ISSR International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, incorporated in 1991 with over 49,000 Shilohs and their ancestors documented in our database at TCCP headquarters. Full details as well as data charts available on our ever expanding website.
SSDCA Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, incorporated since 1991 and also the only recognized parent club for the ISSR. Full details and extended history archives are available via our websites.
The following listings consist of all the slivers that have risen and fallen since 1998.
International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club, original splinter group started by Gary in 1997 with the assistance of Wendy. The ISSDC/r (International Shiloh Shepherd Club Registry) established in 1998 was later handed over to various "registrars" including Dia, Judy, Bridgett, etc. Disbanded in 2001.
NSBR National Shiloh Breeders Registry was formed in 2001 by a former ISSDCr associate "registrar" who wanted to change some of the requirements.  It is still limping along but has not been very active over the past few years.
USSDC/r  United Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club/registry took over the former ISSDCr in 2002   but at the last moment was denied access to any of the "registry" data.  That small group later attempted to form a "united" "Breed Club" for its supporters  (for owners of non-ISSR dogs) but were unable to get enough participation.
SSBA Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association was formed in 2002 to replace the ISSDCr after the failure of the USSDC/r to become organized.  It consisted of some of the remnants of the ISSDCr. 
TSSR The Shiloh Shepherd Registry was formed in 2002 by Patti in an attempt to "raise the bar" that had been lowered/dropped by all of the splinters.  A lot of hot air propaganda was spewed forth about being even better (stricter) than the ISSR, etc. Many people bought into the myth and showed strong support for this "new" registry until the truth was revealed and the entire scam exposed.

Since that time Patti is no longer affiliated with this registry. Now it is "operated" by a former SSBA registrar and a new "coalition" consisting of a few folks who had originally been expelled from this group. TSSR website has moved to new domain name.  The SSBA was handed over to Jan after Christy chose to take over the TSSR.

ISSC International Shiloh Shepherd Club came out of nowhere and submitted a request for UKC recognition in September of 2004.  The full story is available via our web site
nISSDC New "International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club" has just been started by the organizers of the ISSC listed above. In an attempt to show some kind of "credibility" or "longevity" they have chosen to disguise themselves by using the "old" name that some people may still recall--slightly!  Nevertheless we have chosen to refer to it as N(ew) ISSDC in our chart in order to eliminate potential confusion with Gary's former club.
SSBA/R The former Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association, now under new management as of 2005, is calling itself the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association  Registry  and is still under construction.
ESSR New kid on the block, consists of a lady in Switzerland who was not affiliated with any FCI registry, but just did "her own thing" for a few years and then tried to do it right under the ISSR banner ... but failed .. so of course she joined forces with the NSBR.  For more in depth information, please visit Who is Gaby

This  information is valid as of 1/9/05.  Due to the fact that things seem to change so drastically within these various groups we cannnot be held accountable for any new changes after this date!

Please Note:  Important Message

If you have a Long Haired/Large boned GSD that you rescued from a shelter or would like to breed, but would also like to find a way to get thousands of dollars for your pups, it's easy! Just make up a pedigree (you can probably get a few free copies from your local pet dealer) and send these "papers" to one of the more credible organizations like ARBA (American Rare Breed Association), NCR (National Canine Registry), CKC (Continental Kennel Club), FIC (Federation of  International Canines), FAC, ACK, NKC (National Kennel Club), UKCI (Universal Kennel Club International), APR  (America's Pet Registry), ACA (American Canine Association), UABR (United All Breed Registry), CRCS (Canine Registration and Certification Services), NAPDR (North American Purebreed Registry), WWKC (Worldwide Kennel Club),  USKA (United States Kennel Club), DRA (Dog Registry of America), WKC (World Kennel Club), and ARU (Animal Registry Unlimited) just to name a few!

Don't waste your money on any of the FAKES pretending to be Shiloh Shepherd "registries"! If you just want a piece of paper, you can generate your own certificate! Take a moment to find out who they really are!

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