SSDCA Breeders Code of Ethics

Revised  September 2004


I, ______________________ , hereby agree to abide by all of the terms in this code to the  best of my ability, and to support the ISSR, Inc. as the only legitimate registry for all Shiloh Shepherd™ dogs.  Furthermore, I pledge to aid in the development, promotion and public awareness of our breed.

I agree NEVER to breed any dog/bitch whose hips show radiographic signs of degenerative joint disease, whose temperament is proven faulty due to genetics and not environment and/or possesses serious conformation faults. Any question should be discussed with the Breed Warden.

I realize that proper socialization, care and nutrition is vital in bringing out the full potential of this breed. Therefore, I agree to do all in my power to keep each of my dogs (and puppies) in ultimate condition, and to help all Shiloh dog owners do the same.

Furthermore, I  pledge without reservation to abide by the following specific guidelines of the Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc:

  1. I agree to breed only the BEST possible specimens in order to improve the breed for future generations. I agree to select all breeding pairs with the utmost care, and to follow the ISSR Breed Standard as closely as possible. Furthermore, I agree never to inbreed/linebreed on any dog that possesses a Breed Warning (X) without proper authorization.

  2. Since each breeding will aid in the improvement or destruction of the breed, I agree to show my stock as often as possible, under different judges, at S.S.D.C.A., Inc. Specialties as well as other ISSR, Inc. approved Rare Breed Shows, to earn their championship and prove the worthiness of my stock. Moreover, I realize that by showing my dogs under professional judges I can further my education and learn more about the faults and virtues of my individual dogs. My goal will be to improve the Shiloh Shepherd™ and in time have a kennel full of champions.

  3. As a dedicated breeder of these magnificent animals, I will strive for honest representation of my stock to anyone who inquires about my dogs, as well as ALL of their progeny. I agree not to make false or boastful statements that could in the future shed a bad light on this breed.  I will try not be "Kennel Blind" when representing my dogs to the public.

  4. I agree to act in a professional manner when representing this breed to the public, being careful to explain the differences between other breeds and a Shiloh Shepherd™ to the best of my ability. I agree to refer anyone with any questions that I cannot answer to my Chapter Leader, a Board Member, or any other qualified officer of the S.S.D.C.A., Inc. AT NO TIME WILL I ATTEMPT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO ANSWER.
  1. I agree never to make false statements by spoken word or by letter condemning any person or dog involved with this Club. Any information I may have regarding any misdeeds of Club members or misrepresentations made on behalf of any specific dog will be sent to the S.S.D.C.A. Grievance Committee. I understand that I can choose to send an "anonymous" letter with the appropriate fee as long as all facts listed can be proven without a doubt. All such letters/reports will be investigated and the result made available to all members via S.S.D.C.A., Inc. special reports.

  2. I agree to maintain integrity in the price I charge for my breeding stock and puppies by following the guidelines as set forth by the S.S.D.C.A., Inc. Under NO circumstances will I "undercut" prices for quick profit resulting in fewer sales to my fellow breeders consequently reducing the quality control so necessary in producing only the best possible stock.

  3. I agree without reservation to purchase full study pedigrees from TCCP on all of my stock/and or future stock/ and or projected progeny. I agree to fully study all past generations with regard to what faults and virtues my breeding will either be "washing out" or "locking in". Furthermore, I agree to contact the Breed Warden for any suggestions on improving my stock whenever necessary.

  4. I understand that keeping my Shiloh breeding stock and puppies in the VERY BEST health is critical to my success in producing the best possible progeny. Therefore, I fully agree to keep all my dogs on a strict vaccination and worming program. I AGREE TO KEEP ALL OF MY RECORDS READILY AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION BY THE ISSR, INC., BREED WARDEN, OR ANY DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SAME. All puppies sold by me will be properly immunized, wormed, Vet checked, and tested negative for Giardia, Coccidia, etc. Furthermore, I hereby agree never to sell a "small-runty-sickly" puppy to anyone, at any time, unless agreed upon by both parties in writing. A healthy Shiloh puppy bitch should weigh 14-18 lbs., and a healthy Shiloh puppy dog should weigh 16-20 lbs at eight weeks of age. FAILURE TO SUPPLY PROPER PRENATAL CARE TO A BREEDING BITCH AND HER PUPPIES AT ALL TIMES COULD WARRANT A SUSPENSION FROM THE S.S.D.C.A., INC., AND/OR PRIVILEGES OF THE ISSR., INC.
  5. I fully agree to abide by the ISSR Rules as per Article 2 Section 4 Item E-1    regarding age limitations as applied to proper breeding protocol for all of my stock.  Furthermore, I understand that I will not be allowed to breed my bitch more than twice within any given year, and I understand that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will any of my bitches be allowed to whelp more than 2 litters of puppies within an 18 month period. 

    In the event that an approved back-to-back litter has occurred, two heat cycles have to be skipped in order to allow my bitch to fully regain her strength prior to any additional matings. I understand that an overused bitch can produce unhealthy puppies that will reflect poorly on the entire breed. Under NO circumstance will any of my bitches whelp more than five full litters  prior to being retired.

  6. I agree never to STUD OUT my Shiloh Shepherd™ dog unless he is at least champion pointed and/or Breed Conformation Report tested. I also agree never to breed my stud to any bitch that is not properly registered with the ISSR. I fully understand that my stud's registration could be revoked in the event that his progeny is dual registered (represented as legitimate Shilohs) by any other registry/group outside of the ISSR, Inc.

  7. I understand that puppies may be upgraded from b/w and orange papers with approval of buyer, breeder, and Breed Warden, prior to 14 months of age. Any puppy which is questionable should be sold at a lower grade. I promise to be diligent in the sale and placement of my potential breeding stock by making sure that a proper LER is performed and/or by selling any questionable puppies with B/W Upgradeable papers only.

  8. I agree to have all of my litters, in their entirety, evaluated by a method approved of by the Shiloh Shepherd™ Breed Warden. I also understand that it is my responsibility to plan this phase well before the pups reach the ideal age of 50-60 days. In the event that any specific litter that I produced was not properly evaluated, I agree to sell all puppies with B/W papers or  on co-ownership only.

  9. I understand that ANY Shiloh Shepherd™ I produce MUST be sold with a guarantee. Whether it be a conservative pet quality guarantee or an intense show/breeding quality guarantee, all Shilohs MUST be guaranteed, in writing, signed by both parties – NO EXCEPTIONS. Furthermore, I agree to insist that all of my new puppy owners sign a strict penalty clause, incorporated in my guarantee to discourage anyone from registering any of my puppies outside of the ISSR, Inc.

  10. I agree to properly supervise to the best of my ability all of my co-ownership, breeder agreement, and neuter/spay contracts to prevent any possibility of fraud caused by others. Also, I agree to uphold all of my guarantees quickly and fairly as outlined in my guarantee contract.

  11. I agree never to sell a breeding quality or potential breeding quality dog/bitch to anyone that is not fully licensed with the ISSR unless the person has  signed this Breeder’s Code of Ethics, and said dog is sold with a detailed co-ownership, breeder’s agreement, or spay/neuter contract.

  12. I agree NEVER to dual register my stock with any Registry other than the International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry, Inc., unless a legal and binding contract has been signed between such Registry and the International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry, Inc.

  13. I agree to never cross breed any ISSR registered dog/bitch to a dog/bitch from another registry that could attempt to represent the progeny from such a breeding as legitimate "Shiloh Shepherds."  I understand that any such progeny listing one of the dogs that I own/co-own as the sire/dam could result in the revocation of my dog's ISSR papers as well as terminate my standing within the ISSR, Inc., thereby preventing me from registering any future litters.


By my signature I confess without a doubt to have read, and understood all aspects of the International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry, Inc. Rules and Regulations, Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc. Bylaws and this Breeder’s Code of Ethics. Furthermore, I understand if I choose to violate any part of this agreement I may be suspended from the S.S.D.C.A., Inc., as a member and/or I could have my breeding privileges suspended by the I.S.S.R., Inc.



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As we work together for the betterment of this breed, we are taking part in creating history. Let us work with each other, not against. Let our goal be to dedicate ourselves for glory, not for profit. With a united effort our breed will rise to popularity. And through our Breeder’s Code of Ethics, our breed will not be destroyed by greed and unscrupulous breeders, but will stand and shine above the rest. May God Bless your righteous efforts.


Revised History

Original Breeders Code of Ethics established 9/90
Revised and approved by the SSDCA Advisory Board of Directors  8/1998
Updated and approved by the SSDCA Adviosry Board of Directors 7/2001
Updated and approved by the SSDCA Advisory Board of Directors 10/2004