get a chance to meet him in person at Homecoming VBG!!


Was she right? Can history repeat itself?



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Originally published in the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center July 2005


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