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June 12, 2007

Dear ARBA,

As you can see by the first open letter I wrote to you in April, I did try to cover  the main points we are concerned with:  An Open Letter to the American Rare Breed Association.
However, I will be happy to reiterate again!!

1. The Shiloh Shepherd is a unique *strain* -- variation -- of the "old style" GSD ... it is no longer related to any of the  AKC  dogs in its pedigree, because as you can see, they have fallen way past the 7th, 8th, 9th,  etc.  generation!!  The only "former" AKC dogs you will see were all bred via Shiloh Shepherds KENNEL and are prefixed with the "Shiloh" or Zion kennel names!!  The only other "old"  AKC kennel prefix you will find is that of the one Baker dog that was used as an outcross in the late 80's!! 

Please read Pedigree Examples

2. When I started the ISSR it was to continue expanding the gene pool that I had established at my kennel, using the SAME formula that created this "line" of shepherds to begin with!!  In order to produce enough puppies to make this a reality, I invited others to join me under the ISSR banner!  Each person that signed my agreement was given the appropriate stock they needed, and was also provided with an extensive support system that would enable them to produce the type of quality that I expected.   Unfortunately, some of those people chose not to follow the strict requirements and set out to do their "own" thing .. like Ms. Watts, who was taken to court and forced to change her "breed's" name, thus choosing to call them "Kings".  Be sure to take a moment to view my timeline report:

In 1990 I showed Shiloh's Easy Rider. In 2007 you will see dogs like Shiloh's Easy Rider, pictured on the left.  In 2007 you will see young dogs like Zion's Draw the Line, pictured on the right at just under 2 years of age.

Shiloh's Easy Rider, circa 1990 Zion Draws The Line, 2007

Why don't you take a moment to look at these pedigrees??  Please note the dogs marked in PURPLE .. they are related to the REAL FOUNDATION SHILOH --- Shiloh's Kara Lobo of Emmview --- and without her influence, you can't call any of the dogs that enter your shows "true" "Shilohs"!!!  We have even developed a system that will show exactly how much influence she has on EACH litter being produced within the ISSR!!

It might do you well to read some of Jeff Bragg's articles!!  He obviously is having the same type of problems that I am having with the sliver groups!!  Some profit seekers are mixing Huskies with pure Seppalas claiming to be "expanding" the gene pool, when in reality they are only producing mixed breed mutts!!! Granted, the Seppala, like the Shiloh, has a limited gene pool to work with, and an occasional outcross may have been necessary ... BUT .... << Provision must necessarily be made for the addition of fresh genetic material to the Markovo Seppala rootstock from time to time, but such additions must be carefully considered and closely controlled. They should be exceptional, not an everyday matter, and in the interests of continued Seppala uniqueness it is better that they should come from sources other than the present AKC/CKC/FCI Siberian Husky registries. New stock from Siberia, or one-time carefully-chosen studdings from top-flight Alaskan Husky stock, are more likely to satisfy the need for genetic diversity without any concomitant risk of assimilation of Seppalas into the "outcross" population. Experience has proven that to seek outcrosses among mixed-lineage Siberian Huskies will only mean the eventual loss of unique Seppala characteristics and genetics. >>

In the case of the Shiloh Shepherd ... since entering the "rare breed" world, only 2 dogs have been chosen to help refresh our gene pool.  Each was carefully evaluated as per the ISSR requirements  

At NO time were AKC Long Haired German Shepherds used in our breeding program!!!

Now let's take a look at the outcross I have chosen --- and some of his progeny!!! But first, let me repeat the fact that Artus is not -- and never was -- an AKC registered German Shepherd .. neither were ANY of his ancestors!!



In your last letter you stated
<< Everyone concerned knows that what is happening now is not good for the breed and I do believe that most have good intentions for the breed, but do not know how best to serve the advancement of the breed.  The meeting should be focused on the breed standard for the Shiloh.  If one keeps to the breed standard for the breed all of the other considerations, i.e., Health, Breeders, Club organizational structures, etc., etc., will all fall into place because there will be a body of individuals working together with the same directions in mind.  This will enhance the breed a thousand fold.  There will not be questions asked by the public and answered four or five different by four or five different club officials. >>

 OK .. then let's look at the Breed Standard!!  Artus first and second generation progeny seem to fit the Breed Standard  much better then any of the sliver dogs I have seen at your shows!!  Just look at the pictures in one of my articles, that clearly compare an Artus grandson, City Brick's Shadrack of Zion, and your top winner!

Need more proof?? OK let's take another look at Charley  next to the picture of this non-Shiloh.

Now please take a moment to compare the NON Shilohs  that have been winning in your shows, with some  ISSR winners like Chain (below left) and his son Buckshot (below right) at only 8 months of age!

The dog on the right may only be a puppy? However, he is still undersized for a Shiloh!!  Note his height next to handler's leg!  A good Shiloh representative should be twice that size!

If you would like to see more pictures, from my yearly reports, please go to my Broken Hearted Breed Founder series:

However, I honestly think that the examples I am trying to show you  clearly proves that the Shilohs I had in the 90's are the same as the ones we still have today, even with the Artus factor in them!  The key to this breed revolves around the ORIGINAL FOUNDATION DOGS --- not modern GSD's!!  This "breed" (a/k/a "strain" or "variety") will not be able to come to full fruition unless the EXACT recipe is continued, along with a very STRICT process of PROPER selection!  That's what your show venues should be for, to help us separate the wheat from the chaff --not to play politics!

Just because a dog may resemble a German Shepherd, it should not be allowed to compete as a "Shiloh Shepherd" if he/she does not have the PROPER pedigree documentation, approved by the ISSR! 

Shiloh or LHGSD

At this point in time it is very difficult to discern the difference between the Long Haired German Shepherds (that number in the thousands) and the King Shepherds (that also call themselves a "breed") and the REAL Shiloh Shepherds that are still under development via the ISSR!!  WHY IS THAT??  I am certain that each of these groups has a different Breed Standard, yet the confusion still continues!  I think that it's up to the judges to disqualify dogs that do NOT meet the breed standard, but I also feel that it is the responsibility of the show organizations to maintain integrity when it comes to the acceptance of "pedigrees" that are being issued by unqualified (self proclaimed) "registries" that may not even be experienced with that particular breed!

As to your meeting proposal <<Do you think that it would be beneficial for all parties to sit down face to face and hash out the problems and see what the minor and major differences are>> let me just state that we all know what our differences are & I am sure that there is no room for change on either side!!

The ISSR breeders are committed to my vision, as per the ISSR Breed Standard for the Shiloh Shepherd, and are working closely with me in order to attain sufficient gene pool expansion. as per the ISSR rules, for full breed recognition.

The others are not interested in following  my   vision, because they have their own, and that's fine -- I have no problem with that, as you must realize, there are hundreds of dog breeds "out there" because everyone has their  own  version of what they desire in their specific breed!  My only problem is with people that breed GSDs and call them Shilohs ;(

IMHO .. a name should stand for something!!!  If you compare the Shilohs I produced 20 years ago, with those being bred today, you can easily see the similarity!!  Please compare the two pictures below -- the first one is of  NS Ch Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion, the second one is of Acer's Royal Flush of Zion at approximately the same age -- only 8 years apart!!

Now take a moment and compare these two pictures to our IBS  and what the "other group" has been producing!! Obviously we do not share the same vision ;(

 You said ...... << Let us have a meeting where all of the old baggage is left at the door.  Where each one in attendance that has a stake in the breed can share the thoughts that they hold about the breed and how to get the breed moving again in the right direction.  Everyone concerned knows that what is happening now is not good for the breed and I do believe that most have good intentions for the breed, but do not know how best to serve the advancement of the breed>>

I honestly don't know what made you think that we are not moving in the right direction?  I think that the ISSR has been doing a wonderful job of expanding our gene pool, and the dogs I have been seeing over the past few years are just awesome!!  Why don't you join our forum (  and take a look at some of our members' avatars?  We have hundreds of exceptional quality dogs representing our breed from coast to coast!!    Of course a lot of our members have refused to take their dogs to certain shows, just because of the political BS that they would have to deal with, only because their dogs don't look like the GSD mixes that are being represented as Shilohs at those venues. 

 <<If one keeps to the breed standard for the breed all of the other considerations, i.e., Health, Breeders, Club organizational structures, etc., etc., will all fall into place because there will be a body of individuals working together with the same directions in mind.  This will enhance the breed a thousand fold. >>

Excuse me???  Need I remind you again that I am the person that wrote the breed standard, and it is legally copyrighted via the US government.   We even went to a lot of trouble to hire a professional artist to prepare the IBS for us!!  Please take a look at those drawings   and then compare them to what you have been promoting via your shows!!  Most of those dogs should have been DISQUALIFIED!!  They are not even good representatives of Long Haired GSDs! 

You said <<There can be relationships built between individuals that will overcome the anger and distrust, because even though there may be differences on how we get there, we will all want to get there because of the love of the breed and what is best for the breed>>

Robert, what you don't seem to understand is that WE already "are there" ... we have some exceptional quality dogs, built as per the ISSR rules, that are good representatives of the REAL Shiloh Shepherd, we just don't want to show them against GSD mixes!!!  I am the person that brought the Shiloh Shepherd to ARBA, and I am still here guiding the ISSR breeders!!  We have made a lot of progress over the past decade, even with the outcross that was brought in to strengthen our gene pool!  Everything has been done decently and with much forethought, not some  helter skelter  approach where inexperienced breeders are allowed the freedom to "express" themselves in any manner they choose!  That kind of action has never been beneficial to future owners, or the future welfare of ANY breed!!!

In conclusion ...

A) The Shiloh Shepherd was established at my kennel

B) I separated specific dogs (not all born at my kennel, just those that met the appointed criteria) in order to establish a specific "breed"

C) I don't think that there is ANY doubt in anyone's mind (even more so now since the book has been released) that I not only started this breed, but have continued to fight to maintain  its standard of  excellence!!!

D)  As you can see by the pictures published yearly on this site our dogs have continued to maintain the original quality that you saw back in the early 90's, when we attended your shows!

E)  If you have any doubts regarding my qualifications as an expert when it comes to the genetics in these magnificent dogs, please take a moment to click on this link, it even shows a picture of one of my dogs from 1973

F) This site has all the links you could ever need in order to learn more about my LB program!!  Be sure to take a look!

G) Now, when it comes to the registry, we also have a complete site map, loaded with links, and some great picturess of REAL Shiloh representatives spanning the past 2 decades!!

H)  But it doesn't stop there!!  Our club has set up a Genetic Task Force that has continued to document data for the past 7 years, in order to improve the quality of our gene pool!!

I)  Of course, the most important quality of the Shiloh Shepherd revolves around their hips!!  We have continued to maintain an extremely low incidence that I managed to attain via the LMX program .. be sure to check out

J) All this has been accomplished thanks to the strong membership support we have had via the SSDCA 

K) Another critical aspect of the REAL Shiloh Shepherd revolves around their amazing temperament!!  Without that "almost" human intelligence and child loving nature, they would be just "another" shepherd, same as you can find on any rescue site!!  Be sure to read this site map! 

L) Of course we have a lot of other information available on our site maps too!!  Like

But this is only a small sample of what we have shared with the public.  In case you haven't guessed yet, all of these links can be found on our Learning Center Site Map

We have many other sites that have been shared with the public, and I honestly believe that people are taking the time to investigate this "breed" a lot closer then they did in the past!!!  My new site has only been up for a short time, but each section has already had thousands of "hits" ... especially my list of 

Many of the people that find us via these sites also tend to join my forum, already 1639 members strong, and growing!  Feel free to join us and share your thoughts with our members!!    

 <<As for a separate class for ISSR versus non-ISSR dogs, we need further discussion with regard to that question, however and I wish to make it very clear, for this show (Empire Classic shows 1,2,3,4,5) and this show alone we will allow this.  >>

I am glad that you have agreed to our terms for the Empire show, and will post the good news to our members!

Tina M. Barber

President, Breed Warden and Breed Founder
International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc.
Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.

I think that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Please look at the photo on the right which shows a full grown 25" Shiloh female standing next to an 11 month old PUPPY!

I feel that this picture is a good example of the difference between a beautiful GSD type, and a *real* ISSR Shiloh!!  Of course both dogs are ISSR registered, but the one that did not meet our strict ISSR breeding requirements has been spayed, not bred to some unknown GSD in order to mass produce puppies, even though she has good hips and an exceptional temperament! 

The 31" 120 pound puppy still has some growing to do,  then he will be tested (hips, elbows, heart, etc. as per ISSR rules), and, upon passing all of his requirements, probably used in our gene pool expansion program. 

This just proves my point,  that not every puppy born, even within the ISSR, should be used for breeding!!   The ISSR has strict rules when it comes to selecting breeding stock, and we have NO intention of lowering our high standards!!! 

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