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Tina Barber
Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder


From the ISSR Breed Standard:

"10) PROPORTION: The Shiloh Shepherd should appear longer than tall. The desired height for males, at the top the highest point of the shoulder blade, can be no less than 28" with the ideal height of 30" or more preferred. For females, the desired height can be no less than 26" with the ideal height of 28" or more preferred. The minimum weight for dogs should not be less than 120 pounds at maturity (three years), with the ideal being 140 to 160 pounds. Minimal weight for bitches is 80 pounds at maturity and the ideal being 100 to 120 pounds. The length measured from the point of the prosternum or breastbone to the rear edge of the pelvis, the ischial tuberosity, with the most desirable proportion of 10 to 9. ANY MALE THAT MEASURES LESS THAN 28" OR FEMALES LESS THAN 26" AT MATURITY (36 MONTHS OF AGE) SHOULD BE DISQUALIFIED."

It is extremely obvious that neither a Corgi nor this dog  could ever fit Item 10 of the ISSR standard. 

Low stationed dogs (short legs) do not belong on the Shiloh Shepherd! Breeders must take much care in examining each potential breeding carefully to prevent this trait from taking over the entire breed!

Is this last year's (and this year's) ISSDC/r highest rated Champion Grand Victor ?

The ISSDC/r President (tall man in hat) and former president (shorter man in dark jacket) seem very happy with the results of their labor.

From the above left in '99 to above right in 2001, are the King Shepherds losing it?

It is a shame that so many "pet quality (at best) dogs are being shown and bred! Worst yet, is the fact that they still insist on calling them Shiloh Shepherds!

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