The ARBA Story by Tina M. Barber, Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder

by Tina M. Barber

As can be seen by the following documentation, the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) has done us, and probably many other breeds, a great disservice.

When ARBA first came on the scene providing rare breed clubs with a show venue that could be utilized in order to select the best specimens within their respective breeds, just as the AKC does within their recognized breeds, ARBA was helping many small groups to set proper type within their limited gene pools. After Anita left the organization,  the Slack brothers (John and Robert) started making up their own rules, and things started to fall apart.

The shows kept decreasing in size and many breeds chose to seek AKC recognition in order to attain the kind of credibility that ARBA could no longer provide.

Unfortunately, other groups that were seeking recognition for their designer/unpapered mixes jumped in to fill the gap! Obviously  ARBA was no longer interested in breed improvement, because they would allow anyone that claimed to be a "registry" to issue papers, enter their dogs and attain titles!

In the case of the Shiloh Shepherd, things started to deteriorate to such a low, that I ended up going to some of their shows just to take pictures and write my reports!

Tina Barber's Broken Hearted Breed Founder Series

By the spring of 2007, I felt that this travesty had gone on long enough! After several failed attempts to resolve the problem, in April I published an open letter.

Please double-click on the letter to view it in its entirety.  

Many emails and phone calls ensued, resulting in my second attempt, on June 12, 2007, to state our position in even more detail.

Please double-click on the letter to view it in its entirety.

*Mr. Slack joined our forum and hopefully read the 91 posts that were presented to him by our members, but obviously he chose to ignore our pleas! After the Empire Classic Show a huge brouhaha erupted via the sliver camp and ARBA refused to make the separation between real ISSR Shiloh Shepherd versus Fake Shilohs permanent.

In July I published a full report regarding the Empire Classic! This was later revised into my newest article.

Protecting Breed Development by Tina Barber, Left- Korcha 1990, Right-Shadow 2007

At that point, I had no choice but to request that ARBA remove my Breed Standard (thus removing showing privileges for All dogs claiming to be "Shilohs") from their show venue!

On August 9, 2007, our attorney sent this letter to ARBA.
Robert responded with...

The following shows the proposed ARBA standard.  The words in purple are from The Shiloh Shepherd Breed Standard, written and copyrighted by Tina M. Barber*,  the Shiloh Shepherd™ Breed Founder.  Words in brown are original to ARBA.  Words in brackets are in the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Standard as copyrighted by Tina M. Barber but were omitted in the ARBA description.

After several calls back and forth with Robert still trying to negotiate HIS terms, we were forced to move forward with a new attorney that resides near DC and was capable of taking this matter all the way to Federal Court.

This finally resulted in ARBA's complete removal of our Breed Standard from their site!

At this point they are still listing MY name (Shiloh Shepherd) but without the standard. Obviously they are still trying to come up with something generic that won't violate my copyright but will allow the various fake registries to enter their GSDS mixes.

Of course, if they accept any entries that claim to be "Shilohs" at any of their show venues, we fully intend on pursuing any and all civil remedies and/or criminal sanctions available.

Furthermore, I have already started a new "Breed Development" series that will be published on the Dogwise site as well as being presented in various forms on a variety of sites in order to fully expose the damage that ARBA, and others like them, are doing to many wonderful breeds! I also am working on a new series that will expose these "rare breed" show organizations, like ARBA, for what they really are.

Buyer Beware-the faccts listed below are being presented in an attempt to warn the public regarding the fraudulent scams they could encounter while investigating the Shiloh Shepherd

2008 Update

On January 9, 2008 Robert sent an email to Tina, inviting her to another of his "discussions". Her reply is listed to the right.

Then on January 16 , 2008 Robert replied to her with another long letter! At this point Tina reluctantly proceeded to answer each of his posts again!


Correspondence between Robert Slack and Tina M. Barber
Tina's responses are in

Broken Hearted Breed Founder
What is a Shiloh Shepherd?
Protecting Breed Development
Don't Let the "frauds" Fool You
40 Years of Shiloh History
Tina Speaks


As you can see by the letter below, Robert is letting his "slip" show.

This letter had me laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair! Obviously his lawyer hasn't got much of a clue either! He is trying to claim that ARBA was/is the "original" registry? Wow - what a farce! ARBA didn't even exist until mid '91 and I have been selling my Shiloh Shepherds since 1974! Furthermore, ARBA didn't even start their "unofficial" "registry" until 1998 -- the ISSR was incorporated in 1991! Our database consists of over 4000 properly papered ISSR dogs out of 412 litters born between 1991 and 2006 with an additional two dozen litters born last year.  ARBA was issuing "papers" to hybrid mixes and LHGSD's! Take some time to read my last reply to Robert.  It's full of links that prove what I am saying.  Yet he wants to put a restraining order against me to stop me from writing any more articles? ROTFMAO!

2009 update

ARBA is still wilting on the vine!! The SSDCA has been sending representatives to their shows, and many of them don't even have ONE Shiloh entered!! Just for the record, this past weekend one of our members talked to their officials & this is what transpired!!

<<NOT ONE Shiloh entered!!! I went both days just to be sure cause they have same day entry... but not one. I did however speak briefly to one of the show sponsors. He asked me if I had a Shiloh, and I said no, not yet...he said something about just "be careful" there are some breeders you have to be very careful of..their dogs were "crossbreeds" ( said with loathing and disgust) so here I am thinking he means the slivers) >>

What I find interesting is the fact that they KNOW that they are promoting 'crossbreeds' -- they did this when they "recognized" the King Shepherd (and knew that they were just a Shiloh - GSD mix!) Now they are allowing the SAME kinds of mixes to be entered as Shiloh Shepherds!! Dishonesty may work for awhile, but they are being exposed for THEIR fraud!

That's why I have been predicting to EVERYONE that ARBA won't be able to last much longer! Their shows are getting smaller & smaller, and I know how much it costs to put one on!! How much longer can John fund his silly fantasy?? Why not just give up & close shop before he fully bankrupts himself?? Well, it's his call -- but we get MORE entries at our Homecoming then he can get at one of his "ALL BREED" SHOWS!!!

<<The show was SO SMALL!! Okay, I have only been to the AKC shows but this was beyond pathetic. I saw maybe 50 dogs if that. Perhaps they all left after they were done ..but it looked so amateurish. A puppy match I entered was Westminister compared to that!>>