We arrived at Lum's Pond Park on a perfect day, nice and sunny with ideal temperatures in the low '70's -- but the clouds started to thicken quickly! Just as we sat down to talk to some of the ISSR folks that had already arrived - the slivers must have called the local rangers.

Before the show even started we were approached by a ranger who was concerned about some instigators that had supposedly showed up to create a ruckus/disturbance.  He also informed us that the "Shiloh people" (is THAT what they think they are?) were concerned about this "troublemaker's" website because "she" says bad things about them! 

Well, after we explained that we had no intentions of disrupting the show, we were just there to take some pictures and look at the dogs, he went back to report to Gloria.

Of course, he informed us that WE couldn't take pictures because the "flashes" would disrupt the dogs! Sorry, but it was such a beautiful day that no flashes would be needed, and I also pointed out that dozens of people were taking pictures.

So, then they came up with Plan B by sending some of their folks over to stand right in front of me!

Good thing we had other people with cameras planted in strategic locations! LOL! Nevertheless, I still took some pictures right through them!

IMHO, this just proves how ashamed these people are of what they are producing! They try to show off their  dogs - standing or sitting - on their websites, but you won't see people in those pictures (unless they are showing off dogs that were produced a long time ago while still in the ISSR!).  Their new progeny is hardly ever displayed with a person -why? I guess they don't want folks to see how small they have gotten - but at this show they foolishly allowed Michelle to enter Nico! He was the runt puppy that she purchased from me in 2003! She even spewed forth tons of posts on our forum complaining about the fact that he was only 7 pounds at 8 weeks! Yet if you look at these pictures, you can clearly see that he is bigger than any of the sliver dogs and even bigger than the Kings!

Granted, they did manage to create some discord among the ISSR LB's back in 2004.  This ended up causing a few of our folks to drop out, but what did they drop into? We didn't lose any of our good gene pool.  Actually, I had a litter of Nico grandkids born in 2008 that are turning into awesome adults! Most of the girls are already hitting (or close to) 28 inches and they are only 9 months old! I kept three of them here (Stormy, Sheba and Amber) while the others were sold on c/o contracts! Two of them were at Homecoming this year and Story did her share of winning! Shawnee will be coming to the next MAC event and I can't wait to see how big she is!

  Real deal ISSR Shepherds at our 34th annual Homecoming - Left - Pet quality Manny with Fred Lanting, Right - 1 year old Nero with Sarah  

Actually, now that I think of it -- our small MAC chapter event that was held in Drumore, PA (very close to Lums Pond) had a much better turnout than what I saw at this "BIG" sliver show. Anyway, I'm sure the slivers think they are on the right path now because they assume that by breeding to Nico they may be able to improve their size. True, but they will also lock in those funky tails because he has that fault too! That's why we were so careful about the bitches he would be used with.  Furthermore, we selected Maggie (pick bitch with best tail) to be bred with our REAL "old line" Shiloh male that did not have a tail problem - or any funky tailed littermates - and we ended up with an awesome litter! Now we have to breed these girls to our super giant males (with good tails) and they will produce the kind of quality that we can all be proud of.

That's the proper way of doing things!

The slivers are not going to improve "their" stock by using a few (former) ISSR dogs because they don't have ANY quality dogs to breed to! Just look at all of those small GSD-sized happy hookers that clearly represent the "BEST" LOL they can do?

How can they expect just one dog (that also has the same fault) to fix their problem? IMHO- they are just spitting in the wind!

Now that they have already flooded their gene pool with all of those 56 GSD's they have already lost any possible chance they may have had of getting some size back!

From the dogs they were showing (and don't forget they were billing this show as their BIGGEST event of the year) - like our Homecoming, I was amazed that they had such a small number of dogs as well as such a variety of type!

Most of the dark dogs were either extremely fine boned, or very low stationed - guess Rarities never bothered to read my breed standard (that he has refused to remove from his site - can't wait to see how our dream team is going to deal with him!). Obviously he never shared that standard with his judges either - or maybe they wouldn't have ignored big Nico while putting up the happy hookers.

Obviously Rarities is not concerned with the quality of "shilohs" but only entry fees! At one point (while those folks were standing right in front of my chair) I walked over to the side to catch a few more shots of them and they freaked out! John actually ran across the ring to scream profanities at me.  You can read all about it on our forum!

Now take a look at the pictures that I did manage to get (despite all of the blocking and screaming attempts they went through to stop me!) Look at them honestly!

I have seen a lot of GSD's that are much bigger than the dogs they are producing now! Just take a look at some of the links I have in this report
And don't be foolish enough to buy into their hype about "old line" GSD's -- if you want to see what THEY looked like, be sure to check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVvZKK21X2k and the pictures in our history timeline!
If you are looking for some HONEST information & outstanding pictures of these magnificent "old style" Long Haired German Shepherd dogs, please check out http://www.justshepherds.com/lhgsd.htm 
The Shiloh Shepherd is NOT a LHGSD -- Please take some time to read these articles!  

On my way home I was seriously thinking about contacting the right people and working toward getting the LHGSD recognized as a "breed" -- sort of like the White Shepherd folks have done! It's a shame that these dogs can't be properly shown for what they are - a variation , maybe - but there's enough of them out there and these dogs are being produced by experienced breeders like Royal Air, etc., unlike the slivers that have no clue as to what they are doing, while trying to pass off their dogs as my (Shilohs) in order to get more $$ for their pups.

What a bunch of crooked, dishonest losers! Discover the TRUTH - visit Tina Speaks on the Important Issues Facing the Shiloh Shepherd Today!  

As you can see, the Kings look a lot more like LHGSD's and could still compete against them - so why not allow EACH "breed" (or variation) to put forth their best efforts? If the slivers had to enter a REAL show against the LHGSD - the Kings - & the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd, then I would consider it a FAIR competition!!  Let the public see that we are NOT the "same"!!  There are MANY "similar" breeds out there, and there are many variations of the same breed -- even in the "Shepherd" world, just look at all of these "shepherd types" -- each has its own standard, and continues to be easily distinguished as to "type"  http://www.shawlein.com/The_Standard/13_Breed_Type/Breed_Types.html  unlike the sliver dogs that tend to look a lot more like small Husky/Shepherd mixes!!

BTW, if you notice the back of that blue shirt, it's promoting an event that I have never heard of before, so I tried to find something about it (hopefully some pix) on the Internet -- my Google search came up with lots of stuff about shooting & some Christian archives, but no pictures of this "event"???

You may also want to notice that the registry "billings" start with the ISSR -- is that another one of their attempts  to deceive the public?  Obviously the ISSR had nothing to do with this "event" and all of "us" would certainly not consider entering any of our dogs in such a foolish fiasco!! I just thought it was another interesting point to mention, because these folks are such FRAUDS!

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