Broken hearted breed founder reports
Since 1998 Tina Barber, the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder, has provided reports on the state of the "sliver" dogs as observed at various show venues across the country.

Broken Hearted Breed Founder First sliver show--exposes the handwriting on the wall
Slivers Cherry Blossom 1999 Cherry Blossom Classic, 1999

Off to a bad start...small dogs, gay tails and funky ears....We can only wonder what will happen next.

slivers - Brookville 2000

Brookville Show, 2000

This report consists of three parts. After you've finish vomiting over the first two, be sure to check out Blast From the Past. At least they had some good stock to work with, if they had only known what to do with it.

slivers Frederick 2001

Frederick, 2001

Obviously the tail mutation is becoming dominant.  It will be impossible to eradicate for many generations to come.  A must read report with scientific data  as well as numerous comparison pictures to ISSR Shilohs, circa 2001.

sportsman show 2004

Sportsman Show, 2004

This show was the inspiration for my tail articles and later for the IBS drawings. Since the slivers have refused to read my reports and correct their faults, I feel it is important for me to focus on educating the public! Bottom line: the dogs being shown by the slivers should have been disqualified by the judges! Let's see how long it's going to take for them to realize this!

Broken Hearted Breed Founder Redux (2004)

Six years and 3-4 generations later--the slivers are still on the wrong path.  Be sure to view this report and look at the pictures of REAL Shiloh's from the 90's BS (Before Sliver) days! It's depressing to watch what they are doing to these poor dogs! Let's hope the insanity ends soon!

slivers Cherry Blossom 2004

Cherry Blossom Classic, 2004

Five years have passed since the previous Cherry Blossom report.......................Has there been any improvement? Judge for yourself. This report also compares the old (real) Shiloh Shepherd and the King Shepherd against the best of the sliver dogs.

More Photos from Cherry Blossom 2004

Loaded with pix you don't want to miss out on. Catch up with what the slivers have been breeding.

What Should a Shiloh Shepherd Tail Look Like?

Excellent report exposing the tail mutation that the slivers are plagued with!! Also includes excellent pics of REAL (ISSR) Shiloh Shepherds (stacked and in motion) at the shows. Be sure to read this report & compare!!

sliver NCA 2005

NCA Show (June 2005)

Lots of great pictures of the REAL Shiloh's in motion against the sliver entry. Don't miss out on viewing a REAL Shiloh specialty!

slivers rarities Hartford 2005 Rarities Show at the Hartford Pet Expo (Oct 2005)

Not only are the tails getting worse, the heads are becoming hideous! When will the insanity end? People are starting to notice and the comments haven't been very nice!

Canada Show Update (May 2006)

This report includes some pictures of the new Panda Shepherds so you can easily compare the actual size between them, the White Shepherd and the small winning sliver shiloh.

Sliver cherry blossom 2006

Cherry Blossom Classic (June 2006)

Watching this show was depressing, to say the least! Even the novices can clearly see how far the slivers have fallen. In less than a decade they have managed to turn their magnificent shilohs into a bunch of "less than pet" quality spooky, long-haired GSD mixes that are nothing more than an embarrassment to BOTH the real/show German Shepherds as well as the ISSR Shiloh Shepherds!

NAKC and Rarities Show, Hartford (Oct. 2006)

Another year, another sliver show in Connecticut. Same dogs, same handlers, SAME FAULTS! When I look at those dogs' expressions, I can clearly see that they are embarrassed to be there!! Guess it proves ONE thing .. maybe they have more sense then their owners??
slivers empire classic 2007 Empire Classic, Darien  (July 2007)

This time ARBA allowed a separate class for the ISSR Shilohs and you can clearly see the difference!!  Don't miss out on reading my report, and be sure to follow  the new story regarding our battle with ARBA concerning our copyrighted breed standard!

Rarities Show, Lums Pond Park (Sept. 2008)

This is my 15th report over the past 10 years, and you will be able to see that "same song-different day" still applies!  The tails have not improved one iota -- but the dogs HAVE lost a lot of size!  Maybe that's why the slivers freaked out so bad when they saw me coming??   Don't miss out on this report -- if it wasn't so sad (their shame) it would have been funny!

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