3 year old Rich and Sinbad's 1 year old son King (1973)

10 year old Rugger, 2003

The original Shep takes Lisa for a ride (1979)

The original Shep

Sunny, circa 2006

Lisa and Angus 2001

Genetics (an overview) Taken from a lesson on genetics from the 1996 VIB homework (the precursor to the current Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy) with an afterword by Tina Barber.

Practical Genetics (article written by Tina M. Barber in 1979 for GSQ and reprinted several times by that periodical.)

Coefficient of Inbreeding (critical genetic information about the Shiloh Shepherd breed, written by Tina Barber in the late 90's)

Inbreeding-when is it too much (reprinted from the November 1998 edition of the SSDCA Newsletter, written by Tina Barber)

Another Breeding Tool (everyone interested in purchasing a puppy needs to know about RC's)

Conformation Show Titles:    What  Do They Really Mean?  (Peel back the veil of secrecy and enter the real world of dog showing. Loaded with lots of great pictures!)

United We Stand: (The importance of data collection in any serious long term breeding program.)



Broken Hearted Breed Founder (4/98) (written for the March/July 1998 SSDCA Newsletter by Tina Barber)

Please take a moment to view the updates listed below. The entire series compares the real Shiloh Shepherd with what the oxymorons are producing. Loaded with pictures, a must read for anyone interested in this breed!

Storm and friend, circa 1999

4 year old John with Mitzi (Kari's sister) 1976

London and 6 year old Josh,  2001

Storm (Laz son)

Argus, circa 2002

Two year old Adam (Laz grandson), circa 2002

Lisa and Boeg, circa 1980's

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For more of Tina's articles that tell it like it really is, please click on the banner.

Tina tells it like it really is


Other Articles of Interest

Planned Breeding by Lloyd C. Brackett Canine Genetic Disorders Database
Articles by C. A. Sharp Genetics and Diversity  The articles on this site are a must-read!
Purebreed Dog Breeds in the 21st Century: Achieving Genetic Health for Our Dogs by J. Jeffrey Bragg Wheaton Genetics for Dummies Like Me by Jim Andrews
Inbreeding Depression and Outbreeding Depression by Michael Lynch Significant Relationships by John Armstrong
Breeding Seppalas by J. Jeffrey Bragg Breeding Schemes by John Armstrong
Wetdog's Breeding Advice  

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The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind...A Breed is Born








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