The SSDCA (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.)  was formed in 1990 as the parent club for the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR).

The ISSDC (International Shiloh Shepherd Club) was formed in 1997 from the membership of the SSDCA; its registry was to continue to be the ISSR.  When that pledge was broken with the formation of the ISSDC(r) in early 1998, the SSDCA was revived. The SSDCA and the ISSR have continued on...while the ISSDC and its registry was disbanded in late 2001.  [Full documentation may be found on our club history pages.]

Out of the ISSDC(r)'s ashes came the NSBR, the TSSR, the USSDC(r), the SSBA, with some breeders even registering with alternate minor registries such as ARBA and the NKC, the attempt to have their version of the Shiloh Shepherd recognized by the UKC under the name of the ISSC and at last....the revival of the ISSDC in late 2004 as the one club for many "registries" where in the words of their Puppies USA ad, they are "dedicated to unity amoung [sic] breeders and owners, where the future of the breed is more important that [sic] the History."

In the words of George Santayana, "those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Accordingly, let us share more of that past...

Throughout its first year or two of existence the ISSDC carried on a great public relations campaign that they were doing everything better than the breed's founder...let us take you behind the you can see what really went on behind the facade of unity and strength that the former ISSDC projected.

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Dear Onelist members,

I am posting to this onelist to make sure everybody is clear and informed on where I stand as of yesterday.  I apologize for the redundancy to those of  you who have already received this.  I have watched you all over the months and have come to respect and admire you all.  I am looking forward to being an active member of this list as much as possible.  I would like to apologize for any strife that has been caused to you all by my actions.  My personal introduction will follow.  Thank you.  Wendy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


October 29, 1999


 Dear Members of the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club:

    I am regretfully writing this letter to announce my departure from the "new club" and denounce my support for the "new club."  After 30 months of opportunity for this club to prove itself to be promoting and protecting the breed, it has not.  In fact, if anything it has demoted and hindered the well being of this breed.  I will not be a part of this any longer.

  Every promise that this club was founded on has been broken. 

 This club was supposed to be built on a democratic system with the members holding the responsibility for guardianship.  Somehow too much power was taken by the person who funded the founding.  With no agreement by the members or the incorporating directors, and certainly by no constitutional right, all of a sudden we are indebted to this person for rumored figures as high as $20,000.  And it is this undocumented debt that has held us hostage to a dictatorship and their sycophants (ref. Alice Sturgis).  We've had no say on how the money was spent, it just was, and we carry the debt.  I see no end to this.

 With every month that has gone by, I cannot recall ONE THING that was done by this club and registry to benefit the dogs long term. 

    ~  We have watered down the registry rules that were promised to stay the same and just be followed.  Our registry is no better than a "paper pushing" organization much like the AKC.

  ~  The whole Litter Mate Information (LMI) program has been abolished.

   ~  Any attempt to publish any kind of information on registry activity, genetic disease occurrences (even if done anonymously), committee activity, board minutes, any minutes was quickly squelched from the newsletter. 

   ~  We have changed our Breeders Code countless times with grand arguments ensuing over things like we should allow the ethical breeding of Genetic disease. 

   ~  Good programs that involved the education of our breeders and owners were quickly dismissed because some of our "leaders" did not like the responsibility of being accountable to knowledgeable customers/owners. 

   ~  Quality control programs were not even considered because certain dogs could not qualify for the top honor. 

   ~  There were full blown smear campaigns on certain members just because they did not agree with the "leaders." 

   ~  Articles were not published in the Shiloh Shepherd Quarterly because the author was not currently in good favor with the "leaders." 

   ~  Articles were solicited but not published after certain members worked very hard on them because "they sounded like 6th grade book reports." 

   ~  Logo contests were held, people faithfully submitted some drafts, but because the "editor" didn't like any of them, they were not shown to the membership like promised. 

   ~  Our members have been publicly ridiculed and cursed at by our "leader" at dog shows.

   ~  Again we have had no say in how our money has been spent.

   ~  Some of our members have been told by our leadership that "no one wants to hear what they had to say." 

   ~  Our attempt at starting a rescue for our Shilohs was quickly snuffed out by one of our "leaders" who felt that she should be able to rescue and breed these dogs if she wants to. 

  ~  There have been countless hours wasted on how to keep certain people from even joining the club because a certain "leader" did not like them.

     ~  Countless hours spent on rewriting the Constitution and Bylaws.  Countless hours wasted on rewriting everything, just to have the hard work dismissed as if it were insignificant.  And now it is going to be rewritten again.

   ~  Board meetings were conducted (which was a rare occurrence to begin with), things were voted on and passed,  then were not implemented. 

  ~  Where are the minutes?  Blame is always pushed off on someone else, but a good Chair would not even allow another meeting to happen without the minutes being approved from the previous meeting.

   ~  A majority of previous Board members on a number of occasions challenged the "leader" on numerous issues, rather than try to work through to a compromise, the "leader" only saw fit to immediately dismiss the whole board.  Which he had NO authority to do.

  ~  Most of this years board at the last minute was appointed by who they were going to pick for president, not who would do the best for the dogs.

   ~  Something as simple as an election was fooled with and disrespected.

   ~  "Good will" amongst the members was promoted to be cliquish and introverted.

  ~  "Let those that gossip thrive" has been our unofficial credo.

   ~  And on and on.  


 Where do the dogs come into all this?  That is what I would like to know, and I haven't found an answer yet.  All I have found is that this club was not about breeding better dogs.  It was about power and money.  Where does integrity come into all this?  It doesn't.  It is a shameful mess. 

 So many good people have followed these "leaders" just to have their faith toyed with, their confidence breached, and their true concern for our breed made a mockery of.  I no longer will be a part of it.  To the innocent followers and bystanders, I am deeply sorry for your involvement in all this, please except my sincere apology for the part that I played. 

 As I write this letter there are charges formally filed against me by the members of the Breeders Advisory Committee because I had spoken with Tina on a few occasions, I had voiced support of a possible reuniting effort, and I had privately voiced my dissatisfaction with the new registry (which EVERY one on the BAC except Michele had done in the recent past!!!).  Since when did this club call for prejudice based on who you talked to?  We don't even have the guts to tell people how they should breed their dogs but we can tell them how to think or what to say otherwise?  I have always maintained integrity with being open and honest about my actions, I have always kept the best interest of the dogs at heart!!  Although you may hear gossip to the contrary, my dedication and loyalty to this new club and registry was unwavering until the end.   

 Based on these experiences and facts, today I am returning my support to the founding registry, the ISSR, Inc. 

I truly feel the dogs are better off in the founding registry.  The new club and registry and the people that run it have proven to be no better.  My loyalties will return to the originator of this breed.  She started it, she built it, she has promoted it, she has protected it, I feel she deserves the support more than anyone else at this time.  I have found that none of us are perfect.  It is how we deal with our shortcomings that make us a productive member of any group.  

 If anyone has any questions, comments, or complaints about this letter, please feel free to contact me directly. 

 I remain true to the dogs, and…


 Very truly yours,

 Wendy Fullerton



this is the letter I sent to my associates

To The Committee Members and Directors of the ISSDC;

I am writing this letter to follow up; my resignation from the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club Board of Directors, the ISSDC Show Committee, the ISSDC Breeders Advisory Committee; and the self-termination of my membership.

The past 30 months have been a bizarre display of the human psyche as I have never known it.  What started out to be an extension of help for the breed and the founder has turned into what reminds me of every ride at the amusement park that makes one laugh, feel nauseous, and then be sick.  Add the "Funhouse" to this scenario with distorting mirrors, laughing clowns with sharp teeth, floors that drop out from under you, dead end escapes, jokers, and hidden fears ... and you will get a complete picture of what this experience has been for many.  Please excuse the dramatization, but I feel it is important to accurately convey the context of the events as they have unfolded.  We should be ashamed, we should be accountable. 

I have learned a lot through all this.  My convictions are clearer now than they have ever been.  It is what I choose from this day forward that makes me the person that I am.  Enough is enough. 

 It has been my honor to work with the good people.  People that possess a character that does not conform to the mainstream back stabber, two faced, self serving populous. I am very tired of seeing their intentions and demeanor squelched and perverted into whatever suits the "ringleader(s)" at the moment.  Good people hold tight to their integrity, and sadly, it is never popular even in the big world beyond this dog club. 

 My biggest regret and deepest apology goes out to the people who have put their blind faith into the founding "trustees" of this club.  I am accountable most to them.  Most of you reading this letter I feel are in this position.  I never meant for things to turn out this way, I am very sorry they did.  I did my best to make things work but I never was given much jurisdiction.

 In closing, it is my regret to say, that in my humble opinion, this venture has failed.  Every promise that this club was founded on has been broken.  I could list them all, but I have decided not to in this letter.  If the opportunity arises in the future, I will tell it as I know it.  I admire and commend those of you who will "stick it out" for righteous reasons and I wish you success. 

I will now aggressively attempt to rebuild a relationship with the old club and registry for those I am obligated to, and for the breeds sake.

 I remain true to the dogs and...


 Very truly yours,

 Wendy Fullerton

Please note that additional letters  will be added to this page.

2005 Update

Under the amnesty many former SSDCA members returned to the fold, promising to work hard to help me rebuild the lost gene pool.  However, as part of the probationary agreement that the SSDCA board required, they were not allowed any positions of authority.  Although, at my urging, in early 2003 Wendy was invited to join the Genetic Task Force to help out in data collection, that she later refused to do.  It was at approximately the same time that rumors of discord started surfacing again, as can be seen by the final fall of our CASSA chapter.  This in turn has led to the attempt to secure UKC recognition, and upon its failure, the formation of the *new* ISSDC, that is now once again acting very much like the old one did, only under a whole new set of "leaders" that have each tried starting their own "registries" only to fail at those attempts too.  Have they learned their lessons yet?  I guess we will all see the full picture once this new venture is also unveiled!!  The only questions in my mind are:

1. How long will *this* group last??

2. How much damage will they do to our already limited genepool?? 

3. How many good people will end up being defrauded this time??  

I guess that only time will tell ;(

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware! | Shiloh Buyers Beware |


2007 Update

Repercussions from the poor quality breeding stock they have been pushing forth are reverberating around the world! Just look at the type of pedigrees they have approved!

Of course, not all of them are as bad, but they are still defrauding the public! Be sure to read my Politically Incorrect Articles!

Additional details on their recent activities may be found on my Tina Speaks website! Don't let them fool you with their smoke and mirrors! Join our forum and discover the truth!



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